Denmark hands over Ukraine all of its 19 Caesar howitzers – Ukraine’s Defense Ministry

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Ukraine's Defense Ministry expressed gratitude to Denmark on its social media, a video screenshot/ Source: Twitter, @DefenceU 

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According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Denmark has already delivered the promised 19 Caesar howitzers to Ukraine and released footage of their journey there, as reported by Channel 5.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry thanked Denmark and shared footage of the transportation of howitzers on its social media platforms.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry made the following statement was made by on Twitter:

“Denmark has given Ukraine all of its CAESAR self-propelled howitzers. A true friend who knows that our fight is Europe’s fight. Tak, Danmark!” wrote the ministry.

As previously announced, in January 2023, Denmark made a decision to give Ukraine all 19 Caesar self-propelled howitzers that the country ordered from the French manufacturer.

Denmark to donate all of its 19 French-produced Caesar howitzers to Ukraine

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