Finland permits Estonia howitzers and ammunition re-export to Ukraine

finnish government permitted estonia re-export ukraine military equipment supplies

The Finnish government permitted Estonia to re-export its military equipment and supplies to Ukraine, an illustrative image/ Source: 

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The Finnish government permitted Estonia to re-export its military equipment and supplies to Ukraine at a Wednesday meeting, as reported by the European Pravda.

The decision concerns the export of D-30 howitzers and ammunition with a 122-mm caliber. The quantity of both military supplies is not specified.

“The supplies recipient is the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Estonia has stated that the number of weapons exported is confidential,” reads the statement of the Finnish government.

Therefore the Finnish government also reported that Estonia requires the number of exports to remain confidential.

The exports will likely occur within the framework of a 113 million military aid package approved by the Estonian government in January 2023.

The package comprises “dozens” of 155-mm and 122-mm howitzers, thousands of shells, and trucks for their use. The package also includes over a hundred Carl-Gustav anti-tank guns and over a thousand rounds of ammunition.

After that, Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine Kaimo Kuusk emphasized that all available 155-mm howitzers would be transferred to Kyiv.

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