EU approves 10th package of Russia sanctions late on anniversary of invasion

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The European Union, after hectic last-minute haggling, approved a tenth package of Russia sanctions on the anniversary of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the Swedish EU presidency said late on 24 February, Reuters reported.

The fresh raft bans EU exports worth at least €11 billion, blacklists propagandists and, for the first time, directly targets Iran’s Revolutionary Guards for their covert military aid to the Kremlin, Euronews says.

“The package includes tighter export restrictions regarding dual-use goods as well as measures against entities supporting the war, spreading propaganda or delivering drones used by Russia. With two hours to go until midnight, EU member states made it across the finish line with little time to spare after Poland earlier threw a spanner into the works,” Reuters wrote.

Anonymous diplomatic sources told Euronews that a series of divisive moves hindered talks but were consequently dropped, including Hungary’s demand to remove several Russian individuals from the EU’s blacklist, a Polish-Lithuanian push to sanction Russia’s nuclear sector, and a proposal by the European Commission to fine EU governments who fail to report on the location of frozen assets by the Russian Central Bank.

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