Ukraine employs AI to strike Russian positions – Washington Post

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Ukrainian officers at combat operations centers use unique artificial intelligence software to plan their strikes at Russian positions, the Washington Post reports.

Ukraine’s Armed Forces employ artificial intelligence to process data, analyze the situation on the battlefield and pick targets for the strikes, according to the Washington Post. Ukrainian officers use big data algorithms to make crucial decisions on the battlefield.

“This is the “wizard war” in the Ukraine conflict — a secret digital campaign that has never been reported before in detail — and it’s a big reason David is beating Goliath here. The Ukrainians are fusing their courageous fighting spirit with the most advanced intelligence and battle-management software ever seen in combat,” David Ignatius, the columnist of the Washington Post.

The AI software was provided to Ukraine by the American technology company Palantir. This company is famous for designing Project Maven, the Pentagon’s signature AI program.

Ukrainian officers combine the information provided by the AI software with the targeting intelligence that is mostly obtained from commercial satellites.

“Tenacity, will and harnessing the latest technology give the Ukrainians a decisive advantage. We are witnessing the ways wars will be fought, and won, for years to come,” The US Army General and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark A. Milley told the Washington Post last week.

The AI that the Ukrainian Armed Forces use is able to identify enemy’s military equipment in targeting intelligence images with high precision, even if such equipment is covered with snow or mud. Thus, technology savvy officers of the Ukrainian Army tip the balance on the battlefield in Ukraine’s favor.

The Ukrainian military are being trained to use the AI software in Germany and Poland.


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