Lithuania gives Ukraine 36 anti-aircraft guns that can defeat Shaheds

lithuania gives ukraine anti arcraft guns can defeat shahed drones

Lithuania hands Ukraine 36 anti-aircraft guns to combat drones, including Shaheds, an illustrative image/ Source: Telegram, Tsaplienko channel 

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Arvydas Anušauskas, Lithuania’s Defense Minister, has stated that as part of the announced assistance package from Lithuania, Ukraine will receive 36 anti-aircraft guns to combat drones, including Shaheds, reports European Pravda referencing the briefing between Arvydas Anušauskas’s and Ukraine’s Minister of Defense, Oleksii Reznikov.

At the meeting, the Ministers discussed additional assistance that Lithuania could provide to Ukraine based on its needs, ranging from weapons to military training.

“We are handing over 36 anti-aircraft missile systems that can successfully fight drones. We have already trained 15 instructors, who are back in Ukraine,” Anušauskas said.

During the briefing, he did not mention the names of the systems. It appears to be the Swedish L-70 anti-aircraft guns. Vilnius has announced them in the latest assistance package but did not specify the exact number.

According to Oleksii Reznikov, training instructors rather than operators is more practical. When they return, they will be able to share their knowledge with more military personnel in Ukraine.

Earlier, it was reported that the Lithuanian army recently conducted a two-week training course for Ukrainian soldiers, during which they were taught how to use the Swedish L70 anti-aircraft gun.

In 2023, Lithuania will assist in training approximately 1,600 Ukrainian military personnel, including the organization of courses for lower power commanders.

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