Any substantive Russian-claimed advances near Orikhiv and Vuhledar highly unlikely – British intel

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In its latest intelligence briefing on the situation in Ukraine, the British Defense Ministry says that it’s unlikely that Russia has actually achieved any advancement near Orikhiv and Vuhledar in Ukraine’s southeast, counter to Russian claims.

The ministry tweeted:

  • “Over the last six days, Russian online commentators have claimed Russian forces have made significant advances, breaking through Ukrainian defences in two areas: in Zaporizhzhia Oblast near Orikiv, and 100km to the east, in Donetsk Oblast, near Vuhledar.”
  • “Russian units have probably conducted local, probing attacks near Orikiv and Vuhledar, but it is highly unlikely that Russia has actually achieved any substantive advances.”
  • “There is a realistic possibility that Russian military sources are deliberately spreading misinformation in an effort to imply that the Russian operation is sustaining momentum.”

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