Ukraine destroys nearly 40 kamikaze drones in Russia’s 2 January night attack on Kyiv

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In the night of 2 January, Russia continued its campaign of attacking Ukraine’s critical infrastructure by night by sending groups of Iranian-made Shahed-136 kamikaze drones on its capital Kyiv. Air defense was active from midnight till 4:25 AM, with explosions heard all around Kyiv during this time. This was Russia’s third consequent drone attack on Ukraine by night.

Ukraine’s Air Command reported in the morning that air defense shot down 39 Iranian-made Shahed kamikaze drones, one Russian Orlan reconnaissance drone, and one guided Kh-59 missile.

Anti-aircraft missile units, fighter aircraft of the Air Force and mobile fire groups were involved in repelling the attack.

Equipment and weapons provided to Ukraine by Western partners are increasingly being used, the Air Command noted. In Russia’s New Year’s attack on Ukraine, all 45 drones were downed with the NASAMS air defense complex, the Air Force informed.

Shrapnel of one drone fell in a Kyiv district, damaging windows. A 19-year-old was rushed to the hospital, mayor Klitschko reported. Additionally, a power infrastructure object suffered damage, meaning that Kyivans will face more emergency blackouts, Klitschko reported. In the central-Ukrainian city of Dnipro, a fire broke out as a result of a shot-down drone falling on a building.

By targeting Ukraine’s critical infrastructure with these drones, Russia aims to break the morale of Ukrainians to resist the Russian invasion. But it appears that Ukrainians are thus far undaunted, as the buzzing UAVs, nicknamed “mopeds,” were met with exclamations “Putin Khuilo,” meaning “Putin is a d*ckhead.”


Ukraine downs all 45 drones from Russia’s New Year attack with NASAMS

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