Ukraine shot down 20 of 28 Shahed drones, 61 of 74 cruise missiles on 10 February – General Staff

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Ukraine shot down 20 Shahed drones in Russia’s night attacks on critical infrastructure objects in the night attacks of 10 February, the Air Force Command reported.


However, the drones that were not shot down hit three power infrastructure objects in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

A recent report by Conflict Armament Research had found that Iran is modifying the attack drones it is providing Russia so they inflict maximum damage to infrastructure objects that they strike.

Overall, according to the General Staff, Russia launched 28 drones and 106 missiles on Ukraine on 10 February in the 14th mass attack on Ukraine’s power system.

74 were cruise missiles; of these, Ukraine shot down 61.

Russia also launched 32 S-300 guided air defense missiles from Russia’s Belgorod Oblast and occupied Zaporizhzhia Oblast. Ukraine’s air defense can’t destroy these missiles, which fly by a ballistic trajectory.

In January, Russia used an upgraded version of these missiles to attack Kyiv.

Russia hit Kyiv with missile type it uses en masse to terrorize eastern Ukraine

Ukraine’s air defense improved fourfold since start of Russian invasion

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