Ukraine’s Deputy Chief of Staff was a Russian spy – Security Service

Ukraine's SBU arrests a Russian spy on 2 April 2016. Photo: SBU's press service 


13 agents of Russian special services are under investigation in Ukraine. Among them is the ATO Deputy Chief of Staff, Colonel of the National Guard, an employee of the Department of Military personnel, a servicemen of the Armed Forces and others, according to a statement of the Ukrainian Security Service’s (SBU’s) press center on 16 June 2016.

Overall, 367 criminal cases have been opened based on SBU intelligence data during June 2015-May 2016. 76 of them are for state treason and three – for spying.

During the last year, SBU employees liquidated 30 terrorist groups that were prepared by Russian special services to commit sabotage not only in the war zone but also in peaceful regions of Ukraine. 22 people are already convicted. In particular, a Russian citizen and employee of the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces was convicted to 9 years in jail. He was tasked by his superiors to recruit citizens of Ukraine and tried to obtain secret documents on samples of modern military weapons.

A former employee of the National Guard who also collected intelligence on orders of Russian special services. A former officer of the Air Force of Ukraine who gave written consent to work for the FSB received 12 years in prison. He gave the Russians information about the flight routes of military aircraft.

Earlier, the SBU prevented a transition of a Ukrainian intelligence team to the side of the Russian-backed militants of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic.” A Russian spy who was employed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine was the commander of the team which was based on the separation line between Ukrainian-controlled territory and the Occupied Regions of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts (ORDLO). The spy entered the ranks of the Ukrainian Army during one of the waves of mobilization. After he was appointed as commander of the intelligence team, he gave away Ukrainian military positions to the Russian-backed militants of ORDLO and informed them of the locations where the Ukrainian intelligence operatives were carrying out missions.


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Source: TSN

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  1. Avatar Alex George says:

    “During the last year, SBU employees liquidated 30 terrorist groups that were prepared by Russian special services to commit sabotage not only in the war zone but also in peaceful regions of Ukraine.”

    And this is exactly what Russia will do to Western nations if it gets a chance. Be warned!

    1. Avatar Robert says:

      Honestly, Alex, it’s not so much what “Russia ‘will do’ to Western (and other) nations” – they’re already doing it! They’ve BEEN doing it! Check the KGB archives recently opened by Ukraine: “…they provide information on programs, individual spy agents and informers which the Russian authorities have never acknowledged and in some cases may still be active.”

      Yes, Alex, you’re again correct: “Be warned!” However, that’s not enough. We must take concrete action. Now!

  2. Avatar Dalton says:

    Outstanding work, but this illustrates the insidious war that Ukraine has had to fight since day one. All of the claims about Ukraine attacking its own people were most likely nothing but Russian agents and provocateurs engaging in their psyop war. At some point Ukraine will have some hard decisions to make regarding the level of openness to Russian nationals.

  3. Avatar Robert says:

    And these are only a few of the cases they know about. What about all the other cases presently happening the SBU has no clue of? …

  4. Avatar laker48 says:

    This is one of the reasons why the Ukrainian army hasn’t received Javelin and Spike anti-tank missiles and other advanced western weapons. BTW, the ongoing, almost concluded by the new government national audit in Poland has already led to quiet arrests of several top military brass figures presumably for corruption, but rumors are circulating about their cooperation with the RuSSian FSB.

    The RuSSian FSB has spread around the world as malicious cancer since 1989 when Gorbachev, facing the imminent collapse of the Soviet Union, officially disbanded part of the KGB and sent the most efficient agents throughout the globe with wads of cash and the task to dismantle western democracies. Hitler did the same at the end of 1944 with his Abwehr agents.