Russian special services planned terrorist attack in central Kyiv




Article by: Alya Shandra

On December 19, members of the Ukrainian SBU have arrested a suspected saboteur in central Kyiv that, acting under instructions of her Russian superiors, had transported a powerful bomb from Luhansk under control of Russian-backed militants from the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic.” She was picked up in Kyiv’s busy center right after she left the handbag with a bomb inside, as Markian Lubkivsky, senior adviser to the SBU, reported on his fb page.

The SBU published an interview with the woman on their youtube channel.

The terrorist act was staged to have happened on Kyiv’s central square, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, in a place with the maximum number of pedestrians. The act is especially cynical since December 19 is day when St.Nicholas’s day, a special day for children, is celebrated in Ukraine, and streets are full with children going to celebrations with their parents.

The 30-year old woman got under surveillance of the SBU’s counterintelligence around three weeks ago, as the contact of a employee of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate with the callsign “Konstantin,” who instructed every her move. Her special task was to “cause some real discomfort to dill” [dill is a derogatory word Russians use for Ukrainians]. She arrived to Kyiv on December 17 on a regular bus from Luhansk. The self-made bomb was masked as a woman’s handbag. At the specified time, the woman from Luhansk attempted to leave the bag in the specified location, at which time she was arrested by the counterintelligence.


The handbag with the bomb inside


Metal plates inside the lining

Inside the bag was a remote controlled explosive device enhanced with metal plates, and a mechanism that detonated the bomb when the bag was opened. The explosive power of the bomb equaled that of 3 kg TNT equivalent. However, the casing that covered the bomb at its disposal and could nominally withstand 5 kg TNT was blown into pieces, meaning that the bomb was even more potent.

The arrested pleaded guilty, urgent investigations are underway. This attempt at a terrorist attack is something new for Ukraine, and especially since it was coordinated from a foreign country, which qualifies it as international terrorism. In light of the Ukrainian Parliament’s movements towards finally legalizing the status of the self-proclaimed “republics” in Ukraine’s East as terrorist organizations, this incident serves as more proof that the so-called “LNR” and “DNR” serve as a gateway for Russia’s invasion into Ukraine.

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  • Paul P. Valtos

    Well Putin’s FSB blew up apartments in Moscow and suburbs and blamed it in Chechnyans to scare the Russian people into voting for that whore, the amoeba of fascism.

  • Michel Cloarec

    War criminals are supposed to be hung ! This one knew exactly what she was doing so she should be shaved first and an accompagnied walk in the city , then hung her !
    Don´t forget to put the photo on internet and copy to wlad the godfather !

  • Eddy Verhaeghe

    The poor woman doesn’t look very happy. And she most probably knows why. To return to the DPR using one of the prisoner exchanges is rather risky for her, because she spilled the beans and might run into a bullet over there. Staying in Ukraine means a (long) stay in an Ukrainian prison cell. If I were in her position I’d choose to stay in Ukraine. When this is over, there is bound to be an amnesty of sorts and with a bit of luck she’ll be a free woman rather soon whoever wins this war.

    • Eddy Verhaeghe

      I still wonder to what depths humans can sink. A woman blowing up innocent people and most probably some children is beyond comprehension to me.

      • Michel Cloarec

        To do that on 19th, St Nicolas day, show how evil they are !
        No mercy ! no exchange !

  • Victor Mishalow

    More to come I guess.

    • Michel Cloarec

      Attack on bus in Liyw, girl killed in humanitarian queue, attentats in Kharkiv
      This kind of unsanities can only be cured by a bullet in the back of the head after a 10 minutes court trial. That a woman is involved is typical for the cowards to organize, who would suspect a woman´s bag ?
      That is why they are called terrorists TERROR =KGB/FSB STALIN, HITLER, IDI AMIN, KHADAFI, SADAM HUSSEIN, DAESCH, BOKO HARAM, CASTRO, + THAT ONE IN NORTH COREA . +++++++ long list !
      Sorry ! 10 min court trial is too long ! say 2 minutes is enough !
      Guilty ? 1 bullet Not guilty : you are lying , 2 bullets (send the bill to putin)

  • Rascalndear

    (1) She looks like she’s been beaten up. (2) Is this all just more distractions from the fact that the current regime is doing NOTHING to provide the EU with evidence to get Interpol after Yanukovych & Co. let alone to get them to trial? All those ill-gotten gains that could be used to cover some of Ukraine’s bills are just sitting around being pilfered or waiting for their owners to come back and claim them… :(

    • LorCanada

      They are saying crucial evidence is located in east Ukraine which is under rebel rule just now so it might not be possible to obtain what is needed to build a sufficient case for court.

      • Frank Fileccia

        not sure if they need any evidence. she pled guilty

        • LorCanada

          Frank — Just a word here. I was referring to Yanukovich & Co. being brought to trial (see Rascalndear post) and that important evidence was in files in east Ukraine which is rebel area so Kyiv government can’t get to it. As a result they might not be able to build an adequate case for court.

          • Frank Fileccia

            ok, Noted. I stand corrected

    • TerroRussia

      She doesn’t look beaten up, she look awful because she has to bestupid and understands after the terror she had planned. Of course she is crying and get red eyes.

    • Karl Øystein Karlstad

      She do not look beaten. Looks like she have been crying over som hours, then you get this dark areas under eyes

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    hang the broad

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    hang this katsap broad

  • Vlad Pufagtinenko

    Did this young woman fall down? Hope she doesn’t accidentally fall down a few more times.

  • James Dmitro Makienko

    Is that her?

    • JabbaTheCat

      Eyebrows are wrong…

    • Michel Cloarec



      • disqus_aJpixObjG7

        no Michel it’s not Ksenia Sobchak

        • Michel Cloarec

          Sorry, my mistake !
          I will have to watch the 3,5 hours poorly press conference again. But it is so boring !

      • James Dmitro Makienko

        I know Sobchak, i am talking about the notorious “microphone lady” with the angry expression on her face. She also held the mike up for Ukrainian journalist with even angrier expression

  • JabbaTheCat

    The woman needs to be tried soonest and if found guilty hanged as this will send a very clear message to any other potential terrorists as to what awaits them in the Ukraine…

    • Michel Cloarec


  • Patrick Sullivan

    OFFER to exchange this terrorist, who targeted kids, for Ukrainian pilot. Whether it happens or not, It is a victory vs Putin’s RT!

  • PorKoshenko Ukr Pres

    this story smells of fake 1 mile away .

    • Michel Cloarec

      And here we are the trolls are going out of their holes ! Welcome to earth !

  • disqus_aJpixObjG7

    she is wearing a blouse showing a dragon, which is the image of satan according to the written word of the Bible.

  • Anthony Caudill

    Putin is raising his country’s young men and women to kill. Not that it’s any different from Fox News, but it’s a problem regardless. She doesn’t need to be executed… she needs psychotherapy.