Russia loses major Vuhledar tank battle to AFU’s ambushes – NYT

russia loses tank battle vuhledar afu ambushes

Russia loses major tank battle for Vuhledar due to Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) ambushes/ Source: 

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Russia has lost a major tank battle for Vuhledar in Donetsk Oblast after being ambushed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU), just as it did during the initial attack using tank convoys, as reported by the New York Times.

“In the extended battle, both sides sent tanks into the fray, rumbling over dirt roads and maneuvering around tree lines, with the Russians thrusting forward in columns and the Ukrainians maneuvering defensively, firing from a distance or from hiding places as Russian columns came into their sights.”

According to Ukrainian military drone footage, charred hulks of Russian armored vehicles litter farm fields surrounding Vuhledar. Mine explosions, artillery fire, or anti-tank missiles have destroyed them.

Ukraine’s military emphasizes that Russia lost at least 130 tanks and APCs during the battle. This number was not independently verifiable. Ukraine does not disclose the number of weapons lost.

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