Russian incendiary bombs pummel Kherson


Fragments of incendiary projectiles used by Russia against civilians in Kherson, southern Ukraine. Photo by Hueviy Kherson/Telegram 

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Last night, Russian forces rained incendiary projectiles on the residential areas of Kherson, southern Ukraine.

The incendiary projectiles are designed to destroy enemy manpower and equipment by creating mass fires that are extremely hard to extinguish. Using such ammunition in urban areas against the civilian population is a war crime.

Overall, Russian forces shelled the city of Kherson 26 times over the past 24 hours having injured four people, according to the head of the Kherson Oblast Administration Yaroslav Yanushevych. Russian shells hit the object of the critical civilian infrastructure and residential buildings.

Russian troops target rehabilitation center for children, residential buildings in Kherson

Russian forces shelled the territory of Kherson Oblast 83 times within the last 24 hours using artillery, tanks, multiple rocket launchers, unmanned aerial vehicles, and mortars, the head of the Kherson Oblast Administration Yanushevych reported.


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