After retreating, Russia shells liberated Kherson, forcing locals to flee


Russo-Ukrainian war 2022-2023

After retreating from the south-Ukrainian city of Kherson, Russia has proceeded to shell it from the east bank of the Dnipro river.

Shelling of 21 November had resulted in the death of one person and injured three, who were taken to the hospital, Zelenskyy staffer Kyrylo Tymoshenko informed.

The reporting project Donbas Frontliner shared photos from the scene, noting that the center of Kherson was shelled with cluster munitions.

Kherson Russia shells

Man walks by puddle of blood from injury of civilian woman by Russian cluster munitions. Photo: Andrii Dubchak, Donbas Frontliner

Kherson shelling Russia

Police and a military medic help a man injured by Russian shelling with cluster munitions. Photo: Andrii Dubchak, Donbas Frontliner

Kherson shelling Russia

Blood of a woman injured by Russian shelling with cluster munitions. Photo: Andrii Dubchak, Donbas Frontliner

Donbas Frontliner notes that the city is full of sounds of incoming shelling by mines, shells, and cluster munitions.

Locals say that three days ago, the attacks increased significantly.

Many people are either leaving the city, or preparing to do so.

Kherson shelling

People flee Kherson and its suburbs after Russian mass shelling. Photo: Andrii Dubchak, Donbas Frontliner

Photo: Andrii Dubchak, Donbas Frontliner

Man shows element of a Russian cluster munition that he found near his building in Kherson after Russian nicht shelling. Photo: Andrii Dubchak, Donbas Frontliner

On the evening of 21 November, a shell landed in an apartment building, Tymoshenko informed.

Russian forces retreated from Kherson on 11 November, ending their eight-and-a-half month-long occupation. According to Kherson Regional Council deputy Serhiy Khlan, Russians chaotically shell civilian districts, the city is now constantly under fire and the overall situation is difficult.

As well, demining works are constantly undergoing in the city, where some 80,000 people live.

However, life is slowly returning to Kherson. Khlan said that while there is still no power in the regional capital, power generators have been brought in. Mobile communication is being restored. Medical institutions, the State Emergency Service, public utilities are starting to work, as are grocery networks, banks, and the post.

It will take about a month to restore water and electricity in the city, Khlan says.

Russian troops left the Kherson across the Dnipro river after a coordinated Ukrainian campaign of hitting at Russian army infrastructure and supply lines. However, the Ukrainian offensive will be slowed by the kilometer-wide water artery while Russian troops continue shelling the city.

Ukraine’s Minister of Reintegration Iryna Vereshchuk called upon vulnerable categories of the city population (women with children, the elderly, ill, and persons with low mobility, to evacuate from the city from the winter.

“We couldn’t believe it!” Kherson residents on being freed from Russian occupation

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