Residents, workers say Russia used Kherson landfill to burn bodies of its fallen soldiers – The Guardian

A Russian flag and helmets in the mud of the Kherson landfill. Photo: Alessio Mamo/The Guardian 

Russo-Ukrainian war 2022

The Guardian correspondents talked to Kherson residents and landfill workers who told them that Russians used to burn their dead soldiers at the city’s landfill. The Russian occupation forces had checkpoints at the site and didn’t allow locals to enter the area. So far, nobody saw the remains of the burned bodies yet but Khersoners used to smell the odor of the burning flesh when Russians were allegedly disposing of the bodies.

“As the Russian occupation of the region was on its last legs over the summer, the site, once a mundane place where residents disposed of their rubbish, became a no-go area, according to Kherson’s inhabitants, fiercely sealed off by the invading forces from presumed prying eyes. The reason for the jittery secrecy, several residents and workers at the site told the Guardian, was that the occupying forces had a gruesome new purpose there: dumping the bodies of their fallen brethren, and then burning them,” The Guardian wrote.

Two Russian helmets at the Kherson landfill. Photo: Alessio Mamo/The Guardian ~

Two Russian helmets at the Kherson landfill. Photo: Alessio Mamo/The Guardian

According to The Guardia, the residents reported seeing Russian open trucks arriving at the Kherson landfill carrying black bags that were then set on fire, filling the air with a large cloud of smoke and a terrifying stench of burning flesh.

“Every time our army shelled the Russians there, they moved the remains to the landfill and burned them,” said 40-year-old Khersoner Iryna.

“I heard the story, but I didn’t go that far with my truck to unload rubbish. But I can guarantee you that, whatever they were doing, it smelled so bad, like [rotten] meat” says the landfill truck driver. “And the smoke … the smoke was thick.”

Ukrainian forces liberated Kherson in early November as Russian troops retreated to the Russian-controlled left (eastern) bank of the Dnipro to use the river as a natural barrier of their defenses in Ukraine’s south.

Editor’s Note

Throughout the months of the Russian occupation of Kherson, the local social media users regularly reported the “burnt meat” stench in the city coming from the landfill believing that the Russians were burning the bodies of their dead soldiers. However, it isn’t proven yet that they were actually burning the bodies and that those actually were the fallen Russian soldiers.

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