Germany’s Marder IFV delivery to include Gepard anti-aircraft tanks – Spiegel

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The delivery of German Marders, announced by US President Biden after a call with German Chancellor Scholz, will include up to 40 IFVs, to fully equip a mechanized battalion, according to Spiegel sources.

According to the plans of the German federal government, the first Marder IFVs are to be delivered in the first quarter of 2023.

The Marders could be old models from industry stocks that are currently being refurbished. There could also be models from the Bundeswehr, which will be replaced in the coming months by models from industrial repairs. According to the statement, it is planned that Ukrainian units should be trained by the Bundeswehr. The training can be activated at any time, Spiegel writes.

In addition to the Marders and a Patriot air defense battery, Germany also wants to supply Ukraine with additional Gepard-type anti-aircraft tanks. According to SPIEGEL information, talks are already underway with two countries that still have stocks of Gepards and plenty of 35-millimeter ammunition. There is no agreement yet, but there is cautious confidence in Berlin that more Gepards can be delivered to Ukraine in the coming months.

Germany delivered 30 Gepard systems to Ukraine last year. According to military circles, the system is particularly effective in combating drones fired by Russia. Back in December, Berlin promised Ukraine seven more Gepards. If there were another delivery with up to 30 additional tanks of this type, this would substantially strengthen the Ukrainian air defenses.

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