Russia’s Dec 19 drone attack on Ukraine was most massive since outset of all-out war

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On 19 December 2022, Russia launched 35 Iranian-made Shahed drones against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, mainly against Kyiv Oblast. 30 of them were downed by Ukraine’s air defense. However, the rest of the drones damaged Ukraine’s energy infrastructure once again, causing a blackout for 80% of people in the Kyiv Oblast, with a slightly better situation in Kyiv city.

This was the most massive Russian drone attack since Russia started using Iranian-made drones, a spokesman of Ukraine’s Air Force Yuriy Ihnat said on TV air.

After a long pause… since December 7, we have 67 downed UAVs of this type. These are only those downed,” Ihnat added.

Recently, Zelenskyy said that Russia received another batch of drones from Iran, which explains a new wave of attacks against Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

Russia launches massive drone attack on Ukraine at night

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