“Never again Budapest Memorandum” — Ukraine recalls giving away nuclear weapons in exchange for guarantees 28 years ago

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28 years ago, on 5 December 1994, Ukraine signed the Budapest memorandum with the US, UK and Russia. Ukraine gave away the third biggest nuclear arsenal in the world and destroyed dozens of its Tu-22 strategic bombers in exchange for security guarantees.
In 2022, Russia is using the same model of Tu-22 to launch its missiles against Ukraine’s power grid.

With today’s missile attack, Russia marked another anniversary of the signing of Budapest Memorandum. The document’s fate gives answers to many current questions about Russia. Just signing something with these terrorists doesn’t bring peace,” Zelenskyy said in his evening address on 5 December.

Also, head of Presidential Office Andriy Yermak stated that “in exchange for giving up the third nuclear arsenal in the world, we were supposed to have security guaranteed… But the piece of paper turned out to be just a piece of paper, and one of the guarantors turned out to be actually a terrorist. Never again. No more Budapest Memorandum,” he said.

Notably, what in Ukrainian version of the document is written as guarantees became “assurances” in the English version.

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