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Mustafa Nayem

The Party of Regions urgently needs to appoint a new Prime Minister as this is one of the conditions to get the new tranche of the loan from Russia. It is obvious that the new Prime Minister will be approved by everyone inside of the Party. The only thing left is to come to an agreement with the opposition lest it prevents the Parliament from voting and the mood on the Maidan tenses up.

For the opposition, this presents another chance to force the Party of Regions to consider returning the 2004 Constitution. It will to be worse if the Party of regions will resort to blackmail and will sell the voting for the Prime Minister in a package with an ambiguous promise “of a possibility of reverting to the 2004 Constitution” and/or together with, for example, the post of the Rada speaker.

In any case, a silent agreement of the opposition to any Prime Minister from the Party of Regions (for instance, in a way of leaving the parliament hall in protest) will mean giving up their positions and waiting passively for the return of the 2004 Constitution. If the opposition blocks the work of the Rada, the Party of Regions will only have two choices: to vote for the new PM in the same atmosphere of chaos as it was with the voting for the “dictatorship laws” on January 16, or to organize a session out of town.

In any case, we can expect the next outburst of sentiment on the Maidan and it can happen already tomorrow.

Translated by Oksana Poliakova

Edited by Mariana Budjeryn

Source: FB

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