Russia stocked near 50 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles to target Ukraine – Air Force

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The Russian Army had 50 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles designed to hit “decision-making centers” before the latest massive attack on Ukraine, Yuriy Ihnat, a spokesman for Ukraine’s Air Force, said during an interview with Freedom channel.

On 9 March, invaders launched six Kh-47 Kinzhals at Ukraine, which according to the Russian military, are capable of accelerating to a speed of 5,000 km/h in a few dozens of seconds. However, they could only hit power transformers.

Kinzhal is an air-launched missile carried by MiG-31 fighter jets, some of which are based in Belarus. Today, Ukraine cannot counter these weapons, but its officials hope to receive the first batches of Patriot air defense systems promised by the US and European countries, Financial Times informed.

According to US Department of Defense Spokesperson Garron Garn, currently, approximately 65 Ukrainian soldiers train on how to use the machinery in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Newsweek reported.

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