Russia used newly produced missiles in March 9 attack; yet Russia lacks high-precision missiles — UA intel

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According to Ukraine’s intelligence, Russia carried out a massive attack on Ukraine on March 9 with missiles that it was able to produce in a month.

“Russians continue missile terror, but already taking into account the shortage of high-precision missile weapons that they have today. We can say that they have been accumulating forces for a month, in particular, they have been working in production,” the press service representative of Ukraine’s intel Andriy Yusov said.

According to him, in fact, the missiles that the Russian military-industrial complex was able to produce in a month were spent by Russian military to hit Ukrainian transformers on 9 March.

Yusov clarified that Russian stockpiles of many types of missile weapons are “critically low”, and the interval between attacks is due to the fact that the Russians are trying to make up for the costs of ammunition through production, but they cannot produce in sufficient quantities.

Russian military has 7% of “calibers” left from the number that was at the beginning of the full-scale aggression. They cannot make up those costs even through production, Yusov said.

On the night of March 9, Russia fired 81 missiles of various types at Ukraine, and the Air Defense shot down 34 of 48 cruise missiles which can be shoot down.

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