Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia call to create a tribunal against Russian leadership

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The Foreign Ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania issued a joint statement calling on the EU, together with international partners, to help Ukraine establish a Special Tribunal to try the top leadership of the Russian Federation.

According to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania leaders, currently there is no international court or tribunal that could bring to justice the highest political and military leadership of Russia for the crime of aggression against Ukraine. And it is necessary to create a Special Tribunal to fill this jurisdictional loophole.

“The rules-based international order that we all seek to protect cannot survive if there is impunity for the acts that most blatantly violate it – genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of aggression,” the ministers wrote.
Recent deliberate attacks on civilian homes, schools and playgrounds, as well as civilian infrastructure across Ukraine are just the latest episode in Russia’s unprovoked terrorist campaign against the Ukrainian people. As Russia’s brutal attacks on Ukraine continue, the EU must act to ensure that the search for justice and accountability for Russia’s horrific crimes in Ukraine is at the heart of our policy.”

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