#CrimeaIsUkraine, Oxford University Press and Larousse twitter/message storm. Clickable tweets here




The French publisher Larousse and UK publisher Oxford University Press have published materials that picture Crimea as part of the Russian Federation. While Oxford University Press have, following public inquiries, published a statement where they promise to edit their textbook before any additional copies are sold, they have not stated about a decision to recall all unsold copies of the textbook. Meanwhile, Larousse has not made any public statements/responses to the inquiry of the Ukrainian embassy to France. The paper edition of their 2016 Atlas fails to show Crimea as part of Ukraine; the digital map of Ukraine on their site where Crimea is shown as part of Ukraine is dated by 2013 and is likely to be simply an old version.

We salute Oxford University Press’s promise to correct the situation. However, it is unacceptable that textbooks that have the text with the mistake will be continue to be sold. They must be recalled!

We demand that:

  • the publishers issue a loud public statement saying that the publication of this information was a fatal mistake and that their sources of information have failed;
  • the publishers withdraw all unsold copies of the Atlas and Textbook with erroneous information and fix the mistakes;
  • the publishers immediately post the fixed Chapter on Crimea on all their pages for downloading by teachers/students/readers that already purchased the Textbook/Atlas;
  • the publishers apologize before Ukrainians, and especially Crimean Tatars, for publishing material that contradicts the UN resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, which was adopted by 100 countries, including their own, in the UN Resolution 68/262.

Join us in a twitter/message storm. #CrimeaIsUkraine, Larousse and Oxford University Press! Simply click to tweet to these publishers and journalists that will be interested in covering this situation using the clickable tweets below. Write to Oxford University Press and Larousse on FB and email using the contacts provided in this article. More info in the FB event.

Clickable tweets

  1. Tell @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford @Larousse_fr #CrimeaIsUkraine, join the twitter storm http://t.co/sAM1FuQOGG https://euromaidanpress.com/2015/10/19/crimeaisukraine-oxford-university-press-and-larousse-twittermessage-storm-clickable-tweets-here/
  2. Шторм! Скажи @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford @Larousse_fr #CrimeaIsUkraine, автотвіти тут: http://t.co/sAM1FuQOGG https://euromaidanpress.com/2015/10/19/crimeaisukraine-oxford-university-press-and-larousse-twittermessage-storm-clickable-tweets-here/
  3. Textbooks should teach students that it is bad to take what is not yours #CrimeaIsUkraine @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford
  4. Crimea is not Russian and has never been #CrimeaIsUkraine @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford @Larousse_fr http://t.co/e3P0IxSVtA
  5. [email protected] @OUPacademic @Larousse_fr show Crimea as part of Russia. #CrimeaIsUkraine! https://euromaidanpress.com/2015/10/18/placement-of-crimea-in-russia-by-larousse-and-oxford-university-press-sparks-outrage-action-planned-on-october-19/
  6. Crimea is not exclave & cannot be compared to Kaliningrad #CrimeaIsUkraine @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford @Larousse_fr http://t.co/wxFwjGjLlE
  7. Oxford, don’t lie to your children! #CrimeaIsUkraine. Recall all unsold textbooks until mistake is fixed @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford
  8. In 2014 Crimea was brutally annexed with #Russia’s boots on ground, but #CrimeaIsUkraine @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford @LAROUSSE_FR
  9. So-called referendum in #Crimea held under barrels of Russian guns #CrimeaIsUkraine @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford @LAROUSSE_FR
  10. 100 countries including UK & France condemn annexation of #Crimea #CrimeaIsUkraine @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford @LAROUSSE_FR
  11. Map with Crimea Russian is false #CrimeaIsUkraine @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford http://t.co/e3P0IxSVtA Twitter storm
  12. Crimea has never been recognised as part of #Russia #CrimeaIsUkraine @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford @LAROUSSE_FR http://t.co/bVtHTrMtax
  13. Mistakes should be regretted and learned, never carried into future. Recall all unsold editions. #CrimeaIsUkraine @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford
  14. Learn from failure not from success. @OUPAcademic, do have courage to admit mistakes #CrimeaIsUkraine #StopRussianPropaganda @UniofOxford
  15. Mistakes are always forgivable if one has courage to admit them #CrimeaIsUkraine @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford http://t.co/8whiv9IsTa
  16. [email protected] @UniofOxford you must recall all unsold textbooks, UN resolution clearly states: #CrimeaIsUkraine http://t.co/8whiv9IsTa
  17. [email protected] @UniofOxford we salute your decision to fix the mistake. Now recall ALL textbooks from sales until they show #CrimeaIsUkraine
  18. #CrimeaIsUkraine, “referendum illegal”! Do @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford @Larousse_fr disagree with UN General Assembly Resolution 28/262?
  19. #Russia is carrying out 2nd genocide against Crimean Tatars @OUPAcademic @UniofOxford @Larousse_fr #CrimeaIsUkraine https://euromaidanpress.com/2015/03/31/crushing-dissent-timeline-of-repressions-against-crimean-tatars-in-occupied-crimea/
  20. [email protected] @UniofOxford @Larousse_fr you insulted millions of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars that are victims of #RussiaInvadedUkraine
  21. [email protected] @UniofOxford @Larousse_fr you must make public statement that #CrimeaIsUkraine. Or do you disagree with UN?
  22. [email protected] @UniofOxford @Larousse_fr you must correct your mistake immediately and recall all unsold editions. #CrimeaIsUkraine
  23. Faut-il vraiment continuer à faire confiance à @LAROUSSE_FR après la publication de la carte de l’Ukraine sans la Crimée? #CrimeaIsUkraine
  24. La Crimée n’a pas été “rattachée”, mais ANNEXEE par la Russie, contrairement à ce que publie @LAROUSSE_FR dans son Atlas socio-économique.
  25. . @LAROUSSE_FR La Crimée c’est l’Ukraine, voir résolution 68/262 de l’ONU. #CrimeaIsUkraine http://goo.gl/b6l1w6 http://t.co/wZjHoZbHgO
  26. 100 pays, y compris la France, condamnent l’annexion de la Crimée. #CrimeaIsUkraine @LAROUSSE_FR http://t.co/RZ6FXvOXm1
  27. [email protected]_FR Nous exigeons que la carte de l’Ukraine soit corrigée! #CrimeaIsUkraine http://t.co/82mIvh1JAx
  28. [email protected]_FR refuse toute polémique, mais fait très bien de la politique. La Crimée a été ANNEXEE! #CrimeaIsUkraine http://t.co/82mIvh1JAx
  29. Les atlas doivent être une référence, non pas un relais de propagande russe. @LAROUSSE_FR #CrimeaIsUkraine http://t.co/wZjHoZbHgO
  30. Les erreurs sont toujours pardonnables si on a le courage de les admettre. #CrimeaIsUkraine @LAROUSSE_FR http://t.co/82mIvh1JAx
  31. [email protected]_FR vous cautionnez l’annexion de la #Crimée? Larousse=LaRUSSE? #CrimeaIsUkraine http://t.co/82mIvh1JAx
  32. HONTE A @LAROUSSE_FR l STOP a l’abrutissement des Français – la Crimée c’est l’Ukraine ! http://t.co/82mIvh1JAx
  33. [email protected]_FR met Crimée en Russie or Mémo Budapest 94 signé engage respect intégrité de l’Ukraine ! http://t.co/82mIvh1JAx


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