SSU urges Ukrainians to delete their profiles on Russian social media



Starting August 1st of the current year in the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service of the country will receive full rights to impose on the personal lives of both Russian and foreign citizens on a legislative level. A new antiterrorist law is being enacted, which gives full rights to the special service to receive practically all personal data of users of Internet resources registered in Russia. 

This is reported by “Press of Ukraine.”

Data about the usernames and email addresses of the users, their contacts lists, data about the number, volume and addressees of messages have to be provided by owners of mailing servers, blog hostings, forums and social media to the representatives of the notes state structures on demand. The SSU warns that in conditions of continuing aggression on part of Russia on Ukrainian territory, the new rules give the FSB an opportunity to receive information about Ukrainian events available online and further use it against the interests of national security.

The Security Service warns all citizens that are worried about the security of their personal information and recommends to abstain from using Internet resource of the Russian domain sphere, first and foremost social media and email accounts.


Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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