New Ukrainian radiolocation stations knock out Russian drones

The Anklav electronic warfare system.

The Anklav ("Enclave") Radiolocation system. Photo: 

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Source: UNIAN
Translated by: Peter Koropey
Edited by: Yuri Zoria

Editor’s Note

In recent years, Ukraine has made strides in developing and producing military equipment. Since the start of Russian aggression back in 2014, Ukraine has been greenlighting new military projects. Many of the ones that were shelved for decades are getting funding – everything from firearms and artillery munitions to cruise missiles. From the $3 bn 2018 budget of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, one-fifth was due to go to new weaponry and technology.

Ukraine recently began manufacturing radiolocation systems designed to bring down enemy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Ukrainian “Anklav” radiolocation systems have successfully disabled the control of the newest Russian UAVs in the Donbas. Valentyn Badrak, the head of the Center for Military Research, explained this in an interview with UNIAN.

“I would like to note the Ukrspetstekhnika company. Particularly, it designed the newest ‘Malakhit’ radiolocation station which has already been put to great use in the war in Donbas.” Badrak stated.

Furthermore, in Badrak’s words, Ukrspetstekhnika has begun to manufacture a system designed to bring down enemy UAVs.

“They have successfully created the ‘Anklav’ system which knocks out foreign UAVs. The Anklav is an important system – it operates at a distance of up to 40 kilometers, and this system has been set up along the front as the war goes on,” the expert explained.

As Badrak pointed out, the Ukrainian radiolocation stations have demonstrated their capabilities of downing the newest Russian UAVs.

“Russia, as we know, has been jointly designing and manufacturing UAVs with Israel, so these systems are powerful,” Badrak noted. Interestingly, the Malakhit and Anklav systems were designed by a female engineer, Svitlana Koshova.

Valentyn Badrak also stated that Ukrainian anti-tank rocket systems such as the “Skif” and the “Korsar” have demonstrated, in recent firing salvoes, that they are no worse than the American third-generation “Javelin” anti-tank rocket system. [Ukrainian ATGM “Skif”, “Korsar”, and “Stugna” have a damaging capacity similar to Javelin’s, however, the comparison is inappropriate since FGM-148 Javelin belongs to the next generation of anti-tank weaponry, the key difference is that Javelin is a fire-and-forget anti-tank missile while the Ukrainian rockets need guidance after the shot. – Ed]

Editor’s Note

The “Anklav” is not the only electronic warfare being developed in Ukraine, the other are Nota, Bukovel, Khmara. The Ukrainian Army first tested the EW “Bukovel-AD” and “Anklav-UT” in the Donbas front lines in 2016.


Source: UNIAN
Translated by: Peter Koropey
Edited by: Yuri Zoria

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