Poroshenko: Ukraine needs radars, drones, not advanced lethal weapons


War in the Donbas

Ukrainian President Petro ‪‎Poroshenko‬ has said that Ukraine is going to buy radars and drones to be able to defend itself in a more effective way, adding that Ukraine‬ does not need foreign-made advanced lethal weapons because they are very expensive and it takes time to train personnel to use them.

Poroshenko was speaking at a news conference called “Strategy 2020” broadcast live by state-owned UT1 25 September.

Poroshenko said that Ukraine has “everything necessary” to defend itself. “Not only does it have it, it also can make it on its own,” he said. 

“What we need is modern communication equipment, jamming-proof, encrypted and protected against interception. What we need is protection by radars,” Poroshenko said. He added that Ukraine had received licenses to buy this equipment and would buy it “in the near future.” “What for? To react and not to behave like blind kittens,” Poroshenko said. He stressed that Ukraine needs the radars “to know the precise coordinates of a place from which they fire at us when they stop observing the cease-fire.” Poroshenko also said that Ukraine had got “permission to buy the most advanced drones.”

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  1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    “advanced lethal weapons because they are very expensive and it takes time to train personnel to use them.”

    So it wasn’t a bunch of drunken bums released from prisons in eastern Ukraine that operated the russian buk anti-aircraft missile that shot down jets, including the civilian airliner?

    Next thing you know, there just may be russian military apes fighting in Ukraine.

  2. Avatar Mat says:

    What a sell out

    1. Avatar Murf says:

      He’s playing the best hand he’s got. Round one is over time to be ready for round two.
      In addition to drones Ukraine needs Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) to jam AA radars and anti radar missiles (HARM) that home in on the anti aircraft radar. That would put the Air Force back in the game. The mere threat of Ukraine being able to take out the Russian air defences would be a game changer.