Friends in need: 18 countries who gave Ukraine non-lethal military aid


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Since January 2014, 18 countries have provided 164.1 million US dollars’ worth of non-lethal military aid to Ukraine, with more than 80 percent of that coming from just two countries, the United States which has given 117.6 million US dollars’ worth of supplies and Canada which has given 23.6 million.

Those figures were provided to the Apostrophe portal by the Ukrainian defense ministry, which noted that there had been some weapons provided as well, by Lithuania among others, but data about such transfers remain classified.

The amount of non-lethal military assistance to Ukraine between January 1, 2014 and July 15, 2016 for the 18 in US dollars is as follows, the ministry said:

– The United States – 117,573,368
– Canada – 23,641,521
– Poland – 5,421,745
– United Kingdom – 4,975,847
– Australia – 4,682,498
– China – 3,400,000
– Turkey – 1,052,568
– Slovakia – 774,543
– Norway – 629,501
– France – 594,020
– The Netherlands – 500,000
– Spain – 258,419
– The Czech Republic – 245,782
– Albania – 226,388
– Lithuania – 116.201
– Switzerland – 31,928
– Latvia – 31.125
– Denmark – 21,300.

Commenting on this data, Serhiy Zgurets, director of the Defense Express Information Consulting Company, said that this foreign assistance had “a very great political effect at the very beginning of the Russian intervention when it seemed that Ukraine was standing one on one with a nuclear power.”

But “all countries tried not to cross a definite line in order not to provoke Russia to harsher methods of conducting military operations in the Donbas. More than that,” he said, it was important for Ukraine to rely as heavily as possible on its own resources given that it has a sizable military industry. There have been achievements there but much remains to be done.


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  1. Avatar Alex George says:

    And then there has been a fair bit of lethal military aid which is not talked about, usually through upgrades to obsolete Ukrainian weaponry.

    But its true as the article says that most lethal weaponry is supplied by Ukraine itself. As time goes on, Ukraine’s ability to produce this will only improve.

  2. Avatar Karl Ramboz says:

    I would like to see this list broken down on a per capita basis.

    1. Avatar Robert Orwell says:

      Who cares for what you want anyway?

  3. Avatar Dalton says:

    It’s actually rather shameful that the US has ONLY provided so little when compared to aid it provides other countries, particularly when the Congress has consistently provided for more. While the current US POTUS has failed in honoring the US commitment in the Budapest memo, fortunately the relative calm in Putin’s war has allowed Ukraine to restructure its military and develop some advances in lethal weaponry that wasn’t provided overtly outright. Ultimately it is Ukraine and its people that will overcome the challenges and because of the need to invent and create to make up for the lack, will become stronger and more successful in building defensive capabilities and related technologies for advancements into the future so it can be independent. Whoever the next US President is, perhaps the greatest aid the US government and industry can provide would be technology for advanced weapons and investment in Ukraine that will allow it to develop it’s own systems and capabilities while providing economic growth and high tech as well as manufacturing jobs for its people.

    1. Avatar Scradje says:

      Ukraine has learned that it cannot trust any of the Budapest signatories to protect it from a jealous, hateful and implacable enemy and now has no alternative other than to build itself up into a heavily militarised state on the Israel model. It probably needs to develop its own independant nuclear deterrent too. To defend its vast territory it will need something of the order of 600,000 combat troops with another 1m in reserve and of course the best possible air defence architecture. All this will take time, money and lots of ingenuity. There is no other choice available to them. Even if putler drops dead tomorrow, he could conceivably be replaced by someone even worse.

  4. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

    ridiculous! Friends helping in time of need?… giving half a peanut each to those they ARE LEGALLY OBLIGED TO DEFEND? see the BUDAPEST MEMORANDUM
    TRAITORS throwing half a peanut each to Ukraine.