No military aid for Ukraine — Finnish Prime Minister



In response to the request for military assistance from NATO and the EU made by Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin, Finland’s Prime Minister Alexander Stubb stated in an interview there would be no such assistance for Ukraine, reports Ukrainian TV Channel 5, August 18, citing the Finnish website

“Of course, it’s impossible. Not from NATO, because the alliance provides military assistance only to its members, and this is well known. And not from the EU, which lacks the capacity to provide such support,” Stubb said.

According to Stubb, the key issue is to ensure a firm truce.”Whether the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine are ready for a ceasefire — this is a question worth a thousand euros,” he said.

The prime minister added that the situation must be changed.

“It’s in our interest for the walls between Russia and the West to be as low as possible. This is what we need to aspire to, but unfortunately, we are still far from reaching this goal,” he said.

Translation: Anna Mostovych

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  1. Avatar Bill Roy says:

    I wonder if he feels the same about the West’s lack of response to aid Finland in the Winter War? I doubt it.

    1. Avatar True_finn says:

      ..well, cant provide weapons has nothing to do what has happen in past in finland, its about current and future situations. Ruskies can play their “dirty” games but finn´s will not do that and that´s it.

      …need do support other way.

  2. Avatar On the Balcony says:

    What Western countries like Finland are disingenuously ignoring is that a
    “Truce” for Ukraine’s means the surrender of territory, sovereignty and any prospect of becoming a viable European state. Russia has already engineered such “truces” between legitimate governments and Russian supported separatists in Moldova and Georgia. In both countries Russia’s standing “Peacekeepers” are more appropriately termed “Piece keepers.” Ukraine should not be expected to repeat the mistake.

    Europe neither can nor should attempt to ensure its own peace and prosperity by forcing Ukraine to surrender its own future. Rather, if Western countries like Finland cannot put their alleged principles before pragmatism and short-term profits then they should not be neither surprised nor dismayed if Ukraine responds to Russia’s undeclared war by destroying the entire gas transit system which Putin openly covets and without which income Russia cannot wage war on anyone.

  3. Avatar Pfor says:

    It looks like the EU is following Mr Neville Chamberlains actions back in 1938.
    The EU and US is extremly naive in there approch and have to understand that world will not be the same after Russia have crushed Ukraine.
    Peace in our time Mr Stubb. Peace in our time….

  4. Avatar flypaper says:

    Actually the fence sitting finn who haven’t taken a stance on anything without looking over their shoulder at Moscow can pound sand up their ass!

  5. Avatar Reformedviking says:

    Finland is not a member of NATO so he should keep mum, and not speak on it’s behalf,

    1. Avatar W8post says:

      BUT: a) Finland is part of the EU b) Russia is it’s neighbour and c) Russia has already stolen a big part of Finland (Karelia)

      1. Avatar Gen O. says:

        You’d think Finland would have a clue what Ukraine is facing, but apparently they’re in deep denial

        1. Avatar W8post says:

          YES! Actually Finland/Finnish people are VERY up-to-date! Why does that surprise you? Because it’s up in the north it should be a back warded country? There are more people in the world who couldn’t pin-point Ukraine on the map than Finland! (Just ask an average American where to find UA….)

          1. Avatar Gen O. says:

            I’m not sure how you got so worked up over my comment, because all I meant was Finland should be able to relate to Ukraine’s sitution and as such it’s surprising they’re so against helping Ukraine.

          2. Avatar W8post says:

            As I understand the Finns are NOT against helping UA; they are against military involvement!

          3. Avatar Gen O. says:

            Doesn’t feel like force is the only thing Russia understands? Sanctions, international condemnations, economic impact, lost lives of their and Ukrainian citizens- none of this seems to matter to Kremlin as they race headlong into to escalate the conflict

  6. Avatar cotoman says:

    Why Ukraine should start training its population to become a militia with knowledge of guerrilla tactics inspired in the Mujahidin, the Vietcong and the World War II French resistance.

    Ukraine does not have its nukes anymore that are why Russia can bully them like nothing. Ukraine military has been forgotten with all the pro-Russian presidents they had.

    Russia has invaded Ukraine already, Crimea green man was the first wave of invaders.

    Russia is also invading the east of Ukraine with its Russians “pro-Russian” rebels.

    Russia is not stopping its aggression and the international sanctions are no threat to them, Russians even see this as an opportunity to improve its local economy.

    Putin is not going to retreat, the way the world thinks about him does not take out it
    sleep. He is aimed to be popular in Russia and he is 87% and if he invades the Ukraine that Putin propaganda has picture to Russians he will be supported by Russians.

    Today Russians believe that all Ukrainians are Nazis because Putin’s propaganda so
    the Russians are already cooked for the occasion.

    Ukrainians deserve to choose the way they want to live, Ukraine deserve to exist, period.

    The west condemns the Kremlin’s actions against Ukraine but is not willing to put their
    blood to defend a former soviet republic. So this is a decisive moment of truth
    for Ukrainians and since they don’t have their nukes for deterrence against Russia they have to show Russia they are ready to make this incursion a very expensive one if they dare to continue.

    That is why the Ukrainian institutions have to start a training program ASAP for its
    patriotic forces on guerrilla tactics, how to counterfeit official documentation, how to blend with the Russian population, how to make IED’s, how to blow bridges, how to ambush the enemy, how to make weapons. The tactics that gave success to the Afghan mujahidin in the soviet invasion, the tactics that gave the Vietcong success against the US
    military, the tactics that harm the Nazi invaders in France in WWII.

    This is the moment to do so, because it will have two positive effects: be prepared in case
    of need for this, and mainly dissuade the Kremlin to stop building himself hate from their former Ukrainians brothers. Dissuade the Russians military to keep bully Ukraine.

    Moral is important to win any war, brake the will of the regular Russian troops by showing them that Ukrainians are not as easy to break and they will loose the will to sustain this aggression. It happens once; remember the Afghanistan war in the 80’s.

    Glory to Ukraine. And my best hopes from Mexico.

  7. Avatar Evelyn Myketa Livingston says:

    With friends like that who needs enemies? Pompous ass!

  8. Avatar Evelyn Myketa Livingston says:

    Pompous ass! Just wait til they come after you little finland.

    1. Avatar W8post says:

      You don’t know what/where you talk about; do your homework and learn about ‘little Finland’ ‘s past, and present in the EU. You’ll be surprised. (But then, homework is boring, isn’t it?) -and I am not even Finnish..-

    2. Avatar YKSL says:

      Well, we are waiting for them…. But as a notice: Mr. Stubb, PM/Finland, actually just stated, that nato defends its members (isn’t that a fact .. or has it been changed?) and EU just doesn’t have a military capacity. European countries do have, but that was not the question. The clear majority of Finns support sanctions against Russia.. and we do have quite long and diverse experience on dealing with russians.

  9. Avatar Johnny Bravo says:

    Fuck #russia Fuck #Putin Fuck #medvedev Fuck #lavrov Fuck #EU Fuck #US and Fuck the fucking rich corrupt ppl that letting #Ukraine bleed

  10. Avatar Kruton says:

    So says Putin,s girlfriend!

  11. Avatar Gabriel Lavanche says:

    Majority of finnish citizens support Ukraine’s cause to be a sovereign state. Our prime politicians just try to maintain commercial relations with Russia. At the end it seems he is somewhat right about direct military aid, but that doesn’t mean NATO and EU couldn’t send guns and food rations.

    I feel it is better if Ukraine can win this Russia’s camouflaged aggression without direct help anyway as it would give both Ukraine and West moral high ground against Russia in future.

    Just sad how many good citizens of Ukraine have to die because of imperialistic ambitions of Russia. Hopefuly Donetsk and Lugansk will fall quickly and your politicians can start to rebuild your country and get rid of corruption that these events wouldn’t have to happen again in unknown future.

    I salute those who fight for free and democratic Ukraine.

    Gabriel Lavanche
    Concerned citizen from Finland

  12. Avatar drdavidn says:

    Death to EuroMaidan Nazism.