Lithuania proposes question of military aid to Ukraine



The Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister Linas Linkevicius, according to, stated the European Union and other international organizations should look into the question of providing military aid to Ukraine.

“In our view, we should examine all kinds of aid to Ukraine, and wherever possible – economically, militarily and politically – we should help them in this crisis. We are doing what we can on the national level, but we must also organize international organizations to be more active.” – he said to journalists in the Lithuanian Parliament.

“Our position is clear and consistent. We demand that our colleagues also conscientiously and clearly assess the present day situation in Ukraine. Latest events have introduced elements of aggression. We mean the so-called humanitarian convoy which absurdly had approval from neither the Ukrainian Government nor the Red Cross, and thus violated international norms. Friday we initiated a meeting of the UN Defence Council regarding this question. And now, just before the recent events in Minsk, new factors caused grave concern: the breakthrough of armored columns and the introduction of paratroops.”


Hill of Crosses, northern Lithuania

“I believe our goal in these discussions should be to present an overall assessment of the situation, and to plan further actions – a clear and agreed upon further pressure.”

Source:       translated by Adrian Bryttan

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  1. Avatar George A. Wojtowycz says:

    Thank you Foreign Minister!

  2. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

    Thank you! A ray of sense in this murky incomprehensible response from the “protect our cushy lifestyles” West. I’m embarrassed at the US abandonment of its obligations to protect Ukraine under treaty. Have we no honor? Lithuania apparently does. Bravo!

  3. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Finally, somebody has read a history book!!

  4. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Thank you foreign minister but you need to stop talking and start taking action. If Putler takes eastern and southeastern Ukraine…you’ll all be in lots of trouble. He’ll just continue biting off pieces of other countries that he wants just to show you all he can and you won’t do a damn thing but talk.

  5. Avatar FunkyWinkerbean says:

    Good message. Hopefully the EU will take heart and not dither and wring their hands, afraid to offend Putler and upset the bankers and OILgarchs.

  6. Avatar Robert Bieniasz says:

    it is your last chance to sing close military and economic agreements with baltic states and Poland, USA , they know russia very well, france and germany will not help you

  7. Avatar Paul P. Valtos says:

    I have no doubt that the USA is supplying Ukraine with supplies. The reason for the covert action is the fact that, due to his strange overt invasion despite his denial, Putin could start WWIII and if it turns nuclear, the whole world is looking at total destruction .The USA is and will continue to supply Poland and the other NATO countries equipment as needed