Volunteers to make sure that Canadian military aid to Ukraine reaches soldiers




Article by: Alya Shandra

On November 28, the first shipment of Canadian non-lethal military aid to Ukraine arrived at Boryspil International airport. As per TSN, the deputy minister of defense Petro Mehed has assured that all the aid will be delivered to the soldiers and that this first shipment will be delivered to the military divisions that are undergoing recovery. In particular, a part of the first shipment will be given to the battalion Kyivska Rus.

Jet carrying non-lethal military aid arrives to Boryspil

Jet carrying non-lethal military aid arrives to Boryspil

The rest of the aid will arrive by sea in early 2015. The full batch of aid will dress about 30 000 soldiers and includes 30 000 winter jackets, 10 000 pairs of army boots, and 4 500 pairs of gloves. According to Canada’s Defense Minsiter Rob Nicholson, the total amount of aid is worth $11 mn and will be used for equipment and training, including: $5 mn for protective gear, including surplus Canadian Forces cold-weather gear such as jackets, hats and gloves, $3 mn for explosives disposal equipment, $1 mn for communications equipment, $1 mn for night and thermal vision equipment, plus binoculars, $1 mn for medical training, including a mobile field hospital.

This is the second time Canada sends non-lethal military aid to Ukraine’s armed forces battling the Russian regular army and Russian-backed proxies in Donbas; the first shipment happened in August 2014. It has been rumored that this shipment had not reached its final destination in the amount that it was supposed, and could have been partially stolen by corrupt officials. Reports of soldiers being under (or even un-) supplied are ubiquitous in Ukraine, and it is generally recognized that volunteers supplying the army are doing the government’s job. Even the Ministry of Defense itself  admitted that the volunteers supply the army better than the generals. The way that patriotic Ukrainians are crowdfuding the army by volunteer efforts is impressive, but also frustrating, since maintaining an army should be the function of the state.

However, there is hope for change, and it comes from yet again the volunteers. Ukrainian and Canadian volunteers have launched a petition where they demand that all the steps of the aid’s journey from jet to soldier be publicized and monitored, and that volunteers will be involved in distributing the military gear. In the case of failure to comply, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry is threatened with a journalistic investigation, as stated in the petition.

This petition immediately fell on fertile ground, since a a group of nine volunteers has been accepted to officially work in the procurement department of the Ukrainian MOD on November 18, as TSN reported. The group consists of leaders of volunteer formations supplying the army.

President Poroshenko welcoming the volunteers at work in the MoD

President Poroshenko welcoming the volunteers at work in the MoD

On their page in Facebook, the group wrote that a plan has been worked out in the Canadian embassy. According to volunteer David Braun,the Prime Minister of Canada has asked the distribution of this shipment of aid to be coordinated by representatives of this aforementioned Council of Volunteers and the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress. Two representatives from this Council together with Canadians will be observing the unloading of the jet and will accompany the cargo to a depot in Kyiv, after which inventory will follow and distribution plans will be formed. After that, volunteers that supply particular divisions will be engaged to make sure that the aid will get to the places it needs to reach in its full volume, and will not “dissipate” on the way. Photos, videos, and other proof will be gathered and provided to the Canadian partners. According to Mr.Braun, this outline will be presented to the American embassy, and that only by building transparent relations based on trust can Ukraine hope for increased assistance from donors.

Volunteers have shown to Ukrainian people how to effectively report on expenses and procurement, and there is all reason to hope that they will be able to do this before foreign donors. Hopefully, this is the road by which Ukraine’s corrupt ministries will be reformed.


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  • Absit Omen

    In new warm Canadian overalls, equipped with new donated non-lethal weapons Ukranian soldiers will kill exhausted, starving, pennyless civilians in Donetsk, Lugansk and the surrounding ruined villages and towns with even more enthusiasm. Citizens of Eastern Ukraine still can not forget Afro-American looking guys riding Ukrainian tanks they peeked in their streets this summer. You are so generous, Canada! Hope other contries will not join this pre-Christmas fall of ‘presents’!

    • gmab

      Hundreds of trucks of Ukrainian & European Humanitarian Aid went to the Donbass- your thieving soldiers & mercenaries stole what they could (even from Russian so-called Aid) and left the people with out. How many trucks were turned away as well. Stop blaming the world for Russia’s insane murderous and destructive actions in Ukraine. Shame on you!!!

    • Walter Salmaniw

      What drivel. I am immensely proud of Canada for supporting Ukraine repel the invaders from the east. Our brave sons and daughters need the basics of food, shelter, and warm clothing. More RT propaganda. Remember the same reports this past summer. Of course, not one reputable organization reported the same, despite the large number of agencies such as Reuters, Al-Jazeera, Vice, etc.

    • Michel Cloarec

      Ukrainia is trying to stop the terrorists at the ceasefire lines. They protect their country from invasion from terror & co. Pennyless civilians has been since last spring because the terrorists looted all funds from Kiew. So the ones responsible for the humanitarian chaos are those terrorists who did not hesitated to rob pensions funds. Those terrorists need money and do not stop at anything to fool civilians.

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      • LorCanada

        There is no new Russia except in your imagination. It’s just more propaganda to assist Putin’s ruthless determination to destroy Ukraine and carve it up. SHAME ON PUTKIN!

        • Michel Cloarec

          Sorry !
          But the last part of my post was a citation from Novorossia news agency to prove that the terrorists are not imagination, they believe on new russia ! Shame on them but they are real and they will not stop at anything in their ruthlessness. They believe in putin´s propaganda, they are dangerous not only for Ukrainia but the all world ! The same as Islamic state or ebola threat. It started with bolschevism 100 years ago and it will have to be stopped one way or other.

          • Murf

            Jesus Michael! I thought you had gone over to the dark side or were being held hostage.

          • Michel Cloarec

            NO ! I am infiltrating Novorossia news agency to irritate them to force them to comment on my posts there. They don´t answer ! but I find plenty intox. The one above is a model. They try to fool people in Donbas to put money in bank to make new money . It is so stupid, that I could not miss to retweet. But now I have also LEPEN family which I don´t like and I will go at them .

          • Murf

            Good! I though we were going to have to send in a Hostage Rescue Team. Keep messing with them guy!

          • LorCanada

            Yes, I can see your point. Thanks for your response.

    • pantherblue

      Do you think the “Afro-American looking guys” are from Ferguson?

    • Marko

      Lying Russian troll, you piece of shit.

    • Kruton

      Begone Bolshevik rapers of children and killers of old women!Lord we beseech thee strike down the Communist vermin from Mozsow! Death to the child murderer Putin!!!

    • Murf

      With freedom and rights comes the right to make bad life choices and pay the price for those choice
      Big boys put their big boy pants on and make big boy choices. Then they pay the big boy price.
      Sometimes that price is very harsh.

    • Brent

      Wrong. The Ukrainian soldiers will kill “lost” Colorado’s and terrorists sent into Donbas illegally by that lying thieving midget have a man-crush on. Yeah, I read some of our idiotic ranting posts. You probably defend those same terrorists for organizing excursions of seniors to ‘free Ukraine’ to collect their pensions, and then rob those seniors when they get back to terrorist controlled territory.

      Here are some photos of exterminated “Colorados” to refresh your “useful idiot” memory….

  • Rods

    Thank you Canada for supplying this much needed aid to Ukraine where the Ukrainian people are suffering, starving and dying at the hands of the evil dictator Putin.

    At times like this a country finds out who their true friends are and none has been truer than Canada and the Canadian people to Ukraine.

  • DejaVu

    It’s sad that Canada is doing more than the majority of the other Western nations however this isn’t enough. Ukraine needs lethal aid too. However Canada has taken more initiative than the community organizer and his so called allies.

  • Michael

    But 9 volunteers against soldiers with guns? Not so effective…

    • Bob

      Don’t be silly the volunteers are not fighting the Ukrainian soldiers, and besides its the logistic units in the rear which are the problem. Nothing to do with having guns.

  • Mazepa

    Thank you Canada!!!

  • Murf

    Sounds to me like the supply and procurement system needs some serious Lustration action.
    Why not just purge all those thieving bastards and commission the volunteers instead. What ever the volunteers lack in procedural knowledge they make up for with honesty and dedication.
    Until Army gets it’s logistics picture under control forget about retaking any territory. Hiding in holes and getting shelled to death is the best case scenario for them.
    Much applause to Canada for it’s generosity. Ukraine has a good friend.
    However I would like to point out that the US has donated over 350 million to the UA war effort.The Counter Battery Radars alone will save many UA soldiers and give the rebels merry hell.
    It’s pittance of what we should be doing but it’s not nothing.

  • Michel Cloarec

    The canadian, true descendants of Europa, never forget the old world !

  • Ellebal1111

    Canadians are supporting our Ukrainian friends!! Long live a sovereign Ukraine!

  • Mikronos

    The ‘russians’ got most of the Canadian flak vests. kevlar helmets and goggles. They were ‘wasted’ at in the races at Debaltsevo.