Policy shift shows Russia preparing to recognize its puppet republics in Donbas


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In February Russia shifted its occupation policy towards the Donbas from “Transnistrian” to “Abkhazian” scenario. This means that Russia doesn’t believe in Minsk accords anymore and intends to recognize its puppet “republics” in the Ukraine’s Donbas as states.

  • On February 18, President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree on recognition of “passports” issued by so-called DNR and LNR in Russia.
  • So-called Luhansk people’s republic adopted the Russian ruble as its basic monetary unit on 1 March 2017. The ruble is the “official” “major currency” in both “republics” since 2015.
  • Most of the Ukrainian assets in the occupied territories were stolen by occupation forces in late 2014 and 2015, but some enterprises mostly owned by Ukrainian tycoon Rinat Akhmetov remained under Ukrainian jurisdiction until 1 March 2017, when they were seized by occupation authorities who introduced external “temporary administrations” to the companies. The “nationalization” continues until now, Luhansk branch of Akhmetov’s Ukrtelecom telephone company has been seized recently.

On April 4, President Petro Poroshenko said, “Russia changed its tactics both in Crimea and Donbas by raising stakes up to the creation of quasi-states.”

Russian occupation scenarios


Russia controls zones of frozen conflicts in Moldova (Transnistria region), Georgia (Abkhazia and South Ossetia), and in Ukraine where the conflict is frozen in annexed Crimean peninsula and not yet frozen in the Donbas. Russia’s tactics are part of a wider pattern in which the Kremlin uses separatist conflicts as engines for corruption and criminality, and as Trojan horses to block progress in reform-minded countries on Russia’s periphery.

Conflict zones prevent countries from entering NATO and integrating into the European Union. Russian tactics are parts of its geopolitical strategy. Conflicts in the territory of post-Soviet countries, inflicted, fuelled and being kept frozen by Russia, can be understood as parts of the greater whole Russia’s imperialistic plan to regain strategic points of its lost empire.

Transnistrian modelA freezing of a conflict inflicted by Russia can be called a Transnistrian model or scenario of occupation. Such model is used in Moldova where Russia did not recognize the Russian-controlled region of Transnistria as an independent state over the 25 years it is uncontrolled by Moldova. The only official currency of Transnistria is the Transnistrian ruble and Russia still didn’t recognize passports and other documents issued by Transnistrian “authorities.” Officially, Transnistria is still a part of Moldova for Russia.

Transnistrian ruble, currency of Transnistria not accepted as currency anywhere outside of Transnistria: banknotes, coins, and "plastic coins" issued in 2014. Occupied Abkhazia and South Ossetia have no currency.

Transnistrian ruble, currency of Transnistria not accepted as currency anywhere outside of Transnistria: banknotes, coins, and “plastic coins” issued in 2014. Occupied Abkhazia, South Ossetia, parts of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts have no currency using the Russian ruble as basic monetary unit

Abkhazian model. Another Russian occupation model was applied in Georgia, where Russia recognized the occupied regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as states. The Russian ruble is the only currency used in both occupied Georgian regions. Russia recognized passports of both “republics” and their holders have the right to a visa-free entry to Russia. The latest provocative visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to occupied Abkhazia shows Russia disrupting international law in its relations with Georgia.

Annexation. The third Russian “occupation model” is classic annexation. In 2014 Russia annexed Crimea, establishing Crimea and Sevastopol as its federal subjects.

The Transnistrian model makes occupation cheaper and more effective for Russia because the “host state” still pays social benefits for its citizens in the occupied territories, brainwashed residents of occupied areas can elect pro-Russian candidates to state government bodies, finally, this model is not so fraught with consequence on the world stage.

Forcing the Transnistrian scenario

The Minsk-2 deal was the second attempt to force Ukraine to accept Russia’s Transnistria scenario for the Donbas, a “peace enforcement” intended to push both occupied regions back into Ukraine as Russian-run enclaves to expand Russia’s control over the internal and external affairs of Ukraine. The agreement demanded constitutional reform in Ukraine for the recognition of the “special status” for occupied eastern territories and holding of the local elections “discussed and agreed upon with representatives of particular districts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.”

However, the paragraphs prescribing to restore control of the state border to the Ukrainian government and pull out “all foreign armed formations, military equipment, mercenaries” from the territory of Ukraine were impractical for Russia. If Russia withdraws its troops from any occupied territory, this territory would disappear as a Russian “geopolitical project” in a few months.

Shifting policy from Transnistrian to Abkhazian

On February 18, President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree on recognition of “passports” and other documents issued by so-called DNR and LNR in Russia. The “passports” were de facto accepted in Russia because their holders could enter Russia long before the Putin’s decree, however, this decree made them officially recognized by the Russian Federation.


Russia eliminated the last “islands” of Ukrainian jurisdiction in the occupied territories by seizing Ukraine-run enterprises on March 1. One the same day so-called LNR (Luhansk people’s republic) adopted the Russian ruble as its basic monetary unit. Ruble is the “official” “major currency” in both “republics” since 2015.

Recently, Russian Railways slashed rates for shipping coal and iron ore to points near the occupied areas, where the metals industry provides most jobs.

All these actions indicate that Russia considered Minsk-2 failed and changed its occupation policy towards the Donbas from Transnistrian to Abkhazian model.

This means Russia is going to fully separate occupied parts of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts from Ukraine and recognize its Donbas puppet republics as states sooner or later like Georgia’s Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma who represents Ukraine to the Trilateral Contact Group on the Donbas (Ukraine, Russia, OSCE) stated that Russia’s recognition of documents issued by the separatist areas will lead to the freezing of the conflict in the same way it did in Transnistria. However, Russia didn’t recognize Transnistrian passports. It is Abkhazian model of the Russian occupation leading to the recognition of occupied regions by Russia as independent states.

Quoting the opinion of “three people close to the leadership in Moscow,” Bloomberg said that Putin has no plans to really recognize or annex the Donbas territories, however, this can very well be part of the Russian disinformation campaign. 

Moreover, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has denied that Russia was preparing to annex territories in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

As Brian Whitmore of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty points out:

And when you consider all the other things the Kremlin has denied (things that turned out to be — you know — like, true) well, then you can’t help but wonder if the annexation of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics might actually be on the table.

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  1. Avatar Frank says:

    you should have put Moldova/Transnistria on that map too

      1. Avatar Yuri Zoria says:

        It wasn’t and was added a bit later.

    1. Avatar Yuri Zoria says:

      Thank you, you were right.

  2. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    A very evil ploy indicative of the Putinator’s methods.

  3. Avatar Alex George says:

    So Putin has abandoned his original plan to get these territories re-integrated into Ukraine but with oblast governments hostile to Kyiv. He has only ever held a part of each oblast anyway.

    It doesn’t make much practical difference – Russia can only hold these territories as long as it keeps massive numbers of troops in and around them, and the cost is crippling. At the same time, the genuine separatists in the local population realise they have been betrayed.

    And as the Ukrainian economy improves, and Russia’s collapses, the people of Donbass wil realise how much they have been lied to. They will welcome the departure of the Russians with great relief.

    1. Avatar Fortranz says:

      What we need to do too get this point across is to get the Trump administration [and it’s public supporters and the GOP] to see how this is the truth of the Crimea, Donbass and Luhansk oblasts. Not the propaganda that they have voted overwhelmingly to join Russia and that this is what the majority of the people in these oblasts want. When they begin too support this position than the Crimea, Donbass and Luhansk oblasts will begin there departure from Russia.

    2. Avatar Yuri Zoria says:

      Maybe yes. Or it can be kind of blackmailing – “hey, take your Donbas back, do you see that I am serious?”

    3. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

      “Thus, according to our reconnaissance’s data, during the revision of the 53rd Ukrainian separate mechanized brigade, 7 hided cases of soldiers leaving their dislocation places, including 3 cases of living with weapons, were detected.”

      Desertion is running rampant in Ukrainian ragtag army!

      1. Avatar Alex George says:

        LMAO What a stupid old man you are – 10 cases of desertion, compared to the thousands in the Russian forces!

  4. Avatar veth says:

    Son of DUMA-member gets 27 years jail in the USA for stealing 150 million dollars from VISA-cards worldwide. His father is member of the Liberal Party of Russia, the fascist party.

  5. Avatar Murf says:

    I know this is not the preferred answer but Ukraine should let them go.
    The factories there are important but old and ineffecient.
    with subsidies the mines were costing Ukraine 150 DPT.South African coal costs 80 at the port.
    And the people there were the hard core Party of Regions types that obstructed reforms from the beginning.
    Lets also be candid,even if Ukraine gets them back Russia has already stripped everything of value or is going to before the turnover. What Ukraine will be stuck with is a devastated land that will cost billions to rebuild and clean up. The remaining people will be grateful at first but in a few years they will get all misty eyed for the “Good old Days when Donbas stood alone and defiant!”.
    They will be ripe for the next Russian tinpot dictator who wants to stir up trouble and the process will start all over again.
    Let Donbas go and be done with it.
    Ukraine does not need more territory that has to be repaired or a population of dubious loyalty.
    Ukraine has plenty of resources and industry they can develop smartly and be prosperous for generations. They just need the political unity to do it.

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Many of the PoR supporters are in Dwarfstan now as “refugees”; some have been given a one-way ticket to Dwarfstan’s Far East. Few of them will return when the so-called LNR and DNR collapse. And as most have Dwarfstanian citizenship by now Kyiv can simply deny them entry as undesirable aliens.
      The PoR supporters that are still in the Donbas are hardly likely to stay when Kyiv regains control. Many of them will be on “wanted” lists and face years behind Ukrainian bars for criminal activities- hardly an incentive to stay, one would think.

    2. Avatar Alex George says:

      Hi Murf, wherever did you get the naive idea that Ukraine has the option of “letting them go”? That is simply not on the table. Ukraine has two options – (a) resistance to putin, not giving him an inch more of Ukraine (ie what they are currently doing), or (b) surrendering all of Ukraine to Putin’s control.

      “Letting go” the territories is simply a step on the road to (b) – a substantial step,

      I agree with you that the old metallurgical factories are irrelevant – they were already obsolete in 2014. The occupied territories will look very different after liberation.

      1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

        Much of the industry in the occupied enclaves has been razed by now, with the inventories carted off to Dwarfstan either as scrap or for further use in Dwarfstanian plants.


        This article gives details of what has been destroyed in the so-called LNR. It is about 2 years old and is probably incomplete; no doubt a similar list can be compiled for the so-called DNR. Anyway, Kyiv will no doubt present Moscow with a hefty bill for all the destruction the dwarf’s aggression has caused.

      2. Avatar Brent says:

        I’m waiting for “Comrade Drumpf” talking of reopening those Donbass coal mines……

        1. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

          STUPID – “More than 40% of Ukrainians are opposed to decommunization, while about one fourth of the population is not interested in the government’s ideological policy at all,” the korrespondent.net online resource reported. However, about one-third of the respondents support the decommunization idea.

          Ukraps are dumb animals and you are ONE of them!

          1. Avatar Alex George says:

            So you have just shot down your own argument. Thank you.

            Ukraine is free from the fascist tyranny of the Kremlin. It is growing while Russia fails.

            Putin is losing the foolish war he started against Ukraine.

      3. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

        LOL!! Dumb Ashkenazim have some funny ideas! Look at the Ukraine after 25 years of independence – roads with potholes that can swallow a bus!! Two years after NazziMaidan 5 million people lost jobs.

        1. Avatar Alex George says:

          Yes, I am looking at Ukraine after three years of real independence, and seeing a country that is in much better state than Russia. And it is improving while Russia fails.

          You were saying?

    3. Avatar Alex George says:

      “But in a few years they will get all misty eyed for the “Good old days when Donbass stood alone and defiant”.”

      Doesn’t the recent history of the rest of Ukraine teach us differently? It is far more pro- Ukrainian and anti-Kremlin now than it was immediately after the Maidan.

      And “letting Donbass go” is not an available option, so why even talk about it? Putin will never enter into such an arrangement except as cover for increased attacks in Ukraine. Remember Minsk I and Minsk II?

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        They get misty eyed for the Soviet Union and Stalin.
        Anything is possible with those people.

        1. Avatar Alex George says:

          Fair point…although that only applies to those who are Stalinist.

          1. Avatar Murf says:

            Symptom of a larger mind set; the Soviet Man syndrome.
            They never walked away from it in way that even the Russians did.
            Not everybody of course but they left early on.
            Bring Donbas back into Ukraine now would be a disaster. Think East and West Germany in the 60s before the both Germans economy and society were ready for it. Ukraine is not ready for it.
            Ukraine needs political stability, economic growth and security.
            They will have none of those things if they bring Donbas in under the Minsk II.
            So forget about it. If Putin wants to make it another Bull Sh*t republic that keeps draining his resources , good.
            Cheer for him even.
            He is sinking in the quick sand of his own making so Ukraine does not need to throw him a line.
            Never interfere with an enemy making a mistake.

          2. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            Current Ukrainian policy is to not recognise the so-called LNR and DNR, or the illegal annexation of the Crimea. For Kyiv the best thing to do is simply wait while Pedo Putolini wrecks Dwarfstan. Time is on Kyiv’s side, not the dwarf’s.
            The new policy of isolating the LNR and DNR is a good one as it increases the costs for Dwarfstan. Kyiv is now cutting off electricity to the LNR:


            This means Dwarfstan will have to take over the electricity supply. But are there any direct connections between the LNR’s net and that of Rostov oblast, and if there are, are they of sufficient capacity to supply the enclave’s needs in full? Can the power plants in Rostov oblast take up the slack? If not Dwarfstan will have to expand the network, adding to the cost of supplying the electricity.

            Things are getting more and more expensive for the dwarf.

          3. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            Kyiv is now looking at cutting the electricity supply to the so-called DNR after having shut down the supply to the so-called LNR:


            Let’s hope this will be cut as well.

            Dwarfstan can supply part of the so-called LNR’s electricity needs, but not all according to te above-mentioned article. That probably means laying thicker cables to increase the supply capacity from Rostov oblast, new bigger transformers and switch gear to handle the extra current etc etc. This won’t be cheap, and if Kyiv does decide to cut the supply to the so-called DNR as well it will become even more expensive for the dwarf. Quite apart from the costs upgrading the power net will take time- but does Dwarfstan have the time to do so?

          4. Avatar Murf says:

            I hope they do cut it to the DPR also. The electricity is going to power the repair plants for the Russians vehicles.
            Then they need to cut the gas since the “Republics” are not paying for it.

          5. Avatar Alex George says:

            You are overestimating the number of “Soviet Men” in the occupied territories, and underestimating the numbers of them in the rest of Ukraine – there are many.

            Returning the occupied territories to Ukraine will not have the effects you fear.

          6. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            “More than 40% of Ukrainians are opposed to decommunization, while about one fourth of the population is not interested in the government’s ideological policy at all,” the korrespondent.net online resource reported. However, about one-third of the respondents support the decommunization idea.

          7. Avatar Murf says:

            So in other words 75 favor the governments ideology?
            Sounds great!
            That is only 5 % less than Putin’s approval ratings.

          8. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            I am glad you are too in favor of returning vile, vatican-sponsored, NaZZi populated Galica to it’s Catholic stable in Poland.

          9. Avatar Murf says:

            How on earth to do get that.
            Why not just say I approve of a plan to return it to the Hapsburgs?
            Both are equally stupid.

          10. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            Back when Russia was actually threatening America with nuclear annihilation, Jimmy Carter warned Americans about their “inordinate fear of communism.” Sting sang that “the Russians love their children, too.”

            But now liberals are hopping mad with Putin. They could never forgive Russia for giving up communism.

          11. Avatar Murf says:

            Was that before or after the USSR invaded Afghanistan?
            That invasion pretty much ended his chance for reelection.
            Well Carter wouldn’t be the last US President who thought he could trust Russian intentions.
            George Bush and the invasion of Georgia.
            Obama and the hybrid war in Ukraine.
            Lets hope Trump is not as politically naive as to think Scorpions can be trusted. As in the fabel. “The Scorpion and the Frog”

          12. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            You missed the point. The point is that Libtards in US cannot forgive Russia for ditching the communism. Russia, which is now more friendly and only seeks cooperation is being falsely portrayed as aggressor and in time when they really was a menace they downplayed the reall treat because having nuclear exchange is not an option and provocations are unproductive.

            If you were fair, which you are not, you would admit that US is much more militaristic state then Russia. In 100% of its wars U.S. never defended it’s own territory but only invaded the territory of others. A

            Furthermore, saying that both US and RU politicians lie is *much* more accurate statement.

          13. Avatar Murf says:

            The “libtards” don’t give a sh*t about “Russia ditching Communism” They celebrated as much as anyone. probably even more so because the wanted to gut the military and enjoy the “Peace dividend” fro the budget savings.
            As for Russia being friendly, as the former Canadian PM Harper said. “We wanted to make Russia a partner, they want to be a rival.”
            No truer words were ever spoken.

          14. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            Living under delusion that this is attainable, we wanted to make Russia toe the Anglo-Zionist, uni polar world line – Russia and Chine don;t like that idea and wants a multi polar world, which they will get. That’s the true fact and basses for dispute. If the US, as the milking cow of the NWO wants to accept Russia and Chine as their equal partners, with distinct mission to jointly maintain the global peace and prosperity in the World, this will work but the West (US) is refusing the reality of the matter and is so far doing a great job to bankrupt itself.

            I think that Trump gets it though. He gets it that US overspent for military, got nothing in return and is in trouble on so many levels, with crumbling social services, health care, education, infrastructure and on top of that, if from this point on The US attempts to use force to dominate anyone this will only speed up and accelerate dedolarization and Post West World Order. Think about it and you will see that. I know you would not publicly admit that but you can see that.

          15. Avatar Murf says:

            Russia and China only want was is in their best interests. The only problem we have with China is their ridiculous territorial claims in the South China Sea. Every thing else in on the negotiation table and can be worked out.
            Because China unlike Russia has not crossed any lines that can’t be crossed back from.
            The New World Order they your types are so worried about is built on one principle, prosperity through stability. Changing boarders through force make that impossible.
            So the Annexation of Crimea is not going to be recognized or tolerated.
            Russia and Putin are just going to have to learn how to live with reality that wanting and having are two very different things.

            “He gets it that US overspent for military,”
            As usual you are projecting your own wishes on to Trumps actions. If he had a problem with US military spending. he would not be calling for more. A LOT MORE.
            What he wants is America GREAT!”
            If Putin wants to come along for the ride; that’s fine by him. Get in the way and he will run over you like a train runs over a bug and with about as much concern.

          16. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            Besides that we just talk and cannot do that, who gave us the right to stop them? Let them have it.

            The ideological father of NEOCONs Fukuyama drew on the philosophy of Hegel, who defined history as a linear procession of epochs. Technological progress and the cumulative resolution of conflict allowed humans to advance from tribal to feudal to industrial society. For Marx, the journey ended with communism; Fukuyama was announcing a new destination.. I then argued a “delusion”. I recognize the incompatibility of his thinking with Pareto principle and equated his thinking to carte blanch for abuses. I was right. Iraq War, evens of 9/11, subprime crises of 2007/08, occupy movement and no populism all proved my contention and skepticism valid.

            When in 2006, in the wake of George W Bush’s catastrophic blunders in Iraq and Afghanistan Fukuyama repudiated neoconservatism in a book titled America at the Crossroad, he was beginning to “get it”.

            In order to keep his end-of-history thesis intact, Fukuyama argued that the neocons had gone off on a Leninist tangent of historical determinism and artificial nation-building, and had departed from the correct understanding of historical evolution as an organic byproduct of material comfort and access to consumer goods. The NWOCONs took America on the loose-lose path of Bolshewism.

            Fukuyama did not understand that Hegelian dualism and humans’ luck of consciousness which causes us to act as viruses. We multiply, occupy and spread while consuming resources and in the process of spreading we destroy everything while lying to ourselves that we do the right thing and know what we are doing. Through three decades of wonkery and spin, the right has systematically constructed an ideological movement that presents itself as anything but systematic, anything but ideological. This is what I call school-example of delusion which is a very dangerous human sickness. Yep… just observe how capitalism pretends to love free markets; in reality, it rigs markets for elites.

            Arguendo, the smartest thinker today is Alexandar Dugin. I agree 100% with his position that ‘If you are in favor of global liberal hegemony, you are the enemy”. Dugin can be construed as the father of populism. Too bad the conservative America doesn’t know and/or would not admite that. Just read some of his quotas here:

          17. Avatar Murf says:

            Ok, I am not even going to bother with your paranoiac “Noecon” BS.
            However lets look at the “I say let them have it. Crimean want to live in Russia, let them!”
            Do you not see for one second the danger?
            Europe has enjoyed 75 years of relative peace. the longest period since the Roman Empire. However ALL of the wars prior to that were of over land disputes. Even as recently as the 90s in the break up of Yugoslavia tens of thousands died in Europe’s worst genocide in since the Holocaust.
            There is at least a dozen possible disputes I can think of right off the top of my head. Not even the USSR was stupid enough to open that can of worms.
            Now Russia may be perfectly happy with chaos in Europe but there is no reason to think it can’t happen in Russia as well. They already have a Low Intensity Conflict in the northern caucuses. Do you think adding more is truly in Russia’s long term best interests?
            So no, it does not matter if some Crimeans have fond memories of the good old days of the Soviet Union. It doesn’t matter if the thought of the Russian flag over Sevastopol is like warn sunshine on a Sunday morning to the rest of Russia.
            There are far bigger matters to be concerned about like the possibility of millions of Europeans(and Russians) dying in yet another useless fu*king war.

            As for the Chinese claims to the territory of the South China Sea I am ok with it of the US gets to claim the North Atlantic Minerals, Fishing, Right of Ways, the whole shebang!
            Why not?
            European North Americans have been using it for 3 hundred years. That is bout as long as Russia’s claim on Crimea. And we have the fleet to back up our claim. You want ocean caught fish? You pay us.
            And while we are at it we own the Pacific Ocean from the West Coast up to Marshall Islands.
            And then there is the Indian Ocean, guess who gets that?
            How about Greece owning the Aegean?
            And on a full moon guess who’s light will be shining on you?
            America’s baby!
            We were first and only!
            Welcome to the new age of Imperialism!
            An old Southern saying sums it up best; “Thems what has, gets.”
            And right now that’s the US of A. Yeah baby yeah!
            (Is this the world you are after?)

          18. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            America was actually that stupid to open that can of worms in Former Yugoslavia, where shooting of Serbian Groom in Sarajevo, during the weading that was walking through town, started the war, just as the shooters on Maidan and in Alepo started the wars in Ukraine and Syria – straight out of the CIA playbook.

            Low Intensity Conflict in the northern caucuses and the previous wars were too. Rotshild and Saudis were behind Chechen wars. They planed and financed them. If you disagree go argue with Russian intelligence community. To stop that Putin put Russian GI’s on half an hour march to Rothschild oil pipe in Georgia. Probably you did not know that “detail”.

            I am not paranoid about NEOCONs they are American curse and reality as much as it is the fact that with German influence over independence of Croatia (which was ILLEGAL under Yugoslavian constitution anyways) was America (not Russia) enchilada. Yes, it was US/NATO who start changing borders so WE have no ground to point the finger or throw a rock in the glass house.

            Chinese are not asking Americans to NOW pay for anything in South Asia see. What they did is to enhance their security. I personally do not think is fair to other countries who lay claim but but HOW is this American beef and why should we spend our resources on that?

            And get it already, you’ve been lied to and you’ve been duped, there was no “genocide” in Yugoslavia. Take for example FAKE “Rachak Massacre” orchestrated by carrier CIA agent William Walker. Just as the Iraqi war started on FALSE WMD PRETEXT, so did the bombing of Serbia and Kosovo under FALSE PRETEXT that there are “mass graves”. Both “Rachak Massacre” and “Mass Graves” were proven 100% false.

            Read: “Sorting Through the Lies of the Racak Massacre and other Myths of Kosovo” http://www.mediamonitors.net/gowans1.html

            What US own today is aging, 60 year old and crumbling infrastructure on which The US is behind $4.7 trillion, on top of being $20 trillion in debt and on top of $200 billion in unfunded liabilities. Is that what makes you proud? On top of that, US Army cannot account for $6 trillion and despite $650 billion a year budget the Military is not a fraction of what it used to be when you rode Abrams and invaded Iraq. This is NOT a good position to be in but you are still cheering. I understand you love America but flipping, distorting and/or ignoring the serious facts discuses above is not reasonable.

          19. Avatar Murf says:

            “Chinese are not asking Americans to NOW pay for anything in South Asia see. What they did is to enhance their security. I personally do not think is fair to other countries who lay claim but but HOW is this American beef and why should we spend our resources on that?”
            They are claiming territorial rights. That means they own the mineral rights. fishing and Rights of Passage on the surface and in the air over one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.
            That’s not just a security presence.
            The US in it’s entire history has insisted on the Rights of Free Passage. We are not going to agree to their “land grab” so to speak anymore than the annexation.
            International law only allows a 15 mile territorial limit.
            Again save your breath on the paranoiac BS, not interested.

          20. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            China is not “grabbing” land, it is building land on coral riffs. This is way different. Land grab is what US did with Hawaii. This was typical annexation and land grab, but this is not bothering you one bit because with you it is not about right and wrong.

          21. Avatar Murf says:

            Now you are obfuscating and engaging in mindless “Whataboutism” because you don’t have anything else. There were a lot of things that happened in the 19th century that are not acceptable today. The Hawaiian annexation was not even in the top 100 on the Imperialist Behaving Badly scale.
            If in your mind Hawaii was wrong then so was Crimea and China’s SCS claims.
            They are all part and parcel.
            The big difference being that Hawaii was legal then while Crimea and the SCS are not now.

          22. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            “(Is this the world you are after?)”

            Yes — that ***SERBIAN*** genocidal MENTAL CASE wants that Murf!

            SCUMBAGS THEY ARE!!!


          23. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            ……………..I LOL @ U uKRnAzzI BaBooN………………

          24. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            Dugin proposed genocide of Ukrainians by Russians.

            You ***SERBIAN*** ANIMALS evidently like the idea because you LOVE Russo-mongolians & hate WHITE people.

          25. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            BaBooNs are NOT “people”, you are SUBHUMANS!!

          26. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            “Changing boarders through force make that impossible. ”

            Don’t you see your own hypocrisy? Tell this to Washington who dismembered Yugoslavia and using force and Saudi $ allowed creation and created two Wahabbi states in the heart of Europe – Kosovo and Bosnia.

            What both fake “liberal democracy” and conditionally speaking “America” managed to prove over the past 25 years is that it is not capable of leading the world and the world order, fairly and efficiently.

            On the other end, Russia served for hundreds of years as Western Extension into the Asia. Giving disrespect and abuse the best one can expect form them to in return allow Chine to use trade to invade peacefully and dominate West.

          27. Avatar Murf says:

            If the Bosnians are Wahhbists then it is because the Serbs made them that way.
            Before the war they were the intellectuals and artists. They drank alcohol and the women wore bikinis.
            If that sounds Wahhabi to you then you know nothing.
            Russia has only shown that they are incapable of running a road side fruit stand.
            On the other hand a protection racket, bordello or human trafficking ring they are the bomb!
            Some once characterized Russia as “12 or so cities connected by emptiness and and bad roads”
            What kind of Super power can’t even pave roads?

          28. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            You know nothing about Bosnia or history of it. Muslim are also Serbs who the Turks converted to Islam. Go on YouTube and watch:

            EXCLUSIVE – Bosnia: how did Saudi Arabia gain influence in the country?
            Bosnia: Cradle of modern jihadism? BBC News

            Under the Vatican thug Stalin and jewmunism Russians suffer greatly. They just started to recover last 10 years and in 10 more they would be doing just fine.

          29. Avatar Murf says:

            Dude I know all about that sh*t. In what twisted world does that justify Ethnic Cleansing(A term created by Serbs) or genocide?
            The only reason you are mad about Krajina is that it was the beginning of the end for “Greater Serbia” and you got a taste of your own Ethnic Cleansing Enema.
            Whats more You miss the obvious; the Croatian war criminals were convicted also.
            Some to take away form that also is that Serbia came begging for fincial aid. The west offered 10 billion. one stipulation was Serbia turn over Malosivich.
            They agreed.
            It took a long time but he had his cell in the Hague.

            When Russia collapses after Putin, they will come to the West begging for help.
            A similar deal will be made.
            Justice delayed is still justice.

          30. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            This ***SERB*** is a “for real” maniac & mental case…. WoW!
            Talk about “evil”!!!

            Croats SHOULD wipe ’em out!
            Serbs are truly RABID!

            No wonder Ruski like ’em! :)))

          31. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            You know that everyone here and elsewhere on the internet think you are *REAL NUT JOB* with NO FRIENDS or things to do. Former Rapist, hapted by everyone. Moron who keep posting on FB and no one ver clicks on “like” any of your garbage posts… is that tells you something, you sorry ass “Greek Catholic” scum from Galicia?
            Oh, never mind that there is no such thing as Greek Catholic – only in crazi galicina mind!

          32. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            Mr. Jackson ROTE (attempted anyway):
            “You know that everyone here and elsewhere on the internet think you
            are *REAL NUT JOB* with NO FRIENDS or things to do. Former Rapist,
            hapted by everyone. Moron who keep posting on FB and no one ver clicks
            on “like” any of your garbage posts… is that tells you something, you
            sorry ass “Greek Catholic” scum from Galicia?
            Oh, never mind that there is no such thing as Greek Catholic – only in crazi galicina mind!”

            Learna da Anglish — you *IGNORANT* & *UNEDUCATED* — little COWARDLY ***SERBIAN*** mental case on psych drugs with NOTHING to do!

            You are (and SHOULD BE!) ashamed of being & admitting that you are

            ***SERNIAN*** — so that everyone KNOWS whom to HATE … all you do is KISS Russo-mongolian @ss anyway… & **LIE** !!!

            You even DELETED your FB account as you are a COWARD! :))))
            You tried LYING (as you ALWAYS do) to get my FB cancelled. :)))
            Loser! 🙂

            You like visiting my FB account to learn something evidently! 🙂

            Go HIDE & LIE & MAKE 50 more new accounts MENTAL CASE!
            Good thing your mama FEEDS YOU! ;)))))

          33. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:


          34. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            Nothing justifies ethnic cleansing or genocide, in WWII by Croats and in recent wars as well by both sides in Bosnia and by Croats in Serbian Krajina, which all your bias aside it was always Serbian territory. Nikola Tesla was Serbian form Krajina – Serbian Krajian just as Ukraine is Russian borderland.. in case you want to get your facts right. Study the history.

          35. Avatar Murf says:

            Then why do alway try to rationalize the Serbs actions?

          36. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            Serbs have long history of being the victims. Did they commit atrocities in the latest war, perhaps and likely but much of what we could read in fake news media was lie and fabrication as was latter proven. In the same time, Vatican and German Patsies (Croats) had free rein and direct support from the key players in North Atlantic “IV Reich”.

          37. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            ***SERBIANS*** are HATEFUL — LYING — EVIL —- *cowardly* MENTALLY ILL — SCUMBAGS!!!




          38. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            ……………..I LOL @ U uKRnAzzI BaBooN……………….

          39. Avatar slavko says:

            you nailed it!

        2. Avatar Brent says:

          Putin just recently recognized the DPR and LPR passports so they can move to “the Motherland” if any pro-Russians are that misty eyed for the Soviet Union. Get rid of the disease of pro-Russianism that is infesting the patient “Donbas” and don’t kill the patient….

        3. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

          According to Sociopolis data, the highest level of support for decommunization is observed in UkrNaZZI western Ukraine (44.3%), while residents of Ukraine’s southern and eastern regions are not eager to get rid of the Soviet legacy (27.8% and 25.1% respectively).

          The poll showed that ideology-related issues are primarily of interest to people aged over 40. The overwhelming majority of those who disagree that everything that is associated with the Communist ideology should be banned are people aged 60 and above. More than half of them condemn the authorities’ actions in in this regard.

          1. Avatar Murf says:

            You mean this Sociopolis:

          2. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            YOU ARE A LIAR & SERBIAN!!! —- SCUM!!!

            Look at the vote for INDEPENDENCE.

            The CROATS should have wiped you SCUM out …. just as you say “the Holodomor is a scam” & “think” Ruski communism & genocide is so great.

            SCUMBAG ***SERBIAN*** on psych drugs & uneducated besides ALWAYS ***LYING*** — all SERBIANS ARE LIARS — & YOU PROVE THAT — & you KNOW that as well ….. SERBIAN MENTAL CASE!

            Go write some more about “Russian coks” you SERBIAN homosexual!

          3. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            Get on your Knees OLD SUKA!

          4. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            ……………..I LOL @ U uKRnAzzI BaBooN……………….

    4. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

      Actually Murf … MOST of the people there ARE Ukrainian — ethnically.

      Do recall Murf, Russian FEDERATION TROOPS had to be sent in, or it would have been over long ago.

      There REALLY was no “uprising of the people” there.

      However, it was the part of Ukieland that had the highest % of Russo-mongolians, drug addicts, least church attendance etc.

      Ruski true enough already stole a lot of factories & sent them to Russia …. yeah, yeah …. Rather like WTF they did in Germany, isn’t it?

      Nothing changes … But I *DO* know — Trump WILL sell Ukr. RIGHT TF OUT!

      Bet you a few beers on THAT one!

      Putin WANTS MOST IF NOT ALL OF UKRAINE — you know that …
      Trump PULLED the “give weapons to Ukr. campaign plank” out — then the fat, LYING POS said he didn’t know anything about it and was “going to look into it.” —- But ***LOT*** of “meetings” with Ruski AND his people …. Oligarch “happens” to travel to Aspen same as when “Jared scumbag” does …. etc.. etc… NO INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION OF TRUMP & Co.

      1. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:


    5. Avatar slavko says:

      Letting go of Luhansk/Donbas would only legitimize Putin’s land grabs and would only serve Putin in his argument towards relief from sanctions.

      Instead I propose that Ukraine should just ignore the area and focus on development of other regions. Let it continue to remain as a buffer against Russia.

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        My sentiments exactly.

      2. Avatar Fortranz says:

        I don’t think Ukraine should “just ignore the area(s)”. If they do this Putin will take it as a sign that they don’t care about these regions any more and say that he has legitimate right to control of them. However your suggestion might be what happens here depending on how the rest of the EU see’s things.

        1. Avatar slavko says:

          Shy of being aggressive there’s not much that can be done while waiting for Russia and their puppets to adhere to Minsk I and II agreements. It’s not possible to have elections there with armed occupation and a wide open border which Russia uses only to its advantage. And if Ukraine goes on the offense then Russia will complain that its rape victim is getting violent and will use the slightest self defense move as reason to invade deeper with the pretense that “Russian speakers” need to be protected. By ignoring I meant to maintain the status quo while Russia bleeds financially while supporting its military in Donbas.
          EU ‘s resolve must be tested as that will only make them stronger as I doubt that they want to be Putin’s lackey.

      3. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

        He does not want LAND. He CANNOT allow Ukraine to join NATO. Donbas is the means to achieve this objective. CRIMEANS want to live in Russia. Let them!

        1. Avatar slavko says:

          He wants a LAND BRIDGE from Russia to Crimea and he wants Ukraine to not join NATO. But Putin is a small thinking idiot as he has pushed international good will away from Russia. He has denigrated Russian economy. Russians are living without. And in Krym the people too are suffering. Russia wanted Krym but can’t even supply adequate water or electricity. In both areas under Russian occupation no one can even afford to pay Ukraine the utility bills. His small mind does not understand a simple principle and that is if you treat your neighbors with respect and without threats then the neighbors will not gather together and form a defense alliance against you. Instead there will be free trade and the borders will be open voluntarily and not forced open by Russian invasion. The people of Krym were not given the opportunity to vote freely for what they want. The Krym’s parliament had to be FORCED to push the Russian agenda via that fake referendum.

          1. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            ” if you treat your neighbors with respect and without threats then the neighbors will not gather together and form a defense alliance against you”

            This is so childish… lol… Ukraine is under UkrNaZZi and Jewish Oligarchs domination and occupation. Poroshenko has less then 10% support in Ukraine and no one asking people anything. Dictates come from abroad and Ukraine follows them – that’s all. In addition to that parliament filled with UkrNaZZi Svoboda elements do whatever the ultra-nationalists do.

            As far a Putin, Crimea and Donbass are concerned you just do not understand the bigger picture and would really take too much time to go into details and keep explaining what should have been clear to all, till now.

            Also… “International good will” does not exist and your information are outdated or intentionally wrong because you are biased. This bias allows you doubt the result of the referendum which everyone knows was clear reflection of the people’s will and you should not be surprised. After all Crime was Russian for the past 300 years and Russia fought 9 wars for it, with Turkey alone.

          2. Avatar slavko says:

            Typical Kremlin BS what you say. Then explain why a country such as Lithuania that has a real knowledge and experience of Russian sphere of influence is asking the US to permanently station troops there as a deterrent to Russian aggression. Explain how almost every neighbor of Russia including Finland, is increasing their defensive posture in light of what Russia did to Ukraine and Georgia.

            I’m afraid that it is you that has lost sight of the bigger picture and continue to insist on defending the ultra-nationalist military ideology of the Kremlin.

          3. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            don’t waste your tine on this ***SERBIAN*** POS on psych drugs.

          4. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            Not even the most staunch UkrNaZZi wants to have anything to do with POS, court certified rapist … you mentally ill suka are “ATROCIOUS”!!

          5. Avatar slavko says:

            Most interesting is how the insane never know that they are insane while accusing others of insanity. Just think about that.

          6. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            If the things have change for the better (which an absurd of monumental proportions) go back and live in post-maidan Ukraine.

          7. Avatar slavko says:

            You open up with this comment “If the things have change for the better…”.
            Let us take a peek at how things have changed for the better. Russian forces block Ukrainian military posts in Ukraine and scuttle Ukrainian Navy ships. They then take control of Crimea and force an unwanted referendum upon the Crimean people. After which Russia annexes Ukrainian Crimea then starts a fake civil war in Donbas. Yes indeed we can call that change which was imposed by Russia. Now let us see how that change which Russia forced through affected people in Donbas… over 10,000 dead!! Wow that was change for the better. Thanks Russia if it wasn’t for you we would not know how to dig graves! Now to the Krym as another forced set of changes by Russia there. Tourism is down… drastically. There is now not enough electricity for the people. Regular blackouts. Food shortages. WATER shortages!! Krym’s agricultural sector is suffering because Russia has FAILED TO SUPPLY WATER to the peninsula!! There’s a great fear of salt infiltration now among the Krym’s farmers. There goes the wine too.

            I fail to see how Russian influence has had a positive effect on the areas that they forced themselves into. Let’s face it buddy you are full of BS. There’s absolutely no argument that can support Russian influence. Anything that Russia touches wilts and dies.

          8. Avatar Alex George says:

            Which many are doing – whereas Russians are NOT going back to Russia.

          9. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            NaZZi Loving Baltics are Catholics who were not a happy to be occupied by jewish-dominated Soviet Union, which was oppressive. Today Russia is a different story.

            When you add fuel on the fire fire gets bigger, not smaller. Adding weapons on Russian border increases chance of war instead of decreasing it as what the NATO fields there is not scaring Russia – anything to the contrary is Kool Aid.

          10. Avatar slavko says:

            So what you are saying is that Russia’s neighbors should just shut up, open up their legs and get fcked by Russki mir. The problem with Russia is that Russia wants to dominate, just like its forefathers did right on back to the Golden Horde. Looking at the map the other day, Russia today is making the play to go beyond the boundaries of the Golden Horde. And you are fool enough to defend such enterprise.

          11. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

            I am not defending Russia, I am more angry at stupid Ukraine as all of this was predictable. I am implying that you are not taking Russia seriously and are also not looking critically at what is AngloZionist empire is doing around the world. Blind Hope that America will be rushing to defend Baltics and defend successfully is as funny as it was the hope of the Ukrainian NeoNaZzi that America will rush to defend them just because NEOCON Toria Nuland was heading the violent coupe in Kiev. What a misconception this proved to be. Anglos earlier and AngloZionists now made global empire having stupid locals fight their wars. Wish Ukrainians thought of that before acting a wile NEOCON patsies.

          12. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            From reading your MENTALLY ILL ***SERBIAN*** insanity above … & judging your ***YEARS*** of insane hatred towards Ukrainians & kissing EVERY Ruski TROLL & MOLE @ss that posts here — AND THEY STILL HAVE NO USE FOR YOUR INSANE LYING ***SERB*** @SS!!! … it appears that a JEW!!! — must have raped your ***SERBIAN*** mama! :)))

            get a job you ***SERBIAN*** POS! :))

          13. Avatar slavko says:

            Reading what you wrote only confirms that you are pushing the Pooteen agenda. “AngloZionist empire”? “NEOCON” ? “Ukrainian NeoNaZzi” ? “NEOCON patsies” ? “Nuland’s cookies?” buzz words made up on Savushkina St. while pushing their Russian fairy tales.

            And again you are saying in roundabout terms that Eastern Europe should just open up their legs because your fuhrer wants to Put it in. Face it buddy… Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Georgia among others are very much tired of the drunken Russian influence that consists only of rape, rape and more rape. They have lived under the Russian influence for centuries upon centuries. Russia has not changed only changed it’s name from time to time. Putin is still surrounded by Tsarist Russian Empire flags isn’t he?! And now poor Russia is crying the blues because “nobody loves me,… sniffle, sniffle…”

          14. Avatar Alex George says:

            Of course he is not taking Russia seriously. Who does?

            Its army is weak, its economy is collapsing, and its polity is breaking apart . There won’t be a Russian federation as we know it now, in 5 years time.

            Ukraine, by contrast, made the right decision to cut its ties with the sinking ship that is Russia.

    6. Avatar Brent says:

      Don’t forget Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky don’t just want the “NovoDelaware” they currently have been placed in control as mob bosses over by the Kremlin Mafia. They also want the rest of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and have openly stated this many times. They will not accept what they have because it does not include Mariupol and other Ukraine controlled cities in Donbass that the Russian locusts haven’t yet had time to destroy and strip of assets.

      Then what’s next? Kharkiv?

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        Yeah and I want to be Jennifer Garner’s Boy Toy but I don’t see that happening either.
        They are all show and No Go.

    7. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

      Next stop Kharkov! Ukraps are dumb animals rivaled only by stupid Polaks – German and American ass-licking slaves!

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        Is that why their Economy grew 2.2% in the first 3 months of the year. Which is more than Russia’s has grown in the last 3 years COMBIND.

  6. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

    And recognising the so-called LNR and DNR as “independent” states will achieve precisely….. what? Only the usual crackpots will recognise them- Mugabe, Kim Jong-un, Ortega, Maduro, Morales, Raul. Nobody else will.
    Instead it will merely act as even more visible proof that Dwarfstan is acting in bad faith in the Donbas (as if any were needed) and be extra ammunition for those who want to maintain sanctions, perhaps even increase them, and make it more difficult for those in favour of lifting them to defend their views. And despite the dwarf’s claims of the sanctions having no negative effect he desperately wants them to end.

  7. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

    While he’s at it, Putin should also grant independence to Siberia, Tatarstan, Chechnya, Ingushetia and so on as none of these regions have anything in common with Muscovy.

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Without Siberia’s mineral wealth Muscovy is sunk. It produces almost nothing but merely profits from what other regions of Dwarfstan produce. Pedo Putolini knows this only too well and he will do EVERYTHING necessary to prevent the regions declaring any kind of autonomy, never mind declaring full independence. He has already shown in Chechnya that he will stop at nothing.

      1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

        Also the North Caucasus region is one of the poorest in RuSSia despite its hydrocarbon resources and pipeline infrastructure, since Moscow siphons off the revenues and puts little back.

        1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

          No doubt most of what returns ends up in the offshore bank accounts of Kadyrov and his thugs.

    2. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

      Yack.. yack… ukraps are dumb animals! You brought this on yourself, Galicians!

  8. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

    “The moral and psychological level of the Ukrainian force’s units continue decreasing. It is proved by facts that military discipline was violated again and more desertion facts were recorded among the Ukrainian soldiers,” underlined Marochko.

    1. Avatar Alex George says:

      Thanks but not a word of that is true .

      It is, however, an excellent description of the current state of the Russian army.

  9. Avatar Mr. Jackson says:

    America started the trend by funding Albanian terrorists in Kosovo and thereafter tearing the province from Serbia. The strategic stalemate on the Donbass which takes the form of endless positional warfare under the Minsk Agreements label, and the growing state of Ukraine’s disintegration are forcing the Kiev regime to engage in foreign policy theatrics in order to distract Ukrainian population’s attention away from the civil war, the failed socio-economic policies, and the inability to fulfill the promises Poroshenko & Co gave in 2014. The Transnistria sector is seen as yet another front in the “struggle against Russia” and occupies an important place in the real, rather than declarative, foreign policy of Ukraine.

    In short, the Ashkenazim-NEOCON Revolution in Ukraine, that destroyed thousands of lives and economy would be defeated. Ukraine would be liberated from Neo-Nazi-Zionist power usurpers that Ukrainian People hate now.