Why Romania will fight Russia

A Romanian TR-85M1 tank training to fight Russians 


Unlike Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, who finally have begun to prepare for the coming Russian invasion, unlike Sweden, who remains stuck in Cloud Cuckoo Land about Gotland not being a prime target for Putin’s war machine, and unlike Poland, who knows Putin will strike it at the same time he attacks the Baltic States, Romania is safe from a Russian attack. Even the most rabid Russian nationalist leaders do not envision Romania to be part of the Greater Russian Reich, and Romania has no territory Putin needs to keep his conquests safe.

Romania’s government and military leadership know this, but over the last 12 months no other NATO member has increased defense spending as much as Romania: from 1,36% of GDP in 2014 to 1,7% of GDP in 2015 and to 2% by 2017. And even that is not enough as all parties and Romania’s president Klaus Iohannis agreed on 13 January 2015, when they signed an agreement:

  1. to increase defense spending to 2% of GDP by 2017,
  2. to keep that level for the following ten years,
  3. to raise it even further if resources allow it, and
  4. to develop cooperation projects involving foreign companies.

If Romania was not shackled by its deal with the IMF to keep its budget deficit under control, and if Romania’s proposal to exempt military procurement from the EU’s 3% budget deficit limit had not been vetoed by Angela Merkel, Romania would spend even more on defense – much more! And the reason is that Romania understands it will have to fight Russian troops on Ukrainian soil, it will have to sink Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, and it must prepare for Russian missile attacks, including with nuclear warhead carrying missiles. If you do not believe me, then I have one word for you to ponder: Moldova.

The Principality of Moldavia was and always has been an integral part of the lands settled by the Romanian people. The Principality of Moldavia, Principality of Wallachia and Principality of Transylvania were and are the core of the Romanian nation, but Russia again and again has occupied, split, subjugated, oppressed and ethnically cleansed Moldavia. In 1812 Russia forced the Ottoman Empire to cede the Eastern half of the Principality of Moldavia, renamed by Russia as Bessarabia and located between the Prut and Dniester River. To rid itself of the Romanian population Russia in 1834 banned the Romanian language from schools and government, which was soon followed by a ban of Romanian in churches, media and books. Those who protested or continued to use their native language were deported to Siberia.

In 1856 after the Crimean War, the Treaty of Paris returned a small Southern part of the occupied territory to the United Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia. However following the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78, Russia threatened Romania into returning that Southern part – despite Romania and Russia having been allies and even though before the war Russia had signed a treaty with Romania to respect its territorial integrity. Still, by Russia’s perfidious logic, it argued that although it had agreed to respect the territorial integrity of Romania as defined by the Treaty of Paris, by attacking the Ottoman Empire, Russia had broken that treaty; and since Romania had approved of said attack, Romania also had broken and voided the Treaty of Paris, thus giving Russia the right (!) to redraw the borders of Romania at will.

Only in 1917 with the collapse of the Russian Empire was Romania able to free Bessarabia from Russian occupation and return the right to use its mother language to the 80% of the population oppressed for over a century by Russia. Although almost 200,000 Romanians lived in the villages and cities on the Eastern side of the Dniester, Romania did not cross the river as the Dniester was the historic border of the Principality of Moldavia and an excellent line of defense against the Soviets and their wars aimed at forcing all the nations, of the former Czarist empire, which they despised and had just destroyed, back under their bloody, brutal rule.

The Soviet Union never recognized the unification of Romania, and in September 1924 Soviet agents staged an uprising in Bessarabia, which was to serve as pretext for the Red Army to invade Bessarabia. But Romania reacted swiftly and energetically and within three days eliminated the Soviet “Little Green Men,” who had crossed the Dniester to play Bessarabian peasants. 3,000 people were killed and Romania arrested 1,600 “rebels.” Reeling from this defeat and intent on one day annexing Bessarabia once more, the Soviets created the artificial Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (MASSR) from 9,000km² of Ukrainian territory and 4,000km² of Romanian and Ukrainian settled areas along the Eastern side of the Dniester; neither area of which had ever been part of the Principality of Moldavia. The same year the Soviet Union declared that Bessarabia was “temporarily occupied by Romania” and one day would be “reunited with Russia.”  The Soviets decreed that the Romanian people in the MASSR were actually not Romanians, but Moldavians and that they did not speak Romanian, but a distinct Moldavian language, which was to be written in the invented Moldovan Cyrillic alphabet. With a brief intermezzo between 1932 and 1938 when Romanian was re-introduced in Moldavia, this artificial language and alphabet remained forced upon the Moldavian Romanians until 1989.

While people on the Eastern Soviet-controlled bank of the Dniester were oppressed, deprived of their language and culture, deported to Siberia, and executed in large numbers, Bessarabia inside Romania was at peace until 1939, when Hitler and Stalin signed their pact to divide Eastern Europe between them. As part of this criminal pact, which was praised by Putin in November last year, the Soviet Union threatened Romania on 26 June 1940 with war if it would not cede Bessarabia, the Northern Bukovina and the Hertza region to the Soviet Union within 24 hours.

The ultimatum Moscow issued to Romania is worth citing, as such lies are still typical for the current Russia:

“Now that the military weakness of the Soviet Union is a thing of past … and in order to create a solid foundation for peace between nations, the Soviet Union considers it necessary and appropriate, in the interest of restoring the truth, that Romania immediately return Bessarabia to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Government considers that the issue of returning Bessarabia is linked to transfer of the northern part of the Bukovina.…  Such an act would be more than fair as the transfer of the northern Bukovina to the Soviet Union would be a compensation, even though truly an insignificant one, for the great loss that was caused to the Soviet population of Bessarabia by their 22-year domination by Romania.”


Romanians fleeing the invading Soviet Army in 1940

Romania surrendered and by 3 July the Soviet Union had occupied Bessarabia once again. 70,000 people fled to Romania within the first days, while the Soviets immediately arrested or executed everyone not to their liking: in the first year of the occupation 8,360 people were murdered, more than 24,000 sent to the GULAG and over 90,000 deported to Siberia. As soon as the Soviet Union had taken control of the border, people attempting to flee to Romania were shot on the spot and in one case 2,000 people were killed in one day. Every priest was executed and naturally the Romanian language was banned and the artificial Moldovan Cyrillic alphabet forced upon the population. Romanian names were russified and so i.e. Chișinău became Кишинэу, a transcription of the Russian spelling Кишинёв into the Moldovan Cyrillic alphabet.

On 2 August 1940 the Soviet Union merged the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic with Bessarabia to form the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic (MSSR), which lost the 9,000km² of Ukrainian territories that had been artificially attached to the narrow Romanian settled strip of land along the Eastern shore of the Dniester in 1924. As the Soviet Union had deported tens of thousands of Romanians and settled tens of thousands of Russians along its side of the Dniester, the ethnic makeup of the region had been massively altered, but by adding Bessarabia, Romanians still made up the absolute majority of the population of the new MSSR.

In 1941 Romania, allied with Nazi Germany, regained Bessarabia, but lost it again to the advancing Red Army in 1944. In 1949 the Soviet Union deported another 35,000 people to Siberia and from then on, whoever dared to declare himself to be Romanian in the Soviet census faced massive repercussions by the Soviet regime. Only Moldavian was an acceptable ethnicity for Romanians under the Soviet regime.


27 August 1991: Moldova declares its independence and the people rise the Romanian flag.

With the fall of the Soviet Union Moldavians began their path to reunification with Romania. The first successes were the return to the Latin alphabet on 31 August 1989, the raising of the Romanian (!) flag over the Moldavian parliament on 27 April 1990, the Declaration of Sovereignty on 23 June 1990 and finally the Declaration of Independence on 27 August 1991 as Republic of Moldova. However, aware that reunification with Romania was inevitable, Russia immediately began to stir up ethnic tensions to keep a foothold for its armed forces near the Romanian border.


The Russian campaign focused on the Russian and Ukrainian ethnic groups along the Eastern shore of the Dniester, where Moldavians only accounted for 40% of the population. Fears were stoked about the removing of Russian as an official state language and the possible reunification of Moldavia and Romania. Soon a pseudo-parliament was created in Tiraspol, which declared the independence of the 4,000km² area on the Eastern shore as Transnistria. Although Russians were and still are just 25.5% of the Transnistrian population (Moldavians 36.5%, Ukrainians 30.4%), a sham referendum staged by Russia in 1990 resulted in, according to Russian propaganda, 79% of voters turning out and 95.8% of them voting for an independent Transnistria.

Next Russia’s intelligence services brought Russian mercenaries, volunteers and Cossacks to Transnistria, where they were armed by Russia’s 14th Guards Army. Russia began its war on 2 March 1992, the same day Moldova was admitted as a member of the United Nations and thus fully recognized by the nations of the world. As the first act of  war, Russian Don-Cossacks occupied the police station in the city of Dubăsari. Among those Cossacks was a certain Igor Girkin (aka Strelkov), who led the occupation of the police station in Sloviansk in Ukraine on 12 April 2014, thus beginning the war in Donbas.

Although Transnistrian troops received tanks, heavy artillery and massive amounts of light weapons from Russian equipment stores in Transnistria, the fighting was too restrained for Russian tastes and so the Russian vice-president Alexander Rutskoy visited Transnistria in April 1992 and publicly encouraged the separatists to fight harder and assured them of Russian support [video]. Of course in Russia this speech is considered a heroic act, well within international law, unlike, e.g., John McCain’s private visit to Euromaidan, which Russia considers “an unacceptable foreign intervention.” Ultimately the war resumed with increased intensity and was decided when Russia’s 14th Guards Army began to shell Moldovan positions at night with massive artillery barrages from its bases. In yet another echo of the current conflict in Ukraine, Russia at the time declared that its 14th Guards Army was merely helping Transnistrian civil defense fight “Moldovan fascists.”

Moldova understood it could not withstand the 14th Guards Army and therefore on 21 July 1992 Russia, which had insisted until then that it was “an uninvolved party,” and Moldova signed a ceasefire agreement in Moscow, which gave Russia the right to keep troops in Transnistria to “monitor the ceasefire.”  Thus Moscow had succeeded in creating, stoking and then “resolving” a conflict, which (a) prevented the reunification of Moldova and Romania, (b) kept Moldova in limbo as every move westwards was answered by threats of renewed fighting by Transnistria, and (c) gave Russia a base for its army and spies to operate against Romania and Ukraine.

Since 1992 all attempts to resolve the conflict have been stymied by Russia, whose only proposal to resolve the conflict came in 2003. At that time Putin through his advisor Dmitry Kozak suggested that Moldova “federalize” as follows: Transnistria would be fully independent from Moldova, but retain veto power over all constitutional changes Moldova might undertake, and Russia would be allowed to keep troops in Moldova. Moldova wisely refused this clear attempt to destroy it as an independent and sovereign nation.

Today Transnistria is a mafia-controlled enclave from which Russia dispatches terrorists to place bombs in Ukraine’s port city of Odessa on the Black Sea. Russia also uses Transnistria as a hub for its attempts to stir up the population of Moldova’s Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia into open rebellion. Furthermore Russia uses Transnistria to corrupt and subvert Moldova proper, especially through anti-EU, anti-NATO and anti-Romanian propaganda, bribes and massive corruption of political parties. In Transnistria media is oppressed, police torture is common, Protestant churches are persecuted, elections are a farce, Moldovan and Romanian schools are harassed and shut down. Russification continues, as does anti-Romanian discrimination.

After playing by Moscow’s rules for 22 years Moldova finally decided to ignore Russia’s threats and agreed to sign an EU Association Agreement. Unlike Ukraine’s Yanukovych government Moldova resisted a massive amount of Russian blackmail and threats and bravely signed the Agreement on 27 June 2014. In response Russia unleashed a massive anti-EU campaign inside Moldova and banned Moldovan wine, meat and vegetables, to punish Moldova for not having “consulted with Russia” about its sovereign right to sign a trade agreement.

For the elections held in Moldova in November 2014, Russia dispatched Moldovan “businessman” Renato Usatii to his home nation and financed his election campaign with at least € 400,000. After his party was disqualified for having accepted Russian money as well as for having ties to Russian criminal syndicates, Russia threatened to cut off gas deliveries to Moldova and hinted it might “tighten ties” with Transnistria. Since then Russia’s pressure on Moldova has increased even further: military maneuvers in Transnistria, threats to expel the 500,000 Moldavians working in Russia and a massive intervention to have a pro-Russian candidate elected in Gagauzia all demonstrate that Russia will do everything possible to destroy Moldova, rather than let it move westward.

Three weeks ago Moldova’s Defense Minister Viorel Cibotaru stated  that Moldova faces the threat of a Russian instigated, managed and led hybrid war, if Moldova stays on its pro-EU path. He admitted that Moldova’s military is atrociously unprepared to defeat any kind of Russian attack, as Moldova spends a laughable $21.5 million on defense in 2015, a mere 0.25% of GDP.  That is an eight of what NATO considers to be the minimum needed to maintain a proper military. In other words if Putin wishes to attack Moldova from Transnistria, or if Putin decides to have the Russian military intelligence service stage an uprising in Gagauzia, Moldova cannot defeat such an attack. Not without Romanian help.

If Romania should help Moldova, Putin has a pretext to open a corridor to Transnistria by landing Russian forces in Odessa, which means there will be a Russian-Ukrainian/Romanian/Moldovan war. Or Putin may not even wait for a pretext and just attack Ukraine: either by amphibious landing in Odessa to create a corridor to Transnistria or an attack on Mariupol to open a corridor to Crimea. Whichever it is Romania will intervene to save its people in Moldova from yet another century of enslavement by Russia.

And that is why Romania prepares to fight Russian troops in Odessa Oblast, plans to sink the Black Sea Fleet on the way to Odessa, thinks about how best to overrun Russian bridgeheads on the Western side of the Dniester, and is so grateful to America for having installed a Ballistic Missile Defense system on Romanian territory.

Now that you understand what the word “Moldova” means to Romanians, I will explain next where and how they will fight Putin’s fascist horde.

Edited by: Paula Chertok

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  1. Avatar canuke says:

    Superb analysis!

  2. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

    Thank you for the fabulously informative and well-written article. The parallels between the MOs of the Russian fascists in Moldova and Ukraine are more than striking – they are eerie.

    1. Avatar W8post says:

      That’s why they schlepped all the machinery out of Donbas to Russia!

  3. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

    Russia has been pulling these same stunts for 100 years and more, obviously. Isn’t it time we, the rest of the planet, just confined Russia to its own borders? On pain of death?

    1. They don’t know how to produce or create anything anybody else in the world would pay money for… so they steal and enslave others, then get drunk

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        Not necessarily in that order.

    2. Avatar Paul says:

      It’s about changing everyone around them by peaceful means and providing peaceful examples of how to live, not throwing everyone under the bus along with the Russian politicians and oligarchs.

      1. Avatar puttypants says:

        Do you mean that Russia is trying to change everyone around them by peaceful means…..Are you being funny. You mean like the peaceful means they used in Ukraine….A proxy war in Ukraine…devastating their cities and towns, kill people in Ukraine? You call that peaceful. Who exactly are you trying to fool..is you head in the sand or what planet do you live on. RT.

        1. Avatar Paul says:

          I was talking about not demonizing the Russian people despite what their leadership is doing in the east. As per my other comment you responded to, I lived in Ukraine for 10 years, so I do know that Donbas is in Ukraine, not Russia, you muppet. My comments were about how Russia is trying to create a puppet state in the Donbas and then use it to control the larger state from which it was torn.
          I respond to a lot of such forums where the comments seem quite reasonable and then people such as yourself, figuring that you’re doing the Ukrainian side a favour, get involved by making comments that clearly demonstrate a lack of understanding as to what was being written or even an attempt to understand. So, with all the negative PR being pumped out of Russia (and some parts of the West) about the fascist elements in Praviy Sektor and Azov battalion, you think this is acceptable? Do you actually think that they have any influence outside of the conflict zone? Be serious. Most enlightened Ukrainians think these groups would be better off gone rather than taint the entire country with the same foul smell. Yes, Yarosh has helped in some aspects of the fighting, but the torchlight parades on Khreshchatyk by Svoboda and PS are straight out of some dusty Nazi handbook on public demonstrations. Are they (and by extension you) trying to be facetious and simply put on a show for everyone? Is Tyanibok trying to create this sense? If so, he might as well start burning books while he’s at it. Ukraine needs people who can see past the rhetoric and how this war is deliberately being foisted upon Ukraine as a way of driving a wedge between Russians and other Slavs. Hatred is unhealthy in any form.

          1. Avatar puttypants says:

            Rude of you to call me a mook…You’re right I did not understand you. However, I realize that many ethnic Russians are Ukrainian patriots and fighting for the Ukrainian cause. Unless pew research is wrong over 80% of Russians in Russian support Putins invasion of Ukraine. Praviy Sektor and Azov battalion have been fighting long and hard on behalf of Ukraine and if all those serious intellectuals wanna get out of their ivory towers and replace them instead of just bad mouthing them then they should do just that. This war is being foisted upon Ukraine by whom??? I think Putin has done a pretty good job of driving a wedge between Russia and other slavs. Hatred is unhealthy in any form but Putin started this hatred in his rhetoric right off the bat by painting Ukraine as a bunch of neo-nazi’s so far from the truth.

          2. Avatar Paul says:

            There’s no disagreement that the blame here lies solely with Putin, and the fact that 80% or whatever of Russians support the war just goes to show what serious propaganda can do. There’s also no disagreement that if not for Azov, PS et al, Ukraine would hardly have any skin left in this war. The rhetoric whereby Ukrainians start to reflexively hate Russians and vice versa has to stop, but it begins on the Russian side, as you would agree. People I met in Kyiv years ago – long before this all started but after the Orange revolution – told me that the brainwashing in Russia had them scared to speak Russian in Kyiv or anywhere in Ukraine lest they be set upon, spat upon or otherwise attacked for doing so. When they arrived and found out how friendly Ukrainians were, how many speak Russian daily and how many in Kyiv (and elsewhere) have relatives and friends all over Russia, suddenly they realized that it was all bullshit. Russia (Putin) has been preparing for this war for at least 10 years. It’s totally fucked, but I simply want to make sure that people have perspective vis-a-vis other average Russians who might support the war given the propaganda they’ve been fed, but in reality wouldn’t say the same if they really knew what was going on.

          3. Avatar Brent says:

            Hopefully you are willing to also demonize Russia who openly supports a much larger neo Nazi movement and who also has sent noted neo-Nazi’s to Donbass to fight for their cause. They also held a conference in support of Europe’s fascists a short one month ago. Ukraine didn’t. Russia did.

            Hopefully you are also willing to demonize the likes of other European fascists like Mare Le Pen, whose party received 25% of the vote in the recent EU elections. That’s a much larger percentage than the less than 2% the Right Sektor and Svoboda received in Ukraine.

            Every country has fascists or neo Nazi’s. They are not running Ukraine like some like to allege, but they are also much less prevalant than in Russia who loves to demonize Ukraine. If you are blaming Ukraine only, then I will question your motives.

          4. Avatar commieslayer says:

            Well if the Russian people are so innocent then why is it, prey tell, that Putin has over 80% approval rating for his policies regarding Ukraine, after the annexation of Ukraine and the invasion of Donbas ?

          5. Avatar Paul says:

            You probably can appreciate two things: what the return of Crimea means to Russia, especially with all the ultra-nationalism writ large across the country (meaning the fascist variety, but I digress). The second is the media: no one in Russia distrusts what their media says, so the poisoning, pernicious influence of it all makes everyone who watches and absorbs it susceptible to all kinds of flights of fancy. I’m not saying the takeover of Crimea was legal or that it shouldn’t be undone – it’s just that with all that’s going on in eastern Ukraine and the propaganda these people are being fed, we should appreciate that they, like most people all over the world, are sheep. Not saying you’re a sheep either, mind you. When even the West puts out these poll numbers that suggest Putin’s approval rating is X, but without putting that into any context or mentioning how many people were polled, by whom, what the questions were, to say nothing of the background story (how many people got random calls during the Soviet period who didn’t end up dead or missing?). The West deserves serious admonishment for how this is all being portrayed but in opposite measure to what’s being bandied about in Russia (and even Ukraine). One thing I can say for sure: nobody wants this war, if to speak to people on the ground directly affected by it. The approval ratings for Putin? Yeah, I’d support him too over the phone if someone called up and asked my opinion in Russia today. Saying anything else is like saying you want your power or hot water cut off for unknown technical or administrative reasons, or worse.

    3. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

      not a mere100 years rather 700 years

    4. Avatar commieslayer says:

      Come to think of it, the true borders of Russia proper are much smaller than those of the current Russian Federati — err, Empire.

  4. Avatar Decebal says:

    Although it covered a lot of our history, the article missed a few points. My country has taken a solid anti-russian position as a continuation of our pre-1989 reluctance towards Moscow. Now that reluctance has transformed into downright opposition as we are supplying the Moldovans with power (100% of they electric power comes from us, i think) and we tripled our imports from them. Also there have been cases where we offer them citizenship just so they move here.

    I do agree with the assumption that we will join in their defense if it comes to that as it happened before. And the list of russian offenses is quite long. Also, Moldova will join the EU and NATO with our full support. But we will have to solve the Transnistran problem.

    As a side note, the romanian language does not have dialects (we do have regionalisms) so when they declared (under russian influence) that they don’t speak romanian and they actually speak moldavian, nobody took the leadership serious, not locally or abroad.

    1. Avatar Paul says:

      It’s huge for Moldova to get power from Romania since Transnistria sells all its surplus power to Ukraine (which is why Odessa remains so vulnerable to Russian interference from the “Sheriff” in Tiraspol). Romanian policies of openness towards Moldova (free passports) show how eager Moldovans are to leave poverty behind; the Transnistrians are in far worse shape by comparison (the thousands of ethnic Moldovans living in Ukraine testifies to this). But I should say that handing out passports to non-citizens – while certainly a softer approach to the way the Russians took over Crimea – nonetheless represents that Romania has similar regional aspirations. Mind you, Moldova-Romania is not Donbass-Russia. Pity the living and the dead in those areas.

      1. Avatar puttypants says:

        Paul…Donbas is Ukraine not Russia.

    2. Avatar Alex F says:

      Oh, yes we have. Istro-romanian, megleno-romanian, macedo-romanian and the main one daco-romanian.

  5. Nice analysis, I like the way you presented the history of the Bessarabian lands since the russian takeover in 1812. But, maybe I am less informed, but I think Romania will have to do more to overtake the russian forces (even those already existing). First of all we sent to scrap almost our whole arms industry and our only sub, which belongs to the best electric powered submarine class in the world (the Kilo class) lies in harbour geting older and older because our governants were too ignorant in those 25-26 years since the 1989 revolution. Who knows, maybe you know something I don’t know. But I am a bit skeptical this will happen too soon.

    1. errata: I just remembered our former president Traian Basescu’s words ”reunification with Moldova will be my soul project” 😀 So yeah, this perspective might be plausible.

  6. Avatar robintel says:

    Romania + Poland alone have more firepower than Russia has in Europe. Yes, we do not have the maritime fleet, true, and the avionics, also true, but we have enough hi-tech gear to sink or down whatever comes our way.

    This is why we do not fear Russia as much as, say, other nations do. Because we, together, may pose a tremendous challenge, even for the almost mighty Russian army.

    But this is not about Poland, Romania or Russia, but about doing what’s right, and about abolishing the effects of the Ribbentrop – Molotov act, some bad deed that we still have to pay tribute to.

    Not only we want peace, we demand it. And we will act in a fashion that best serves peace. Even if that means helping Moldova rid of its Soviet-era problems. And, since Moldova is surrounded by friends, does not necessarily need an army, we can and we will protect them, whatever the cost.

    In 1992, when Moldova became independent, we were led by a Moscow-schooled traitor, Ion Iliescu, but this is no longer the case, today.

    May we all have peace and, if this is not applicable, may we all find our courage.

    1. Avatar W8post says:

      First, try to get rid of your ‘Sheriff’!! – I’m sure you know whom I mean –

      1. Avatar robintel says:

        I don’t take advice from fake accounts.

        1. Avatar W8post says:

          then what are YOU doing here?? Friends with the Sheriff??

    2. Avatar Commiekilla says:

      Let’s get serious. Romania spemds only about 2 billion on the military. 350 romanian TR85 tanks with shitty armour of 300 mm and a few rusted MIG 21’s is hardly on OFFENSIVE force. If Russia attacks Moldova, romania can’t do much . IT WILL NEED Nato’s help. Poland stands a little better but not amazing, compared to Russia’s vast hardware. Good luck! To all of us. 🙂 We’ll need it 🙂

      1. Avatar Aleksander Rozbiewski says:

        >have a name ‘US Militarism Sucks’
        >accuse others of being paid trolls
        >does literally nothing else than spamming with comments on Disqus
        >not suspicious at all, totally not a paid troll himself

        1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

          скоро ,скоро- ты погибнешь вместе со всеми твоими нацистскими героями

      2. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

        you fascist shit who profited from all the PRIVILEGES the West offered you , consciously decide to FIGHT for RUSSIAN FASCIST RACIST GENOCIDE AND THE BUILDING OF A GIGANTIC NEW NORTH KOREA. You too will perish with the murderers you fight for just as your idols Beria Yezhov, Kaganovich and Lenin did

      3. Avatar puttypants says:

        US Miltitarism Sucks….Yest this guy has been everywhere trolling and as usual using the same Puterlite BS..Russia had to act against Ukraine why? Ukraine threaten the peace and stability in what region? OMG. Ukraine is a sovereign country and Putin attacked it because they wanted to continue controlling Ukraine. People of Ukraine said NO MORE!!! I think Ukraine was acting in Ukraine for the Ukrainian people …protecting them from Putin’s thugs.

        1. Did you know that Putin is a serial killer? When he was a KGB agent detached in East Germany he killed hundreds of people by himself. I wonder how The Time put him in its’ annual list because if it was for me, I couldn’t even vote him as president.

          1. Avatar Ilya Lavrenov says:

            He also eats a month old babies.

          2. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

            soon very soon you little piece of putin’s russian nazi shit will perish together with your NAZI heroes lenin pol pot hitler & putin … keep trolling yourself to death… скоро ,скоро, ты погибнешь вместе со всеми твоими нацистскими героями

        2. Avatar robintel says:

          Troll, I have a real profile, I assume what I am saying.

          You a just some sh*tty troll with a fake profile. You and the other assh*le.

          1. Avatar puttypants says:

            US Militarism Sucks!! Once again encouraging what attrocities by Kiev against their own people? Please tell us who’s been committing the atrocities and what they are. You know as well as I that there will be lots of investigations and it will be Putin who will be up for war crimes against humanity at the Hague. There have been no war crimes by Ukrainians in Ukraine or anywhere else. It has all been your Putlerite Russians. You should be ashamed of the lies you are telling. You’re not a person who cares about Ukraine that’s obvious so why are you on these sites trolling. Ukraine has suffered enough by Putlerite lies and crimes. Now stop it. I believe Yat’s is great. He has enormous courage to speak the truth. You are trying in everyway possible to seperate Ukrainians, and westerners. We know exactly what Putin has in mind and he came up against a tougher foe than he thought. his propaganda machine (YOU) has been almost laughable because you all scream the same lies and occasionally when the situation changes you have to make up new one. How can the little that he pays you put blood on your hand in Ukraine? Shameful. Ukrainians including the government don’t want war. They’d have to be crazy they know what a powerful foe Russia is. Basically, they have clubs to fight an enormous military foe….People in Ukraine are not crazy. We all know the east does lots of business with Russia and that is a major problem which the Ukrainian government needs to address and you know they will as soon as they can get Puterlites out of Ukraine.

        3. Avatar puttypants says:


          1. Avatar Murf says:

            Well said Sir!

        4. Avatar Hurd Harley says:

          in this case, Time has selected someone who as influenced the world in a very bad way.

        5. Avatar Brent says:

          I love that you are really this stupid!!!

          The Time 100 100 is a list of the MOST INFLUENTIAL and have a great impact of the events of our time. Not the most popular, or the most liked. To even try to spin it that way shows how you make a fool of yourself with your mindless regurgitation of the Kremlin playbook.

          Would you also be applauding George W. Bush being on this list 4 times? Rupert Murdoch 3 times?

          Even Kim Jong Un made the list in 2014. His noted accomplishment was the summary execution of his uncle and his continuing efforts to keep North Korea a backwards cesspool. Sound familiar? It should. It’s also likely one of Putin’s biggest accomplishments in 2014 along with ANOTHER invasion of a neighboring country. That as well as supposedly educated people like yourself into dumb mindless bleating sheep.. That’s what also gets you on the Time Top 100, doofus. Start cheering now because Putin likely makes it high up this list in 2015 and the odds are it is not going to be for winning a Nobel Peace Prize or curing cancer. The odds are it’s going to be for his continuing war on Ukraine while simultaneously destroying Russia’s future. Your future. Your children’s future. Keep cheering dummy….

        6. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

          soon very soon you little piece of putin’s russian nazi shit will perish together with your NAZI heroes lenin pol pot hitler & putin … keep trolling yourself to death… скоро ,скоро, ты погибнешь вместе со всеми твоими нацистскими героями

        7. Avatar puttypants says:

          US Militarism Sucks…As usual more lies. Yarosh’s battilion is no more…they are no part of Ukrainian army and Yarosh is an advisor to Ukrainian head of military. OMG..your lies are laughable and have been denied even by Russian experts and or commentators. No one is hurting Ukrainian citizen’s except Putler’s mercenaries and Russia’s strategic leadership in Ukraine. Ukrainian soldiers are forced to fight back your bombings and attacks with one arm behind their back. They have to get approval from Kiev just to fight back against relentless attacks by the mercenaries. So let’s dispense with the funny “Nazi” lies. It was the pro-russian terrorist that rejected the Minsk agreement so they could continue stealing more Ukrainian land including Mauripol….so stop the lies anyone who reads know Mauipol citizens are actually fighting the pro-russian terrorist that are trying to take that city over.

        8. Avatar puttypants says:

          Ukraine has been under Putler’s sway for the past 24 years and how good has life been for them?. How many Russian’s have had to leave Russia to find jobs in America and other western countries? Life is really good for the few elite in Russia and Ukraine. For the rest of the people it’s been not so good. Life is better in America even for welfare recipients than for the ordinary family in Ukraine or Russia. Let’s see Putler is worth between 70 and 200 billion dollars? Gee where did a humble civil servant earn all that money? You act as thou Russia has no elites!!! That’s the biggest laugher..it just shows that Russians are more in the dark about their politicians than Ukrainians. Ukrainians admit the corruption in their society while Russians hide their head in the sand and let Putin snow them to the point where they want to kill Ukrainians. What kind of Slavic brothers are those? Ukraine didn’t start a fight with Russia. Russia invaded Crimea a sovereing Ukrainian state and annexed it in such a sneaky way. Russia invade eastern Ukrainian in a proxy war and is devastating the country. If Russia get’s their proxies out there will be no war and killing in Ukraine just arguing. You know it. I don’t give a s—what some fools name Putin..Most people know he’s a meglomanic only concerned about himself and his grip on power of eastern europe.

      4. Avatar Falx says:

        Indeed TR85M1 was/is a stop gap machine.
        But the Mig 21 LanceRs are something different. Of course other modern fighters may be better but the avionics, sensors, etc were modernized in the late ’90 and are still at a redoubtable level and I m sure that the Russians are giving them the right attention. see the radar, the advanced DASH helmet, Israeli missiles, etc

        eg the radar is much more advanced than the original Fishbeds radars http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EL/M-2032

        But indeed there are a lot to improve in our Army. For sure we cannot sunk now the Russian fleet. But with the national agreement of 10 years regarding the defense budget the naval capabilities will be improved as well.

        And I don t think that we will have a war. But we never know.

      5. Avatar On the Balcony says:

        LOL! “The” “violent coup” you refer to is a description crafted by Lil’Putin and his minions to confuse those who don’t know better.. It is classic misdirection. Victor Yanukovitch was elected on the basis of his pledge to move Ykraine towards the EU. He and his “family” imposed a reign of corruption on Ukraine unlike anything seen before and he broke his repeated pledge to sign an EU Association Agreement under pressure from Russia and in order to protect his plunder. The violence at Maidan was initiated and escalated by Yanukovitch. The overwheming majority of elected Ministers voted for new elections after Victor fled and subsequent fair and free elections were held over a year ago. Either you are a troll or you are ignorant. I was at Maidan, were you?.

      6. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

        скоро ,скоро… ты погибнешь вместе со всеми твоими нацистскими героями

      7. Avatar Enache Cosmin says:

        lol russia has around 2500 active tanks in good condition and we have 1050 till they manage to conquer something out of romania they will probably die in the order of millions in a convetional war

    3. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

      soon, very soon you little piece of putin’s russian nazi shit will perish together with your NAZI heroes lenin pol pot hitler & putin … keep trolling yourself to death… скоро ,скоро, ты погибнешь вместе со всеми твоими нацистскими героями

  7. Avatar Andrei says:

    Good lesson in history.
    Not so sure about sinking the Russian fleet though. With the 3 frigates we have we might sink a few fishing boats. But still a good start! Afterwards the Russian fleet seeing how they navigate throughout the Black Sea unchallenged might get bored and depressed and kill themselves! One can only hope.

  8. Avatar Enache Cosmin says:

    it`s simple BECAUSE WE [email protected] HATE MOSKALIS

  9. Avatar Glasul.info says:

    I do not think that Romania wants a war with Russia, but if you want peace is better to be prepared for war.

  10. Avatar Falx says:

    here a response given by the former president, Basescu – just have a look, it is iconic for this part of the world. (no party policy)

    and indeed it is a non sense to talk about “annexation” when it s about Moldova and Romania. Italy cannot “annex” Tuscany and France cannot “annex” Bretagne or Nantes.

  11. Avatar David Valon says:

    I dont think so Paula Chertok…this article is more like a misleading one…I think in the next years or decades the moldovian border will be at Dnister with Transnistria, russian territory, and even if whether they will start a war will be something local with Romania not involved. Only after that will be possible an unification of Moldova with Romania in the U.E. And at that time, will be possible a Russia – Romania war, if the russians will harass the borders of the new romanian state. Until then, Romania will react only if its current borders will be in danger.

    1. Avatar W8post says:

      Take your medication before writing comments…

      1. Avatar W8post says:

        BOTH of you!

    2. Avatar Romania1984 says:

      We shouldn’t gt involeved you’re right.The Ukrainians want to genocide Romanians just like the russians.

      1. Avatar puttypants says:

        Romania1984…me thinks you’re talking thru your hat. Ukrainians have never invaded or caused a genecide in any country.

  12. Avatar W8post says:

    “To rid itself of the Romanian population Russia in 1834 banned the Romanian language from schools and government, which was soon followed by a ban of Romanian in churches, media and books. Those who protested or continued to use their native language were deported to Siberia.”
    Crimea? Change the word ‘Romania[n]’ for TARTAR and you read the same…

  13. Avatar Romania1984 says:

    Let’s not forget that Ukrainians sided with the Russians in the Transnistrian War,they killed Romanians side by side with their Russ “brothers”.Now they feel Russian love upon themselves and try to find allies but we should not help former killers of Romanians.

    1. It was a KGB agent as president when this happened (from what I remember). Now they are trying the european path. And see themselves what does that mean for the Russian Empire.

    2. Avatar W8post says:

      You still live in 1984-honour your name!

    3. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

      UKRAINIANS not “russians” FOUGHT ALL ALL OF RUSSIA’S wars for 300 years up to 1991. they were used as cannon fodder for ALL OF “russia’s” wars including Afghanistan in the 80’s DIDN’T YOU KNOW THAT?

    4. Avatar puttypants says:

      Let’s not forget it was a different Ukraine at the time. 20-25% of people in Ukraine are ethnically Russian in Ukraine. Russia ran Ukraine at the time. Ukrainain government didn’t become independent til 1991. Please read Ukrainian history and it’s attempts to get out of under the Russian yoke all of their history. It is very much like your own. It’s time for all of you to work together to get rid of the Putin slim.

  14. Avatar Murf says:

    So called experts say Russia is waging a “Hybrid War”just to make them selves look good. There is nothing new in what is happening, Russia has pulled this crap long before now.
    On the surface I think a Romanian/Moldovan reunification would be in both countries best interests.
    What the Russians can get away with against Moldova with Romania. It wold have to handled correctly with negotiations and a referendum but it is doable.

  15. Avatar LV says:

    Rusia would love to have direct access to the danube delta and river: that’s a good enough reason to invade Romania. but first on the list: R Moldova.

  16. Avatar eleisonme says:

    As a Romanian, I would never fight for Ukraine! Moreover, I would fight for our Bukovina!

    1. Avatar Crayven says:

      Nice tgry Putler troll. Romania knows it is in its best interest to defend Ukraine.
      If not out of friendship, at least out of interest as a bulwark against Putler.

    2. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

      then you are not really a romainian, simply a russian at heart perhaps with a romainian passport- but a putinist pure and simple- by your comment ALREADY ACTIVELY FIGHTING FOR THE russian fascist putin

    3. Avatar Salamahawk says:

      It is “Bucovina” or “Tara de Sus”, not “Bukovina” – Nice try 🙂

  17. Avatar Enache Cosmin says:

    ma da tare prost esti ma taci in pl mea daca nu stii despre ce vb russia a facut prapad in romania in tot ce a atins in toate sectoarele in care s au infiltrat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3BIELkERFc

    1. Avatar Enache Cosmin says:

      esti un retardad PUNCT.Sper sa faci cancer asa sa ne ajute Dumnezeu si mars in ghatu matii afara din romania de moskal nenorocit cat de curand va spanzuram in fata la palat pe toti astiea care a ti supt pula si o sugeti si acum la rusia

  18. Avatar Enache Cosmin says:

    As a romanian whoever kills moskals is my friend simple as that dont listen to comments down 90 % of population hates russia to the bone

    1. Avatar Ilya Lavrenov says:

      Come closer to Dnester, the Russians will give you some love

      1. Avatar Enache Cosmin says:

        [email protected] of russian cancer from Europe! Your place is with the mongols

      2. Avatar Enache Cosmin says:

        keep on laughing your time will come …..

  19. Avatar Paul says:

    Italian and French auto manufacturers have been in Romania for some time now, and some military equipment for French and Italian arms producers are now produced there. It’s becoming the manufacturing hub for the east, and with Ukraine’s Donbass now in Russian hands, Ukraine’s ability to produce armaments is slowed, but not dented. Ukraine is home to various weapons or military manufacturers on which the RF is 100% reliant, especially when it comes to helicopter and engine (and parts). It’s all part of the big game. Russia needs to show how its arms work since it’s quite possible that WW3 is coming and they need to prove in the battlefield that their shit works. Why do you think Germany has now sent tanks, and why Russia has sent in its T-90s? Eastern Ukraine, far more so than Syria, has become the proving ground for the latest in offensive weaponry. So much for peace. Slava mir!

  20. Avatar Axl says:

    Fock Moldova ,they can keep it, no romanian will fight others war, fockin idiotic propaganda

  21. Avatar Paul says:

    Most Ukrainians that I know of condemn the Nazi symbols of Azov, Praviy Sektor et al. They are working to reform the country and the government while the pseudo-fascists who aren’t involved in power (but pretend to have) are holding these rallies where they bus in thousands from the villages; the people of big cities in Ukraine, by and large, do not agree with this, and most people are informed enough that this is at best sporadic. Romanians want peace, so do Ukrainians and only the brainwashed want war. Ukraine certainly doesn’t. The govt in Ukraine isn’t fascist. It includes personal friends of mine (I bullshit you not) and they want to give Ukraine half the chance that Romania has had since 1989: to try to be free of corrupt governments that only steal like this is some 3rd World country, which it is not. The people of Ukraine are largely united against Russian aggression, but they do not hate the Russians. There is certainly distrust in the east for Kyiv, but it too has been fanned into a flame far bigger than it once was. Who fights? Mercenaries on both sides. Who dies? The poor, the old, the people who have nothing. This is not a civil war, it is a war for control of money, of resources, of power. It has nothing to do with Kyiv and Moscow as much as it does for Bunge, Heinz, Rosoboronprom, Halliburton, Gazprom, Shell, GE, etc., etc., etc. No one wants this war except the people willing to stick their face in front of a camera. Go to Kyiv, my friend. Even in Lviv they are not foaming at the mouth but actively seeking to escape the clutches of war. Draft dodgers by the thousands on both sides, both sides preparing for some ungodly war that will be fought again to a stalemate. And why? Because stories like above try to make shit sound all fucking macho to spend money on guns instead of bread. How many people have I met from Batu Mare, Satu Mare, Chernivtsi, Lviv, Ternopil, Rivne, Lutsk, Kyiv, Saratov, Moscow, who have moved away from Europe to North America where the banter about war is just as loud but at least it’s farther away from the bombs and the guns and the people who don’t give a fuck about anything but money. Vicenews.com for the best on what’s happening in Ukraine and elsewhere.
    Peace and love, brother!

  22. Avatar gicu says:

    How can an orthodox state like Russia can be that bad?

    1. Avatar Virgil Moldovan says:

      You have no idea how extremist is their orthodox church. What “orthodox state” are you talking about? Russia is a criminal state, the way it was ALWAYS!

  23. Avatar Alabinescu Radu says:

    Cheap propaganda…

    1. Avatar Crayven says:

      Yeah run back to RT, get some good dose of russian kool-aid.

  24. Avatar Crayven says:

    Putler will try use Transnistria to attack Odessa and cut off Ukraine from the sea completely.
    Russia’s dream has always been to hold the black sea for themselves.

  25. Avatar peremen says:

    Remembering The Chisinau Ghetto

    In July 1941, thousands of Jews were forced to move into a
    ghetto in Chisinau, the capital of present-day Moldova. Today, the
    history of that era is not well known to the people who live there. This
    film by Eugenia Pogor of RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service seeks to reveal the
    fates of some of those who lived in the Chisinau Ghetto and their
    memories of the inhumane experiences they endured there.

    VIDEO :

    1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:


      1. Avatar peremen says:

        I think argument here is Romania & Moldova

        1. Avatar Romania1984 says:

          So,where does the Chisinau ghetto where bolshevik traitors were justly interned fit in this story of yours ?

        2. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

          NO! the argument is about censoring out the GREATEST GENOCIDE IN HUMAN HISTORY!

  26. Avatar Mat says:

    Is the author high??

  27. Avatar Ionut Nelescu says:

    as a roman you sir are a fucking fool

    1. Avatar Ionut Nelescu says:

      and you must me one of the last Dej supporters remiaing in the country

  28. Avatar Vicki Valery says:


  29. Very good analysis, with very good knowledge of Romanian history. Moldova is a part of the Romanian nation. All the nations that border a giant like Russia know that they are natural enemies to this oversized state that knows only to invade others.

  30. Avatar Alex Roata says:

    War monger! Why are people always looking for the nest conflict instead of finding ways to avoid it? If enough idiots like you will say “we’re going to war” again and again then we’re going to go to war. If you alarmist morons eventually shut the hell up then there’s no one left to look for trouble.

    1. Avatar puttypants says:

      Who is the war monger? I hope you mean Putin who wants to recreate the Soviet empire and none of the other countries want to join so he invades. Did anyone invade Russia???? Has Russia invaded other countries around them??? YES YES what peace can you have when Putin invades a country using mercenaries, kills people, devastates there cities and towns and lies against the country.

  31. Avatar puttypants says:

    You pretend to talk peace…but not really…you must be watching too much RT (Russian TV). Calling Ukrainians Nazi’s…let’s see didn’t the Romanians fight on the side of Nazi’s in WW2? For the sake of truth?? You don’t know truth…all you know are Putler lies. Let’s label the right side Putler and his regime are the Nazi’s. Ukraine didn’t attack Russia it was the other way around. You are a Putler troll.

  32. Avatar Pop Vasile says:

    Yeah, romanians, we are such fighters… Example: Ukraine stole most of the historical part of Maramureș and also a big part of Bucovina, including Cernăuți, a very important city for romanian culture. Did we do anything about the romanian minority there, which is heavily persecuted unlike the ucrainians in Romania? Nope, nothing. Do I feel horrible about Crimeea then? Eh..

    1. Avatar misusan says:

      am impresia. confuzi cccp cu astia. sau esti din moldova…

      1. Avatar Pop Vasile says:

        Mersi, nu ma supar, doar sesizez ca acolo in pestera nu te-a invatat cum se discuta intr-o comunitate. Nu-i nimic, se invata si asta.
        Sunt din Maramures. Da, absolut, CCCP. Care nu mai exista din ’91. Si sesizez ca Maramuresul e tot in Ucraina. Si ca romanii de acolo nu prea au voie sa isi foloseasca limba in scoli. Poate esti de acolo si aia o fi scuza ca stai si tu rau cu romana. Cu bunul simt, nu as putea sa intuiesc care o fi problema.

        1. Avatar misusan says:

          problema e ca. am petrecut cu ceasca o perioada. ai mei au plecat din tzara din cauza lui… daca ai varsta… stii ca nu puteai sa vb nici cu veciniii/// ca multi altii. am crescut inafara din 85. si tot asa. care au plecat afara nu au plecat de fericire. /// dar nu sunt nationalist/// ca nu mi place ideea/// cum ti am spus. am impresia ca uniii confunda nationalismul cu dracu stie/// inca ceva. stau rau cu romana dar nu ma supar

          1. Avatar Pop Vasile says:

            Respectarea drepturilor minoritatilor, macar dreptul la limba, nu tine de nationalism.
            Lipsa de coerenta si nesimtirea nu tin de uitarea limbii romane. Bafta.

          2. Avatar misusan says:

            sunt mai multi romani in spania si italia. si minoritatii sunt oricum/ everywhere/ nu cred ca le interzice cineva sa vb acasa ce vor/ nu cred ca statul unde locuiesc trebuie sa aiba scolii special ptr minoritati. si inca ceva/ nu Ukraina a furat Bucovina/ Soviets poate

  33. Avatar Petru says:

    Who the hell is Paula Chertok ? Has she been living under a rock or who she thinks she is fooling ? The writing is overloaded with cheap manipulatory propaganda.

  34. Avatar Ilya Lavrenov says:

    If the ww3 happens Romania and Poland will be wiped off the face of the earth with in 10 minutes

    1. Avatar misusan says:

      what a retard. it didn’t happen before and it won’t happen now. do you RUSSIANS remember Afghanistan? or u just stupid?

  35. Avatar misusan says:

    romania is the eastern latins. fought the turks… aka muslim for u. and we are sill here. coffeee mai soung good in vienna. THE EASTERN LATINS. da.

  36. Avatar misusan says:

    moscow. is waiting for you. novosibirsk. ufa. baikal… u dont want to go there

  37. Avatar misusan says:

    word of advice. americane…. du.te la peste/ caras/ kicker

  38. Avatar misusan says:


    putins.brother. seamana cu givi.tziganiiii

  39. Avatar Dan George Danescu Ciocodeica says:

    wow..interesting lies ..evidently Russian history..do not even bother to convince me that u are fighting against Russians ..maybe u will fight against Romanians but for shore not against the Russians ! :)))and about the “huge” military budget ..is hilarious and of course “ambitious” Russian propaganda..:))the Crimeean Russian fleet is very similar with the rocket “experiment” presented here also by the Russian propaganda ..who , in the end, will be finally “cured”forever by the Lenin/Stalin/Putin way of living by the “all mighty” Hitler/Napoleon/ Hiroshima guns and weapons ..

  40. Avatar Falx says:

    That s correct. a LanceR is not an F 22 or Su-35. And LanceR C is the best we have, along with some vintage SAMs.

  41. If you think that Romanian people are anti-Russian then you are truthfully insane.If on the other hand you think Moldovans are anti-russian or Romanians will fight again Russians for the sake of Euroamericans you need to be restrained with Straitjacket.

  42. Avatar Ioan Adrian Parvu says:

    “Only Poland this year joined the four other countries, out of 28 total NATO members, that are meeting the alliance’s goal of spending 2% of their gross domestic product on defense. The other four are the U.S., Great Britain, Greece and Estonia.”

    Romania is just increasing the defense budget that was decreased.

  43. Avatar Lettuce says:

    Because they are idiots brainwashed by america. America literally supports or does not support new nations on basis how does work for russia. If new nation is loyal to russia, no. If new nation is not loyal to russia, support. Considering they run to support Kosovo independence, despite that being ancient serbian territory that serbs were all chased out of in past 50 years, showing how they have no knowledge of history, no respect for it, so they supported it solely based on claim from majority living there that they want independence, then they should also be supporting other lands where majority states they want to be independent, or that they want to join other country. And they would, if the case were they were trying to cede from russia.
    America literally supports starving of people of southeastern ukraine, in order to provoke Putin to send them food, which would they then designate as “invasion”. No wonder all off middle east who had had to deal with america previously hates them so much. Hopefully, soon europeans would wake up too.
    Yet, why is america so eager to start wwiii against russia, instead of against islamists is clear sign that these are last days of rome for america.