What assets did Russia’s puppet republics seize from Ukraine? Full list



2017/03/04 • News, War in the Donbas

On February 27, terrorist leaders of Russia’s puppet republics in the Donbas Aleksandr Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky delivered an ultimatum, demanding Ukraine stop the trade blockade and threatening to “nationalize” the companies under Ukrainian jurisdiction operating in the occupied territories. The ultimatum was refused by both Ukraine’s representatives in Minsk Group and civil activists blocking transport corridors to the occupied parts of the Donbas. On March 1, Ukrainian assets had been seized by terrorists who introduced external “temporary administrations” to the companies.

On March 1, so-called LNR (“Luhansk People’s republic”)  grabbed 3 coal companies owned by Ukrainian tycoon Rinat Akmetov:

  • Metinvest’s Krasnodonvuhillia – five mines, two enrichment factories
  • DTEK’s Rovenkyantratsyt – six mines and three enrichment factories
  • DTEK’s Sverdlovantratsyt – five mines and three enrichment factories

The “DNR”, another Russia’s “republic” in the Donbas, also seized Ukraine-registered companies on March 1, but the list of “nationalized” assets was released a day later.

Companies and organizations seized in Donetsk Oblast

The Donetsk list of “nationalized” companies has been published on March 2 evening, it includes 43 assets: coal mines and enrichment factories, ironworks and coke plants, hotels and even Donbas Arena, one of the largest stadiums in Eastern Europe used by Rinat Akhmetov’s charitable foundation as an office and a storage facility amid the Donetsk occupation.

A "DNR" flag raised over the Donbas Palace hotel in Donetsk. Credit: novosti.dn.ua

A “DNR” flag raised over the Donbas Palace hotel in Donetsk. Credit: novosti.dn.ua


  • PSC “Donetsk metallurgical plant” (DMZ)
  • Branch “Metallurgical complex” PrJSC “Donetsksteel-metallurgical plant”
  • JSC Yenakieve Iron and Steel Works (EMZ)
  • Makiivka metallurgical Plant, branch of Yenakieve Iron and Steel Works
  • Air Liquide Yenakieve

Coke plants:

  • Donetskkoks JSC
  • Makiivkoks Coking Plant
  • Yasynivka Cokery Plant PJSC
  • PrJSC Yenakieve Coke and Chemicals Plant (Koksokhimprom)

Coal mines and enrichment factories:

  • DTEK Komsomolets Donbasu coal mine
  • Public Stock Society Zasyadko Mine
  • DTEK Mospyne Coal Treatment Plant
  • Kolosnykove central concentrating factory

Energy companies:

  • Donetsk Electrical Technical Plant, PJSC
  • DTEK Power Grid
  • Zuivska thermal power station
  • Elektronaladka Ltd
  • DTEK Donetskoblenergo PJSC
  • DTEK Energovuhillia ENE

Other industrial and extracting companies:

  • Khartsyzk Pipe Plant
  • Komsomolske Ore Mine Management Board, PJSC
  • Dokuchaevsk Flux-Dolomite Complex (DFDK)
  • PJSC Concern Stirol, a chemical plant

Other service companies and organizations:

  • Metinvest-SMC
  • DTEK Service
  • The Interregional Industrial Union
  • ASKA Insurance Company, Donetsk outlet
  • First Ukrainian International Bank (PUMB)

An agricultural enterprise:

  • HarvEast Holding

Two transport companies:

  • JSC Invest-Trans

Telecommunication companies:

  • TriMob LLC
  • Ukrtelecom JSC, Donetsk branch
  • Astelit LLC (Lifecell)

Football facilities:

  • Donbas Arena
  • Kirsha sports training base of FC Shakhtar

Hotels and real estate companies:

  • Donbas-Palace hotel
  • Project-2012 (Park Inn by Radisson Donetsk)
  • Pushkinsky Complex LLC
  • Lux LLC
  • JSC Sioma Liniia

A publishing house:

  • Donetskiye Novosti, Publishing House

A school:

  • Grigorivska International School
Ukrainian assests in the Donbas "nationalized" by so-called LNR and DNR on March 1, 2017. Map: Euromaidan Press. High-resolution image.

Ukrainian assests in the Donbas “nationalized” by so-called LNR and DNR on March 1, 2017. Map: Euromaidan Press. High-resolution image.

All of the 46 companies “nationalized” in both “republics” were operating under Ukrainian jurisdiction on the occupied territories, paying taxes to Ukraine’s budget and salaries in hryvnia to their workers. At least 32 assets grabbed by occupation authorities are owned by oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, whose SCM Group released a statement, noting that they refuse to re-register and pay taxes to the “LDNR”. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said, “Russia de facto confiscated Ukrainian state and private assets located in the occupied territory”.

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  • Andrew Chimilewsky’s Daddy!

    Russia calls out US: Stop encouraging Kiev’s illusions! Under Yanukovich Ukraine stud a chance, once it became NECON’s Iraq in Europe Ukraine was turned into another ugly story in the fake leftist, corporate media. So sad!

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    • Alex George

      Except that Ukraine is now doing better, and Russia is getting worse.

      And this is despite Russia’s military and trade war on Ukraine – its failure demonstrates how weak Russia is.

      • Andrew Chmil

        Pretending again — eh MOLE?

        • Alex George

          No, its true – you may not like it, but Ukraine is now doing better, and Russia is getting worse.

          And this is despite Russia’s military and trade war on Ukraine – its failure demonstrates how weak Russia is.

  • Andrew Chimilewsky’s Daddy!

    The transfer of enterprises belonging to Ukrainian oligarchs in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics to external management is the result of the Kiev’s latest bloody ofensive.

    The leadership of the People’s Republics has fueled the fire of this burning topic, for example when DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko just recently stated that Donbass is declaring its own blockade of Ukraine, whose existence as a state he predicts will not exceed 60 days. – Ouch!

    • Alex George

      There is no “bloody offensive” by Kyiv. There was an offensive by Russian and “separatist” forces arojnd Avdiika a few weeks ago, and it was shot to pieces. So yes it was “bloody” – Over 150 of the attackers died, compared to less than 20 Ukrainian defenders.

      The separatist leaders have no choice but to seize the assets of fence-sitters like Akhmetov – the Ukrainian patriots’ blockade means that those businesses can no longer operate,

      “Ukraine, whose existence as a state he predicts will not exceed 60 days”

      LOL You regularly predict this, and of course it never happens. Russia will fall apart before Ukraine.

    • Njordheim

      100% True!!

  • veth

    Russian have no culture, no morals, they love to steal, to kill or to down, to invade. Low life people with no future.

    • Brent

      Stealing and killing IS Russia’s culture

  • Yoshua

    Rinat was betting on that Russia would succumb to the power of the West. Now he is being stripped of his wealth by Russia.

    Europe is in an economic collapse and in political turmoil. The US is heading towards isolationism.

    The world is changing very fast.

    • Murf

      Keep dreaming.
      Ukraine’s GDP grew by 2.2%
      The EU’s by 2%.
      Russia’s? -.6%
      So who here looks like they are collapsing?
      And the US government has reaffirmed it;s commitment to it’s European Allies.
      Don’t take everything you read on Twitter as official US policy.

      • Yoshua

        How much did the economy in Ukraine and EU grow/contract in petrodollar terms ?

        The US will more likely be dealing with a civil war or a coup d’état this year.

        • Murf

          In petro DOLLAR terms?
          For Ukraine 50% from 180 to 90 billion or about the same as Russia from 2.2 trillion to 1.2 trillion.
          For the EU only slightly mainly because of the increasing value of the Dollar, which is true for ALL currencies.
          The big difference is WHY Ukraine;s went down, they were attacked and lost 20% of their territory. Russia’s because they were greedy and stupid.

          • Yoshua

            True, all currencies collapsed with the collapse in the oil price in 2014-2015. The petrodollar was the only left standing. Everything collapses against the dollar. The euro fell “only” 25% against the dollar. WTF is going on ?

          • MichaelA

            Trying to change the subject?

          • Yoshua

            Just trying to understand what’s going on. It seems to be bigger than Rinat, Ukraine, Russia and Europe. WTF happened in 2014-2015 ? It seems to be a global event.

          • Alex George

            In 2014-2015, Russia’s economy began to collapse, due to Putin’s incompetent leadership. The EU did fine, so did the USA,

            Oh and Ukraine’s economy began to improve, despite Russia’s aggression against it.

            Call it a global event if you like.

          • Njordheim

            Sure it was global. U.S. Deep State lost Empire in Ukraine. This is what happened. Now Trump is trying to re-arm and reassert the domination which will not happen so easy after the longest decline in American modern history.

          • Murf

            Putin invaded Crimea.
            Started the whole ball rolling.
            Markets don’t like uncertainty plain and simple.

          • Njordheim

            Russia fought for and built Crimea. Crimea is Russia. Always was and always will be by sheer will of Crimean people. Get this, Polak?

          • Murf

            Yep, and now it’s Belerus’ turn.
            Your running out of friends quickly.
            Hey, I am perfectly happy with Russia’s temporary possession of Crimea.
            Ukraine and the West get to beat Russia like a red headed stepchild as long as you do.
            The sanctions stay in place and Putin gets treated like the international parriha that he is. Meanwhile Ukraine has 2 million Putin lovers out of their political process. Right no they need political unity not territory.
            Win for all us as far as I am concerned.
            So keep throwing rubles into the blackest of holes in the Black Sea.
            Until the peninsula is flowing in garbage.
            Then you will understand that people who betray once can do it again.

          • Andrew Chmil

            Very interesting point of view!

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          • Alex George

            There is no such thing as a “petrodolar”. You really need to get a basic education.

            And no the Euro hasn’t fallen 25%. The EU is the second largest economy in the world, whether you like it or not. Russia is just going downhill, each year.

          • Njordheim

            The banksters put E.U. $15 trillion in debt in short 17 years!!

          • Andrew Chmil

            SERBIAN HAS NO JOB!!! :)))

            Only a mentally ill ***VOLUNTEER*** for **PAID** RUSKI TROLLS!!! :)))

          • Njordheim

            Trump’s skilfully support for Israel is fueling crises in the middle east. The course of the Syrian conflict allows Hezbolalh to get more free means and resources at the Syrian-Israeli and the Israeli-Lebanese border. This also sets a ground for further escalation amid the continued Israeli military strikes against Hezbollah and Syrian army targets. *(Russia’s agreement with Israel is not to interfere (i.a. shot Israeli planes attacking Hezbolalh targets in Syria).

            The hardline anti-Iranian and pro-Israeli stance of the new administration of White House is another fact in the expected crisis. On the one hand, the Trump administration supports Israel in the growing confrontation and aims to limit the Russian-Iranian cooperation and the Iranian influence in the region. On the other hand, White House has wide plans of anti-ISIS military operations in Syria’s Raqqah and Deir Ezzor, and Iraq’s Mosul.

            Iran plays a key role in both countries and the US-led coalition de-facto cooperates with pro-Iranian forces in Iraq. The Iranian-Syrian-Russian alliance also plays a key role in the standoff in northern Syria where Turkey aims to crack down US-backed Kurdish forces. In both cases, White House is pushed to cooperate with Tehran directly or indirectly.

          • Murf

            “Russia’s agreement with Israel is not to interfere (i.a. shot Israeli planes attacking Hezbolalh targets in Syria).”
            What about Israel’s attacks on the Syria government, such as on Jan 12-13?
            And right under the nose of a Syrian S-300?
            The nerve of them huh?
            There are up to 500 Special Operators with the SDF. Then there are Stryker mounted troops in Manjib and recently arrived Marines artillery battery north of Raqqa. They are probably the same Marines that were providing support to the Iraqis in east Mosul.
            Much like Trump, the Turks can want what they want.

        • Njordheim

          Your assumption seem to be right on the money. War between Trump and Deep State will not end in peace accord. For NEOCONS and Deep State PANAC is still alive! Deep State is taking American Taxpayers to the cleaners and the President is trying hard but is apparently powerless to stop them!

          • Alex George

            There is no deep state. Trump or any other western leader can only do what democracy allows them to.

            That is difficult for you nazzis to understand, but that’s not out problem.

          • Njordheim

            Libtards lack of knowledge and understanding is laughable. :))

          • Njordheim

            OldUki – the Neocons’ refusal to accept the election of Donald Trump has resulted in a massive campaign to de-legitimize him.

            What the Neocons clearly fail to see, or don’t care about, is that by de-legitimizing Trump they are also de-legitimizing the entire political process which brought Trump to power and upon which the United States are built as a society.

            As a direct result from this campaign, not only are millions of Americans becoming disgusted with the political system they were indoctrinated to believe in, but internationally the notion of “American democracy” is becoming a sad joke.

          • Andrew Chmil

            “Alex George” is a Russian **MOLE** you stupid ***SERBIAN***.

            A liar like you as well …. esp. when he was “defending” the Ruski MOLE “Vasyl P.” — of __Ukraine Today USA__

            See? Even the RUSKI (& ONE SERBIAN “Mike”) MOLES & TROLLS HAVE NO USE FOR YOU!!! — Cretin!

            Don’t forget to take your **MEDICATIONS** 😉

    • Alex George

      Its the other way around – Rinat was betting that Russia would succeed in establishing semi-autonomous republics in the Donbass, hence why he and a couple of other oligarchs kept a foot in both camps.

      They have lost out big time – the occupied areas have no government and no economy, except for the businesses of the fence-sitters like Rinat. Now that patriotic Ukrainians have stopped them operating, it will also be lost – the separatists cannot operate them, so these facotries will disappear and the workers will leave.

      Not to worry – when Ukraine takes these areas back it will create much better and modern industries there.

      • Yoshua

        Crimea and the coal mines in Donbas are gone forever. Rinat should have moved to Moscow and not to Kiev.

        • Brent

          Rinat’s primary residence is in London like most other successful “Russian” oligarchs. Sounds like you and other idiots like Yanukovych, Depardieu, and Steven Seagal are the only ones interested in moving to Muscovy….

        • Alex George

          Russia has no right to Crimea or the Donbass and will not keep them. Rinat is irrelevant

          When Ukraine takes these areas back it will create much better and modern industries there.

    • Alex George

      “Europe is in an economic collapse and in political turmoil. The US is heading towards isolationism.”

      You are hilarious – what objective sign is there of European economic collapse? I bet you can’t even name one. Russia on the other hand…

      And I would not get excited about US “isolationism” – Trump’s rhetoric does not call the shots.

      • Yoshua

        The euro crisis is on going, southern Europe is bankrupt and now italian banks are collapsing.

        The euro has collapsed against the petrodollar, the eurozone economy contracted by 30% last year in dollar terms.

        The ECB is printing 1 trillion euros a year to keep the economy alive.

        Ukraine is not joining the EU… EU is joining Ukraine.

        • Brent

          And Russia is joining North Korea….

        • Alex George

          The euro “crisis” is exactly what it has been for years, i.e. not important. Even poorer countries like Greece do nto want to leave the Euro. Whereas nobody want to be on the rouble.

          Southern Europe is not “bankrupt”, italian banks are not collapsing, and the Eurozone economy did not contract by 30% last year. The “petrodollar” is irrelevant.

          No, the ECB is not printing 1 trillion euros a year “to keep the economy alive”.

          So, nice try, but fail.

      • Njordheim

        Sure, “Deep State” does in what now obvious to an idiot is “Puppet State” of U.S. whereas billionaires elect their representative to mocker the democracy.

        • Alex George

          There is no such thing as “deep state” just as there is no such thing as Novorossiya, nor is there any Yugoslavia any more.

          There is democracy – something you and your fellow nazzis hate and fear.

          • Njordheim

            Cough.. cough… sure… Libtards lack of knowledge and understanding is laughable. :))

  • zorbatheturk

    Putin has a talent for stealing.

  • Alex George

    So this adds to Ukraine’s compensation claim against Russia. All of which can be satisfied by seizing Russian State assets.

    When Ukraine takes back the Crimea it will have a valid legal right to seize all Russian assets in it, particularly the formerly-leased naval base and naval assets at Sevastopol.

    In the meantime, what the separatists going to do with these assets? Tehy have no management expertise?

    The real issue which several people have already raised is, will the workers stay in occupied Donbass?

    • Njordheim

      Donbass is free and if the good Ukrainina people find guts to take arms against the UkrNaZZi, Donbass’ Armed Forces will come to their rescue. UkrNaZZis would need to eb destroyed if peace was to return to Ukraine.

      • Alex George

        Correct – the vast majority of Donbass is free. Only a small part of it under the Kremlin jack-boot.

        There are no “Donbass armed forces”, just some bandits and the Russian army. They cannot go any further and will soon abandon all of Donbass.

        Ukraine will have peace, and the warmongers from Russia will face the same fate as the warmongers in Yugoslavia.

        • Njordheim

          Eastern Ukraine will follow Donbass’ suit. Mariupol, Kharkhiv, Odessa and Nykolaiv would also secede.

  • Roshan George

    The real question is how soon can Ukraine substitute the coal from the DPR and LPR so that industries and power plants in Ukraine function appropriately, and Ukraine doesn’t lose 1-2 billion in revenues ,I understand the reasons for the blockade but Ukraine and those politicians supporting the blockade should have a plan B at the moment doesn’t look like they do and that is going to be a problem for Ukraine cause Ukraine can’t afford losing millions of dollars in revenue let alone billions

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      Poroshenko and the government are the ones who should have a Plan B! They should have prepared for a switch away from the anthracite of the so-called LNR/DNR 3 years ago.

      • Roshan George

        Should, could , would Bla Bla bla bla, alot of former politicians should have done this and that stop the defeatist blame games, stop complaining about the past and everybody do what needs to be done now and that includes the politicians who have sponsored the blockade purely for populist reasons they are part of the parliament and should come up solutions rather than score brownie points against opponents

        • Dagwood Bumstead

          I totally disagree with you. It’s the Ukrainian government’s and president’s responsibility to have a Plan B, Plan C etc etc, not the blockaders’. They should have realised by July 2015 at the latest that being dependent on anthracite from the so-called LNR and DNR was effectively paying the dwarf and his collaborators Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky to wage war on the Ukraine, and taken steps to eliminate that dependency, e.g. by introducing legislation compelling owners of power plants running on anthracite to convert them to burn other grades of coal and ensuring an adequate supply of anthracite from reliable non-Dwarfstanian sources. They failed miserably in this. At the very least Poroshenko and the government are guilty of gross negilgence.
          What the activists are doing is simply making this negligence visible for all to see.

          • Roshan George

            Your clearly very smart so enlighten us by suggesting the alternate sources of cost beneficial anthracite coal that are can be used by Ukrainian industry

            Also do let everyone know where exactly are the government and the power station owners supposed to get the funding required to reconfigure and reengineer these massive power plants right in the middle of the decline of about 25 percent in GDP and economic free fall
            Don;t be shy with details there is much we can all learn from you

          • Dagwood Bumstead

            Akhmetov can pay for the conversions of the power plants he owns- he’s wealthy enough. Furthermore, two of his plants, in the west, don’t have to be converted at all. As state-owned plants they burned bituminous coal until Proffessor Viktor “privatised” them to Akhmetov in 2011; after that they suddenly were only capable of burning anthracite which came from- guess what- Akhmetov’s Donbas anthracite mines. Before that the coal came from local mines which Akhmetov didn’t own.

            The same applies to the power plants which are owned by other oligarchs- they have enough cash for the conversions which, by the way, isn’t that expensive as it only involves alterations to the combustion equipment; the boilers themselves most probably don’t need any alteration.

            There are lots of books available concerning power generation if you are interested; I’ve found “Power Plant System Design” by Kam W. Li and A. Paul Priddy very informative.

          • Roshan George

            Before the revolution in 2013 Akhmetov was worth 13 billion dollars ,and after the revolution he’s net worth todays stands at 3 something billion dollars ,now you might think why should Ukraine care after all its just an oligarch and true in some ways yes why should Ukrainians care but whatever it is understand that what that means is that Ukrainian assets worth 13 biilion dollars are today worth 3 billion dollars that is Ukraine lost 10 billion and thats just for Akhmetov , understand that billionaire’s don’t have hundreds of millions laying around in cash its usually in assests and other financial instruments, so he may well not be able to alter those power plants given that noone is probably gonna loan him money based on his assests which have dropped in a massive way
            Besides noone knows how much this would actually cost, like a real figure did anyone bother to find out just by saying someone can afford it doesn;t mean they can afford it remember Lehman Brothers was worth 600 billion dollars and they went down cause of 7 billion in loses

            Moreover your not considering that Ukraine has just come out of a massive recession which wiped away 30 percent of GDP in two years, nobody can make the changes your suggesting in the middle of a massive economic free fall, unfortunately most politicians and protestors don;t understand the basics of financial stability and its well over due that they begin to contribute to the financial strengthening of Ukraine rather than play games that cost one of the poorest nations in Europe even more money and revenue
            Not to mention the EU and the US of A have also voiced opinion against such actions

      • Njordheim

        Plan B should have been arrest or destroy all UkrNaZZi and implement Minsk agreement. But Porky is weak and now is too late. Porky have sent 2 planes with cash and valuables to Spain. He will not be in power much longer.

    • Tony

      Ukrainian politicians should have made a plan B years ago instead of letting Akhmetov play them. Let this be a hard lesson about foresight and the negative influence of lobbying.

      • Roshan George

        Very true

    • Njordheim

      Instead of $50/ton from Donbass Ukraine can buy at $75-$80/ton from Russia or $100/ton from US or South Africa. Pick the supplier!

  • Njordheim

    Meanwhile, the Donbass republics have declared open war on the oligarchs, even the “friendly” ones, which basically means that the Golden Rule in Ukraine, “Thou Shall Not Harm Oligarchs”, just went straight out the window.

  • Njordheim

    The Ukrainian army’s efforts to draft numbers in the West has pretty much failed. The economy is in a steady downward spiral. Energy supply declines cannot go on forever.