What assets did Russia’s puppet republics seize from Ukraine? Full list


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On February 27, terrorist leaders of Russia’s puppet republics in the Donbas Aleksandr Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky delivered an ultimatum, demanding Ukraine stop the trade blockade and threatening to “nationalize” the companies under Ukrainian jurisdiction operating in the occupied territories. The ultimatum was refused by both Ukraine’s representatives in Minsk Group and civil activists blocking transport corridors to the occupied parts of the Donbas. On March 1, Ukrainian assets had been seized by terrorists who introduced external “temporary administrations” to the companies.

On March 1, so-called LNR (“Luhansk People’s republic”)  grabbed 3 coal companies owned by Ukrainian tycoon Rinat Akmetov:

  • Metinvest’s Krasnodonvuhillia – five mines, two enrichment factories
  • DTEK’s Rovenkyantratsyt – six mines and three enrichment factories
  • DTEK’s Sverdlovantratsyt – five mines and three enrichment factories

The “DNR,” another Russia’s “republic” in the Donbas, also seized Ukraine-registered companies on March 1, but the list of “nationalized” assets was released a day later.

Companies and organizations seized in Donetsk Oblast

The Donetsk list of “nationalized” companies has been published on March 2 evening, it includes 43 assets: coal mines and enrichment factories, ironworks and coke plants, hotels and even Donbas Arena, one of the largest stadiums in Eastern Europe used by Rinat Akhmetov’s charitable foundation as an office and a storage facility amid the Donetsk occupation.

A "DNR" flag raised over the Donbas Palace hotel in Donetsk. Credit: novosti.dn.ua

A “DNR” flag raised over the Donbas Palace hotel in Donetsk. Credit: novosti.dn.ua


  • PSC “Donetsk metallurgical plant” (DMZ)
  • Branch “Metallurgical complex” PrJSC “Donetsksteel-metallurgical plant”
  • JSC Yenakieve Iron and Steel Works (EMZ)
  • Makiivka metallurgical Plant, branch of Yenakieve Iron and Steel Works
  • Air Liquide Yenakieve

Coke plants:

  • Donetskkoks JSC
  • Makiivkoks Coking Plant
  • Yasynivka Cokery Plant PJSC
  • PrJSC Yenakieve Coke and Chemicals Plant (Koksokhimprom)

Coal mines and enrichment factories:

  • DTEK Komsomolets Donbasu coal mine
  • Public Stock Society Zasyadko Mine
  • DTEK Mospyne Coal Treatment Plant
  • Kolosnykove central concentrating factory

Energy companies:

  • Donetsk Electrical Technical Plant, PJSC
  • DTEK Power Grid
  • Zuivska thermal power station
  • Elektronaladka Ltd
  • DTEK Donetskoblenergo PJSC
  • DTEK Energovuhillia ENE

Other industrial and extracting companies:

  • Khartsyzk Pipe Plant
  • Komsomolske Ore Mine Management Board, PJSC
  • Dokuchaevsk Flux-Dolomite Complex (DFDK)
  • PJSC Concern Stirol, a chemical plant

Other service companies and organizations:

  • Metinvest-SMC
  • DTEK Service
  • The Interregional Industrial Union
  • ASKA Insurance Company, Donetsk outlet
  • First Ukrainian International Bank (PUMB)

An agricultural enterprise:


  • HarvEast Holding

Two transport companies:

  • JSC Invest-Trans

Telecommunication companies:

  • TriMob LLC
  • Ukrtelecom JSC, Donetsk branch
  • Astelit LLC (Lifecell)

Football facilities:

  • Donbas Arena
  • Kirsha sports training base of FC Shakhtar

Hotels and real estate companies:

  • Donbas-Palace hotel
  • Project-2012 (Park Inn by Radisson Donetsk)
  • Pushkinsky Complex LLC
  • Lux LLC
  • JSC Sioma Liniia

A publishing house:

  • Donetskiye Novosti, Publishing House

A school:

  • Grigorivska International School
Ukrainian assests in the Donbas "nationalized" by so-called LNR and DNR on March 1, 2017. Map: Euromaidan Press. High-resolution image.

Ukrainian assests in the Donbas “nationalized” by so-called LNR and DNR on March 1, 2017. Map: Euromaidan Press. High-resolution image.

All of the 46 companies “nationalized” in both “republics” were operating under Ukrainian jurisdiction on the occupied territories, paying taxes to Ukraine’s budget and salaries in hryvnia to their workers. At least 32 assets grabbed by occupation authorities are owned by oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, whose SCM Group released a statement, noting that they refuse to re-register and pay taxes to the “LDNR”. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said, “Russia de facto confiscated Ukrainian state and private assets located in the occupied territory.”

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