The Kremlin’s five steps towards recognizing “DNR/LNR”


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Article by: Levko Stek, Yevhen Holovin
President Petro Poroshenko recently decided to legalize the trade blockade in the Donbas after activists and veterans had unofficially blocked roads and railway lines leading to the occupied territories for two months, which was followed by “DNR/LNR” leaders announcing the “nationalization” of all Ukrainian enterprises. Some politicians and experts (and not only in Ukraine) believe that this will estrange the Donbas even more from Ukraine. “DNR” leader Oleksandr Zakharchenko has declared that the contact line shall now be considered the official border. What next? Another referendum or… an appeal to Putin to “bring in the troops”?

The Kremlin has changed its strategy with regard to the territories controlled by the militants. What are the latest developments initiated by “DNR” and “LNR” terrorist groups? Is there a general Big Plan that includes the integration of the “DNR/LNR” puppet states into Russia?


"DNR passports" are now recognized by the Russian Federation

“DNR passports” are now recognized by the Russian Federation

The Russian president laid the first stone… Vladimir Putin’s decree on the recognition of all “documents” issued in the occupied territories spread quickly and widely on social networks and through international media. The political community was stunned, and didn’t know what to make of it.

Not only does Russia now recognize “DNR and LNR passports”, but it also accredits their diplomas, birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, and license plates.

“It was quite a demonstrative move! Moreover, the decree was signed during talks in Munich, and all the diplomats were in shock. In fact, they’d all agreed on one thing, but Putin went behind their backs and did the complete opposite!” says political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko.



Workers heading to Zasyadko coal mine in terrorist-controlled Donetsk. The mine is infamous for being the site of repeated mining accidents with numerous fatalities

Attacking big business in the occupied territories… The ink hadn’t even dried on the Kremlin’s decree on the recognition of “DNR and LNR documents” when “DNR” leader Oleksandr Zakharchenko declared that all Ukrainian enterprises would be “nationalized”.

The separatists immediately announced that all taxes would now flow into their treasury, all products would be delivered to Russia and occupied Crimea, and that 95 wagons had already crossed the border into Russia.

“Whatever you call it – expropriation, nationalization, confiscation or simply occupation of Ukrainian enterprises and their transfer into the hands of Russian oligarchs – it has destroyed Ukraine in the Donbas. This is a very dangerous strategy; such action can be extremely dangerous.” stated President Petro Poroshenko.



It used to be called the contact line, but now it’s the “border”… another invention of the “DNR/LNR authorities”. Moreover, the border will be mobile, and this was confirmed by a special decree.

“If the front line reaches Sloviansk in ten days, then that will be the state border. If the front line reaches Kharkiv in 50 days, then the border will move accordingly. You know what I mean… we’re talking about the front line, and we all know that these lines move…” said Zakharchenko.



Liquidate all persona non grata… Political experts believe that Givi and Motorola were probably targeted and eliminated. The ORDLO “army” (occupied regions in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts)  is totally controlled by the Russian General Staff.

“All the officers – from platoon commander to corps commanders – are professional soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Therefore, they don’t want any loose ends – so-called heroes who used to wash cars or guard supermarkets – in the ranks of their army.” points out military expert Oleh Zhdanov.



The first meeting of the committee in Crimea was attended by State Duma deputy Andrei Kozenko, Chairperson of the so-called “State Council of Crimea” Vladimir Konstantinov, “DNR” leader Oleksandr Zakharchenko, “LNR” leader Ihor Plotnytsky, members of the Federation Council of Russia, as well as representatives of a number of RF subjects implementing joint projects with the Donbas militants (Rostov, Kursk, Arkhangelsk, Bryansk, Sverdlovsk, Moscow, Belgorod and Moscow).

Another sign of things to come… the creation of an integration committee called “Russia-Donbas”. Recently, “DNR/LNR” leaders Plotnytsky and Zakharchenko met in occupied Crimea. They didn’t hide their goals, namely to strengthen ties with the Kremlin at all levels.

“Our historical past, present and future is inextricably linked to “Russkiy Mir” (Russian World).” said “LNR” leader Ihor Plotnytsky.

Experts maintain that all these steps focus on one objective – the creation of two independent states, similar to South Ossetia, in the occupied territories of Eastern Ukraine.


Ukrainian military journalist Arkadiy Babchenko“

These “republics” may be officially recognized by the Kremlin before the next election, or maybe even next year. That would be a great populist move. Then these “republics” would slowly drift toward Russia.Both sides – the “DNR/LNR” and the Kremlin – are taking more and more steps in the same direction, and just recently, they’ve quickened the pace. Now, it’s important for both of them to stay the course. After all, the Minsk process is getting weaker and weaker, and it’s harder and harder for Russia to maintain control of these territories..” says military journalist Arkadiy Babchenko.

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Source: Radio Liberty

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  1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    When these primates finally are arranged at the Hague, it should be broadcast on the big screen at Maidan Nezalezhnosti along with Yanukovych’s public hanging. Pay-per-view outside of Ukraine.

  2. Avatar Murf says:

    Best thing that can happen to Ukraine.
    I know this is a sore point and it will be a hit to the GDP.
    But the reality is that Ukraine is a large country. They don’t need territory, they need political unity.
    Donbas was always a bastion of Pro Russian support that opposed any reforms.
    I the end everybody got what they wanted.
    Ukraine got it move away fro Moscow and its reforms.
    Moscow got Crimea.
    The donbas rebels got to be a part of the Russian Mir.
    However nobody got as much as they wanted.

    1. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

      on both sides of the border live family members and this will on the long run solve the rest.

      1. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:


        WTF about East & West Germany in the old days? 🙂

        1. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

          so one wins battles.^^

          Special Train to Pankow

          Excuse me, is this the Special Train to Pankow?
          I need to have a short trip to East-Berlin.
          I’ve got to get something straight with your chief-indian.
          I am a yodeltalent and want to play there with a band.

          I brought a bottle of Cognac, which tastes very yummy.
          I’m going to sip it with Erich Honecker at all ease
          Saying: “Hey, Hony, I’ll sing for little money
          In your “Palace of the Republic”, if you give me a chance.
          All the popmusic-monkeys are welcome to sing there,
          perform with their crappy bullshit-lyrics,
          But only little Udo,
          Only little Udo is forbidden to do that,
          And we don’t comprehend it.”

          I know that I have
          A whole lot of fans and rooters
          In the G-, GDR, increasing by the hour.
          Oooh, Erich, hey, is it true you’re such a squareminded troll?
          Why don’t you allow me to sing in the “Worker’s and Peasant’s State”?

          Is this the Special Train to Pankow?
          Is this the Special Train to Pankow?
          Excuse me, the Special Train to Pankow?


          Hony, I used to think you’re probably quite easy.
          I know, deep inside of you, you must be a rocker, too.
          You probably, when nobody can see you,
          Put your leather jacket on.
          You lock yourself up in the loo
          And hearken to western radio stations!

          Hello, Erich, can you hear me? – Hello-helloye-hello!
          Hello, Hony, can you hear me? – Hello-helloye-hello!
          Hony, can you her me? – Yo-de-lo-de-le-doe!
          Hello, Erich, can you hear me? – Yo-de-lo-de-le-doe!

          In a radio interview by the SFB on 5 March 1979, Udo Lindenberg had expressed his wish to organize a concert for his fans in East Berlin. The interview was recorded in the GDR in the original sound, and one day later, as information from the State Committee for Broadcasting, Monitor Division, the head ideologist and the cultural representative of the SED, Kurt Hager. On March 9, 1979, he wrote the following: “Appearance in the GDR is out of the question.”
          Lindenberg was annoyed by this refusal, but for a few years he failed to implement his plan. Then, at the beginning of 1983, he came up with the idea of ​​writing a German text with the melody of Glenn Miller’s swing classic Chattanooga Choo Choo in response to this rejection; The original was composed by Harry Warren (music) and Mack Gordon (text) and recorded on 7 May 1941. The German text of the 3:14 minutes long song is directed ironically directly to the former Council Chairman Erich Honecker.
          At the end of the song, a (station) performance in Russian can be heard. The original text is: “Towarischtsch Erich! Meschdu protschim, werchownij soviet ne imejet nitschewo protiw gastrolej Gospodina Lindenberga w GDR! “, Translated in English:” Comrade Erich, besides, the Supreme Soviet has nothing against a guest game of Mr. Lindenberg in the GDR! “This passage should point out that Substantial decisions of the GDR were made in the Soviet Union.
          On February 2, 1983, the single special train produced by Lindenberg itself was published in the Federal Republic of Germany in Pankow / Sternentaler (Polydor # 810 076-7). On February 7th, 1983, it entered the German charts, where it reached 5th place Four weeks. It was Lindenberg’s best hit. it stayed on the charts for a total of 21 weeks, of which 7 weeks in the Top10.
          Political consequences: His disrespectful text had upset Sene General Secretary Honecker. In August 1983, the Lindenberg consultant Michael Gaissmayer tried to smooth the waves. FDJ’s chief Egon Krenz invited Lindenberg to play four of his songs at the Palace of the Republic in East Berlin in the context of an FDJ peace concert with artists from around the world.
          On October 25, 1983, Udo Lindenberg’s first and only appearance in the GDR came. In the context of the “Rock for Peace” festival, this event took place in front of 4,200 listeners in the Palace of the Republic, but Lindenberg did not sing this title at the request of the GDR leadership. The song reached cult status in the GDR and is one of the most famous titles of Udo Lindenberg. A tour of the GDR, planned by Lindenberg for the following year, did not take place. The filming tour was finally canceled in February 1984.
          Lindenberg’s line in the song, that Honecker secretly also gladly wears a leather jacket, was implemented in 1987. He sent Honecker a leather jacket this year, which was answered by Honecker with a letter of thanks, in which he described rock music as compatible with the ideals of the GDR. Honecker also wrote that he would pass the leather jacket to the Central Council of the FDJ, so that he could send it to a rock fan. The letter also included a shawl as a gift to Lindenberg. Honecker had played this instrument during his youth. When Honecker was in Wuppertal on September 9, 1987, Lindenberg gave him an electric guitar with the words “Guitars instead of guns”.
          Lindenberg wrote to Honecker on February 16, 1983, in an accompanying letter to the song: “Let’s rock a real German classic rock band in the GDR. Let us show you your loose-human and flexible side, show us your humor and your sovereignty, and let Billerbeck’s Nightingale raise her magic vocals. Do not see it all so stubborn and pinched, Comrade Honey, and give your Okey for my GDR tour. “

    2. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

      You are pretty much taking the Prof. Alex Motyl approach here.
      Dude has been saying that for years.

      I am not saying anything as yet. 🙂

    3. Avatar Quartermaster says:

      Putinstan can’t hold Donbas or Crimea in the long term. Add in Transneistria, and the drain on the Russian treasury is huge. Russia can’t afford it.

      A report in US news reports that many Russians can’t afford to buy new shoes because the Ruble has declined in value too much. There is much more going on, and I doubt Putin has much of a future.

      1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

        The dwarf also has to support Abkhazia and South Ossetia, though the subsidies to all territories have been cut due to Dwarfstan’s financial difficulties. The dwarf is also supporting Assad with arms, ammo and direct military support in the guise of mercenaries. But how much longer will he be able to afford all this support?

      2. Avatar Murf says:

        Another good thing about this blockade is that it is pushing Russia to recognize the DPR/LPR. That will further isolate the fro the west.
        Ukraine needs to make this a full blown blockade and cut off gas, water and electricity.
        Suks for the people who live there but that’s war.

        1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

          Ukraine should do the same with Crimea. Dnepr water has been cut off, but Electric Power should be cut off as well. Completely cut off both occupied areas from all non-Russian resources. Georgia and Moldava should do the same for their occupied areas as well.

    4. Avatar MichaelA says:

      political unity only comes from being united in opposing russia
      what putin does is his business
      but ukraine must never recognise the annexation
      whether it takes 1 year or 10 years
      donbass and crimea remain part of ukraine

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        I agree and they will be returned.
        But now is not the tie.
        This is not a war of economics or bullets.
        It’s a war against and idea.
        That is the Russian Mir.
        The belief that being a part of Russia is better than the country they live in.
        The majority populations of Crimea and Donbas were the main bastions of pro Russian sentiment.
        They have warm and fuzzy memories of Russia and the USSR.
        Until they have had that idea sucked out of their think Russian skulls they will remain a potential threat.
        The next time a Russian leader feels like stirring up trouble in Ukraine then the process will start all over again. So if Ukraine recovering the occupied territories now is not a good idea.
        So I want a full on blockade. No food, electricity, gas, water, not even hostess Twinkies. Maximize the drain on Russia’s resources and show them how little Mother Russia really cares about them.
        I am not worried about the lost production. The steel production in free Ukraine is already increasing production. So it is a hit but it is necessary and creating more jobs and commerce in government controlled areas.
        Meanwhile Ukraine needs to continue to reform and modernize its economy and infrastructure.
        Which includes certain coal fired plants.
        At some point Russia will blink and decide they have had enough. Probably not while Vlad the Shirtless is still in power but the next guy will need to get out from under the sanctions and the stigma.
        With the US in control of the price of oil and not OPEC, it will happen sooner rather than later.
        Then the dream of the Russian Mir will be gone in the peoples minds and the business.
        Then the reintegration can begin.
        the old Soviet era industries will be history and new and efficient ones will replace them.
        That’s my plan and I am sticking to it.

        1. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:


          There was a LOT of smuggling going on.
          The army vets DEMANDED the blockade … using similar reasoning as yours.

          At first they were arresting the “blockaders” …
          — Oh! Oh! — NOT a good idea! People got pi$$ed!

          So now they (Poroshenko & Hroysman) endorse it! 🙂

          This FORCED “ORDLO” i.e. Russia really, to react.

          The only possible & most DEADLY spoiler to the Russian Federation’s eventual demise is — TRUMP!!!

          The wild card, that could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

  3. Avatar veth says:

    Russia underplayed losses in recapture of Syria’s Palmyra

    Russia’s force in Syria has suffered losses since late January more than three times higher than the official toll, according to evidence gathered by Reuters, a tally that shows the fight in Syria is tougher and more costly than the Kremlin has disclosed.

    16:51, 22 March 2017

    Eighteen Russian citizens fighting alongside Moscow’s allies, the Syrian government forces, have been killed since Jan. 29 – a period that coincided with intense fighting to recapture the city of Palmyra from the Islamic State group, Reuters reported. The Russian defense ministry has publicly reported only five servicemen’s deaths in Syria over the same period, and its officials’ statements have not mentioned any large-scale Russian ground operations in the fight for Palmyra. Military casualties abroad are not as politically sensitive in Russia as in some other countries but send a negative message ahead of a presidential election next year which is expected to give President Vladimir Putin a fourth term. The toll was revealed in interviews with relatives and friends of the dead men, cemetery workers, local media reports of funerals and evidence collected by a group of investigative bloggers, Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT). In each case, Reuters has independently verified information about the death by speaking to someone who knows the dead man. The casualties since the end of January represent one of the highest tolls for the Russian contingent in Syria since the start of Moscow’s military intervention 18 months ago. Read also Russian general seriously wounded in land mine blast in Syria – Kommersant An official with the Russian foreign ministry referred questions about them to the defense ministry. The Russian defense ministry did not respond to Reuters questions about the casualties and about military operations in Syria. The Kremlin did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Most of the dead were not regular Russian soldiers but Russian civilians working as private military contractors under the orders of Russian commanders. Moscow has not officially acknowledged the presence of the contractors in Syria. One of the 18 men killed was Yuri Sokalsky, a 52-year-old from the Russian Black Sea resort of Gelendzhik who, according to a person close to him, signed up to go to Syria in January with a group of private contractors. In one of his last phone calls home, the person close to him said, he expressed surprise at the large numbers of Russian contractors being despatched to Syria, and relayed what he had been told about the intensity of the combat. “Out of every 100 people, 50 are coming back in caskets,” the person recalled Sokalsky as saying. The person asked not to be identified, fearing repercussions for revealing information that is sensitive for the Russian authorities.

    Read more on UNIAN:

    1. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

      Praise God!

    2. Avatar MichaelA says:

      they dont report all their dead
      only the ones who have family and friends, and who are middle class or higher
      the others can just be forgotten

  4. Avatar veth says:

    Russia’s Eurovision participant Samoilova banned from entering Ukraine The SBU Security Service of Ukraine has banned Eurovision 2017 participant from Russia Yulia Samoilova from entering Ukraine.

    Read more on UNIAN:

    1. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

      Good for that nasty Ruska ‘ho !
      Should have thought about it before going to Occupied Crimea!

      I’d like to kick her wheelchair!
      That TRAMP!

  5. Avatar Meow Zedong says:

    Western sanctions against Russia should not be eased. Under them and Putin’s countersanctions, Russia can barely hold Crimea, and if they recognize the Donbass as a separate republic, the resulting political and financial pressure may be too much for Russia to handle. Russia is in a checkmate position as long as both Ukraine and the West play their moves correctly.

  6. Avatar veth says:

    Media: India chooses Ukrainian An-178 aircraft over Russian Il-214
    Tuesday, March 21, 2017 5:34:43 PM

    India is no longer interested in the Russian Il-214 transport aircraft, a plane that has been in constant development for 17 years. TV reports that the country will focus on the Ukrainian An-178 instead.

    The IL-214 was slated to replace the obsolete AN-12 aircraft currently used by the Armed Forces of India and Russia. Work on the aircraft began way back in 2000 and India joined the development in 2007.

    It was reported that the aircraft was developed by the Ilyushin Aviation Complex (IL), NPK Irkut and Indian company Hindustan Aeronautics. However, in spite of the lengthy development period, the actual aircraft was never built. Only a model of the plane exists. India finally decided to suspend its participation in the project.

    India needed a plane with a carrying capacity of about 20 tons and that could land on high-altitude airfields with unpaved runway. As a result, last year, India signed an agreement on jointly developing such an aircraft with the Ukrainian corporation Antonov, which already has a flying prototype of the An-178 transport aircraft.

    It should be added that earlier, the Ukrainian State Concern Ukroboronoprom stated that during the manufacture of An-178 it was possible to completely abandon the use of Russian components.

    Back in 2016, Ilyushin’s General Director Sergey Velmozhkin said that the Russian-Indian joint project to build the IL-214 was frozen. On Friday, March 17, Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov announced that the abandonment of the project was finalized.

    1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

      Another solid blow on Putinstan. Ukraine and Antonov are far easier to deal with as well.

      1. Avatar veth says:

        Russia; we know only how to down an plane by force, to build………………… idea.

      2. Avatar MichaelA says:

        same thing happened with their fifth generation joint fighter project
        india gave up and walked out in disgust

  7. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

    Dwarfstanian recognition of the so-called LNR and DNR will achieve precisely……… what? The only ones who will follow suit are the usual crackpots: Kim Jong-un, Mugabe, Ortega, Maduro, Morales. Otherwise, it changes nothing. The dwarf will have to continue his subsidies, which will only continue the drain on Dwarfstan’s financial reserves. He will also have to finance the repairs to all the damage his aggression has caused on his own, which he can’t without increasing the drain on the Dwarfstanian treasury.

    1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

      It will place them in the same category as Transniestria. What? You haven’t heard of the great nation of Transniestria? Well it’s up there with other great countries like South Ossetia, Abkhazia, LNR and DNR. Why are so beknighted as to not know about these great countries? Haven’t you been keeping up with things on RT, Sputnik, Russia Insider and other Putinist Propag…er…news sources?

      Hopefully, you realize that the above is completely sarcastic.

    2. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

      He’s not gonna pay sh*t to fix anything he don’ have to! :))