Russian forces reduce Ukrainian frontline city to rubble – Associated Press (VIDEO)


The ruins of the frontline city of Mar'inka, Donetsk Oblast, eastern Ukraine.
Credit: The Associated Press. 

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The Associated Press released drone footage of the urban combat amid the ruins in the frontline city of Mar’inka, Donetsk Oblast, eastern Ukraine.

Over the year of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Russian forces have totally destroyed the city of Mar’inka. Russian artillery and tanks shoot at everything that can be used as a cover. Intense urban fighting amid the ruins continues every day. Russian army fails to capture Mar’inka due to the stiff Ukrainian resistance.

In the video by the Associated Press, a Russian tank swiveled into position between the ruins of two pulverized apartment blocks and fired at what used to be an apartment building. Later in the video, the tank fire can be seen again and again on what had once been a street of a peaceful Ukrainian town.

The frontline runs through the city of Mar’inka, where around 10 000 people used to live before the all-out war began. The Russian geoncidal invasion has left no building in Mar’inka intact.


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