Only “psychological barriers” separate Ukraine from western jets – foreign minister

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Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has stated on air of the national newcast that Ukraine is working with its western partners to receive its first squadron of foreign fighter jets, European Pravda reported.

“It matters not whether it’s an American F-16, Swedish Gripen, French Mirage or Rafale, or Eurofighter. It is crucial to open up the position, lift the taboos, and get the first squadron of aircraft. Then we can decide, taking into account market availability and maintenance, which model we will focus on,” the minister said.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister clarified that the American F-16 is the basic model for Ukraine in terms of available numbers and maintenance ease. However, this will not necessarily be the first foreign combat aircraft that Ukraine will receive.

“I have no doubt that we will open the option of supplying combat aircraft,” Kuleba emphasized, adding that the only barriers to providing Ukraine with combat aircraft are psychological.

He reminded that the same obstacles once stood in the way of receiving HIMARS, Patriot and Western tanks, but Ukraine always managed to overcome the barriers and unblock the supply of these types of weapons.

“Ukraine has already assembled a kind of tank zoo. We have the decisions to provide Leopard, Challenger, Abrams, and we are working on getting French Leclerc tanks. The main thing here is to open the position,” Kuleba said.

The minister reminded that none of the partners’ fears about providing Ukraine with previous types of weapons had been justified, and he believes that fears and concerns about providing Ukraine with foreign combat aircraft will not be justified either, so decisions should be made as soon as possible.

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