West should give Ukrainians weapons they need to save time, money, and lives – Boris Johnson

West should give Ukrainians weapons they need to save time, money, and lives – Boris Johnson


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In an interview with FoxNews, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called upon the West to “give Ukraine what they need” to rebuff Russia.

Johnson, who after returning from a visit to Ukraine is on a visit to the USA, told FoxNews that now is not the time to debate on sending further aid, but to “double down on our support. Give them what they need, whether it’s the tanks or the long-range artillery. They need to kick Putin out of the whole of the territory,” Johnson said, adding that the Americans have done an “incredible” job in support of Kyiv.

“What they did, what Joe did… what all his people did in very difficult circumstances was they stepped up to the plate and they gave Ukraine what it needed. What I think we all need to do now is go further and save time, save money, save lives, and give the Ukrainians what they need. […] Get this thing done. Forget about Putin, go for economic stability, long-term peace, and prosperity. And for the people.”

The outgoing Prime Minister said that the faster Putin gets out of Ukraine, the quicker the return to stability and the more powerful the message to China that the West does not tolerate aggressive attempts to change borders by force.”

The former prime minister added the West previously failed to punish Putin in 2014, when Russia occupied Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula and “basically allowed him to invade Ukraine.”

He dismissed the West’s fears of Russia’s nuclear blackmail, stating that Vladimir Putin wants the West to think nuclear war is imminent, but won’t go down that route because he will lose support from current allies or friends like China, India, and sub-Saharan African nations.

“He probably doesn’t even stop the Ukrainians if he did that – and we would put his economy into such a cryogenic paralysis that Russia wouldn’t come out of it for decades. So he’s not going to do that,” Johnson claimed.

Johnson has been one of Ukraine’s staunchest supporters and together with Polish President Duda was rated by Ukrainians as the most popular foreign politician.


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