Ukraine calls on world to create special tribunal for Russia’s crimes

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On August 24, Ukraine celebrates the 31st anniversary of the restoration of its independence. “On this day back in 1991, the National Parliament voted for the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine and inherited Ukrainian statehood for Ukrainian People’s Republic (1917-1921) which independence was taken away by the communist dictatorship. We broke away from the Soviet past and proceeded with determining our own destiny,” Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in its latest statement.

The ministry urged all states and organizations to support the establishment of the Special Tribunal for the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine. Ukraine and its allies should ensure that the Putin regime loses all its influence in the world and its ability to wage brutal wars against sovereign states and introduce a full oil and gas embargo, expand sectoral and individual sanctions against Russia, Russian elites, and state-owned enterprises, as well as completely cut off Russia from the Western banking system.

“We are grateful to our partners and friends who introduced devastating sanctions against Russia, provided the Ukrainian people with decisive military, humanitarian and financial support and shared their homes with those Ukrainians, whom the war forced temporarily to flee. To overcome the biggest challenge to mankind since World War II, it is vital to keep supporting Ukraine,” the ministry added.

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