Ceasefire Ceased: How the terrorists ended the truce

(Mariupol Shelled and Burned. Photo: 0629.com.ua) 

War in Donbas


Gregory Zhygalov, TSN journalist who is now in Mariupol, wrote in his Twitter, that the truce is apparently no more. According to Zhygalov, the eastern outskirts were heavily shelled by Russians and mortar bombs were exploding next to civilian housing.

Gregory Zhygalov’s data were corroborated by the BBC correspondents. Will Vernon wrote on the “truce”:

Fergal Keane’s (BBC) account:

Richard Galpin (BBC) at this time was in Donetsk:

Shaun Walker (The Guradian) noticed, that DNR’s “official twitter page boasts that DNR is not taking the truce seriously:

The authors of DNR’s Twitter, adhering to the best traditions of Russian propaganda first boasted that DNR “is about to lay its hands on Mariupol” and then complained that “our rebel positions were shot at”.

In the meantime, Russian ambassador to OSCE Andrey Kelin publically calls it “natural” that Mariupol should fall under Russia. So what that the people there are Ukrainian citizens living in Ukraine? Minor annoyance. In an interview with Christiane Amanpour (CNN) Kelin said that Mariupol “is the second-biggest city in Donetsk Oblast, probably, and I believe that they are going to liberate. The majority of the area’s population are ethnic Russians, although they are bearers of Ukrainian passports.”


“0629 News” kept tabs on the events  in eastern Mariupol that led to the dissolution of the truce.

According to locals, heavy artillery started shelling the “S’hidnyi” area of Mariupol around 22:30. Press-secretary of “Azov” battalion said, that the shoot-outs continued near the town of Shyrokino, where Ukrainian posts were shelled by Russians, Ukrainians, complying with ceasefire agreement, did not respond. The battalion’s spokesperson said, that Mariupol is not in danger, and, most likely, the militants were trying to scare off the Ukrainians. Officially, Shyrokino and Mariupol are under control of Ukrainian Army, and DNR controls Novoazovsk.

Chronology of  the broken truce:

23:00:  “Azov” informs that Russian troops and militants shell the outskirts of Mariupol using the “Grads”.

23:39: Local man informs “0629 News” that heavy artillery is shooting at the blockpost in “S’hidnyi” area of Mariupol. The meadow near the blockpost is burning. Civilian housing is unharmed.

23:43: The buildings near the TNK gas sation in “S’hidnyi” are on fire. Sounds of gunfire are heard.

00:01: TNK gas station explodes. The fire spreads to the nearby medical emergency station, automechanical plant and garage.

00:30: “Azov” informs that Mariupol is being shelled from “Grads” and howitzers located somewhere near Shyrokino town. Preliminary information suggests civilian casualties. As “Azov” members sarcastically referred to Orwell on their Facebook, “apparently, peace is war”.

DNR militants to “Azov”: peace is war. ~

DNR militants to “Azov”: peace is war.

01:00: Mariupol’s Defense Staff officially recognizes the ceasefire broken. Mariupol was attacked. The military retaliated and threw the aggressors back. All civilian services are working, hotline is taking calls and the situation in Mariupol is under military’s control.

02:00: The shooting stopped.

07:42: According to Mariupol City Council, the bomb landed into the gas station on Tahanrogska Street as a result of artillery fire. The gas station is destroyed. The fire also harmed nearby buildings, namely the Ordzhonikidze medical emergency station and the Rail and Electric Transportation Dispatcher Offices. The Dispatcher Offices staff and Emergency Station employees moved to secure locations before the start of the fire. One soldier got a superficial wound during the shoot out; no civilian casualties and victims were reported. Some trolley and tram lines in “S’hidnyi” are damaged; the trasportation employees are on site conducting repairs. General situation in town is under control; all utility services work as usual.

Finally, Shaun Walker wrote in his twitter, that “Azov” battalion commander considers the truce broken.


Compiled and translated by Anna Palagina



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