Novosibirsk city admin refuses March for inviolability of constitutional order


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The Novosibirsk city administration did not agree with organizers holding the March for inviolability of constitutional order – a protest march, notice of which was submitted to the local authorities after they had refused to allow the March for the federalization of Siberia.

Alexei Baranov, community activist, talked about this issue with Sibinfo.

I just left the office of the first vice-mayor, Ignatov. Generally speaking, they’re all making things up and saying that Right Sector militants will appear in the city, that provocations are possible, so they are forced to refuse. They maintain that our action event may be used by some third force, although they couldn’t name any.” said Baranov.

He also indicated that they tried to persuade him to “withdraw the notice himself”.

They haven’t given me an official refusal yet; we should get it tomorrow.” said Baranov.

As to their future actions, he noted that it is more than likely that the protest march will be held on August 17.

We’re still thinking how to organize it. We may use items of clothes to display the names of all the information portals that Roskomnadzor (Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications-Ed.) ordered to withdraw publications about the march. We plan to protest without posters or flags, and gather at a final rally without using microphones or speakers so as not to break the law.” concluded the activist.

Some days ago, our portal reported that the Novosibirsk city administration had refused to allow the March for the federalization of Siberia on August 17. In this regard, the event organizers submitted a new notice on the March for inviolability of constitutional order; in particular, they want to oblige the government to adhere to the principle of federalism as prescribed in Article 1 and 5 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

A claim on the city government’s refusal to allow this march was also submitted to the prosecutor.

The March for the federalization of Siberia caused an unprecedented and immediate scandal the moment that it was announced. After more information on this event was published, several media channels were told by Roskomnadzor to remove the news from sites.

Some social networks had a very emotional response to the protest march. Currently, many web users are calling this action event another “Maidan”, and some are accusing the organizers of upholding separatism. However, organizers have repeatedly stressed that they have a very negative view of separatism, and simply want the government to enforce the Constitution and review current intergovernmental relations in the country.

Translated by Christine Chraibi



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