Anti Terrorist operation: Daily Summary, 27 July 2014



By Roman Burko,

In this summary we are going to repeat the intermediate operative results we published yesterday. This is necessary to understand the overall picture of the events.

So, July 27 was the first day of terrorists’ last days: the day marks the final countdown foe terrorists and their accomplices, namely the grouping of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (of Enslaved People) which is located in the area of Torez and Snizhne. The morning began with appearance of terrorist forces near Rovenky. The locals who did not believe that they had so many terrorists in the neighborhood were pretty much surprised by seeing the convoy of 16 tanks and APCs moving towards the highway. At 8:30 a part of convoy was revealed; that part moved towards Diakove possibly going to breach towards the Russian Federation. The other part of the convoy later appeared in Krasnyi Luch moving towards Snizhne and then towards Torez. And then, suddenly, out of the blue (for the terrorists) a couple of dozens of tanks of the ATO forces came.

Meanwhile the ATO forces continued the mopping-up in Debaltseve and then finally encircled Horlivka. For the terrorists that meant “game over”, judging by their panic.

The ATO forces managed to deliver a blow at the militant headquarter in Horlivka. The blow was very successful and in Horlivka there were rumors that Bes (I.Bezler) has finally gone to his resting place. However, we are not going to confirm this until we see the body. In the end, it is not very important: very soon they all will get what they deserve – there are no immortals even among the daemons (translator’s note: Bezler’s callsign, “Bes” is translated into English as “Daemon”).

Besides, terrorists have resumed their practice of provocative shelling of residential areas. It is not yet clear what they are after because after the incident with Boeing-777 the possibility that Russia sends its “peacekeepers” becomes lesser and lesser. However, the direct aggression of the Russian troops should not be excluded due to their accumulation along the Ukrainian border and the fact that Mr. Putin is getting very nervous.

The local accomplices of the terrorists in Snizhne are quickly taking out their families to the Russian Federation via BCP Dolzhanskyi.

Meanwhile the ATO forces continued to develop their blazing offensive towards Shakhtarsk, at that the forces moved up from Amvrosiivka as well. It is clear now that the activists and representatives of mass media panicked in vain claiming that the grouping of ATO forces had been almost destroyed by shelling from the territory of the Russian Federation and raids of militant hordes. The mopping-up of Debaltseve was delegated to the rear structures.
The liberation of Shakhtarsk and Debaltseve finally provides the complete encirclement of the militant grouping in Donetsk. After finishing the fight in Shakhtarsk the ATO forces continued to advance upon Torez and Snizhne. Decisive actions of the ATO forces made militants to draw off their forces from Torez and their deployment near Snizhne. Besides, reinforcements from Sverdlovsk and Rovenky arrive to Snizhne. Torez has not been liberated yet but Ukrainian flag flies proudly over Shakhtarsk! And even the attempt of the militant to attack from Khartsyzk could not affect the situation.

As for Torez, according to our information all bridges have been mined; in addition, there are mined dams. At that the militants are starting to leave their position and fortify in Snizhne. A full-scale offensive in the area of Saur-Mogila began. It is noteworthy that terrorists tried to reinforce their grouping in the area of Saur-Mogila (recall the part of the convoy that moved towards Diakove). The “reinforcement” has been successfully destroyed by the ATO forces.

Thus it was possible to split terrorist groupings into several parts: Horlivka, Donetsk with its outskirts and Luhansk. The good news is that no reinforcements can arrive to Torez from Pervomaisk and Stakhanov due to the attack of the ATO forces. Besides, the criminals in Stakhanov had to face unexpected problems: the city police department decided to start its own ATO and this is great. Hopefully those who remained true to Ukraine will not be affected.

The ATO forces began to attack Donetsk from the southern and south-western directions. In the evening BM-21 “Grad” systems began to shell terrorist positions from Olenovka. Our forces have been attacking Marinka from the very morning; the battle for Avdiivka still continues.

Battles in the area of Uspenka and Roskishne still go on. Luhansk is attacked from the northern direction. Luhansk can remain a stumbling block for a long time: Izvaryne and a part of the state border have not been blocked yet and this allows militants to get reinforcements from the Russian Federation constantly.

Our forecasts. It is most likely that the terrorists will try to stand up for Shakhtarsk; at that the blows will be delivered both from Zuhres and Snizhne. There are militant groupings in both cities. Attacks towards Starobesheve are also possible. Besides, in the night terrorists could try to breach via BCP Dolzhanskyi because they need to provide fall back for their families and casualties. We also expect an attempt to break through the blockade in the area of Krasnyi Partyzan so that the militants could leave Horlivka.

Finally, now that the ATO forces created very bad conditions for the criminals in the above areas, terrorists will likely to leave Lysychansk: if the attack on Pervomaisk succeeds, the Lysychansk grouping of terrorists will be finished off.

In our opinion the ATO forces presented a good gift to Mr. Putin by the Day of the Russian Navy which, by the way, was celebrated very spectacularly in the occupied Sevastopol.

Terrorism is a sickness; wait, the doctor comes… Glory to Ukraine!

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