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Documents describing Russia’s plan for the annexation of Luhansk Oblast from Ukraine have leaked to Ukrainian security services. The scenario outlined in these documents was developed by Russian political strategists. It involves announcing Luhansk Oblast an independent state after a referendum is conducted.  After that the quasi-state is to join either Russia or Ukraine, but on different conditions than before. The date of the referendum is scheduled for May 11th.

The key point of the intercepted scenario is to declare members of the Luhansk Regional Council outlaws, and in their place the separatists are to form the ruling ‘body’, and to pass the independence acts.

The reason is stated in a draft resolution prepared by the separatists:

SBU intercepted Russia’s scenario for annexing Luhansk Oblast (abridged) ~~

“People of the Luhansk Oblast have many times addressed the deputies of the Luhansk Regional Council and organized protests where they voiced their concern over unlawful seizure of the state power in Ukraine (…) Deputies of the Luhansk Oblast, ones that we, the people of Luhansk have voted for – are ignoring the lawful demands of the public, and are refusing to carry out their duties.”

The overthrow of the Regional Council is to be covered only by the Russian media and a local television channel. The ideological framework for overthrowing local authorities is completely consonant with Russian propaganda.

Citizens of Luhansk Oblast have been feeling for a long time that their national traditions and culture are under a treat. (…)  Recent manifestations of fascism and Nazism on territory of Ukraine, which are starting to manifest themselves in Luhansk Oblast as well, are of particular concern to people of the region.”


In this way, after the Regional Council is de-legitimized, gatherings should be held in the Oblast’s settlements to elect delegates to the Congress of the Luhansk Oblast authorities. Thus, an alternative authority with an illusion of representativeness is supposed to be created, a ‘Congress of representatives of local communities’. It should take place inside the session hall of the Regional Council – once again, with the sole involvement of Russian press and local television.

The impostors’ tasks are:

  1. To announce the election of the Regional Council’s ‘new structure’. This is a key requirement because all further steps towards separation from Ukraine are supposed to be done on behalf of this illegitimate ‘Regional Council’;
  2. To elect their head of the Regional Administration and the Regional Council;
  3. Then they should, naming themselves the ‘Regional Council’, vote for the Declaration on creating the People’s Republic of Luhansk and announce its Declaration of Independence. The separatists have already prepared the draft documents;
  4. Determine the date for the referendum, which has so far been declared on May 11.

In addition, the self-proclaimed ‘Congress representatives of local communities’ should appeal to the Russian authorities with a request to ‘introduce peacekeeping forces on the territory of the People’s Republic of Luhansk in order to ensure the safety of citizens and the conduction of the referendum”. In the Declaration of Independence of the People’s Republic of Luhansk the self-proclaimed regional council should refer to the Kosovo precedent and the right of peoples to self-determination.

The separatist scriptwriters have also prepared the questions for the referendum:

  1. Do you support the Declaration of Independence of the Luhansk People’s Republic? (yes/no)
  2. Would you like the Luhansk People’s Republic to be part of Ukraine? (yes/no)
  3. Would you like the Luhansk People’s Republic to be part of the Russian Federation? (yes/no)

Further, as the scriptwriters suggest, the ‘People’s Republic of Luhansk’ should still join either Ukraine or Russia, but “on the basis of an international agreement as a new entity”.

Oleg Tsarov, the self-proclaimed separatist leader of the South-Eastern Ukrainian regions, has also written on the possible accession of the quasi-states into Ukraine:

“After the South-Eastern regions will express their desire to join Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, and will proclaim their independence, we will create a sovereign and independent FEDERATION OF SOUTH-EASTERN REPUBLICS – NOVOROSSIA.

At the same time, we continue to hope for the sanity of central and western Ukraine’s majority of inhabitants. They should also go our way and self-determine at the regional level. And then we can try to agree on a joint life within one state – whether it will be a federation or confederation”.


Abridged article from (see scans of the intercepted documents in Russian in original)

Translated by Olena Khomenok and Alya Shandra


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