Instructions for separatists in Eastern Ukraine intercepted: use women as a voluntary shield ~~The newspaper “Ostrov” published a transcribed fragment of instructions for Russian special groups (Spetsnaz) of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU).

Here is the recovered text (in full) from the “Ostrov” website.

“The military man in uniform goes on speaking:

So, the first stage has been completed – administration centers and the houses of Security Service in two big cities have been overrun. Let us proceed to the second stage. We are going to follow the same scheme, but now you need to split yourselves into smaller groups (30 to 60 people). These groups will attack police departments in small towns. You’ll get the name of your destination on your way to it. After we overrun a department, 20 to 30 local people we have recruited before will join you. They might bring you food. Give them guns, never mind if they don’t know how to use them. Anyway you will be the ones to use weapons if you feel need to do so.

Everyone in the place knows these people, so they will be your “talking heads” and hostage where necessary. They have to speak out previously discussed requirements. Don’t show yourselves. Yours is a military deal. As you join these people and form the first defense line, you must inform us in order to spread information about the state affairs. We have enough people for that in a particular town, as well as throughout the region.

Eventually curious and sympathizing people will start gathering around you. Among them you’ll meet our guys who must bring you all you need. First of all try to involve more people, convince them to stay with you. Distribute publicity materials. The “talking heads” have to provide you with them. Remember, you are just executors…

…Pay special attention to women and kids. They are your voluntary shield.

I repeat once more: those who come to stop you will never shoot at women and their children. It is hard to believe, but don’t worry. Women and kids will stay alive. But if you let them go away, the enemies will kill you. Later on they will kill these women and their children to blame this murder on you. Remember that you resist the Nazi monsters! You have to stand there for about seven days till the beginning of the third phase of liberation operation.

– What measures do we have to take if the police resists?

– Shoot to kill. If you succeed to break into the office, shoot the one who shows resistance to frighten others. To impress make it with extreme atrocity. Make local security forces hide the body. It will demoralize them completely.

– What should we do if they surround us in accordance with the principles of anti-terrorist operations?

– I’m answering. Firstly, we will occupy several towns which will make it difficult for them to deploy antі-terrorist troops everywhere at the same time. Secondly, we have our people in the local security forces who will block such action as much as they can. They are ordered – in case the antі-terrorist forces are deployed despite all our counteraction – to choose some people of authority officials as voluntary hostage. In case of assault they have to be killed. That’s your responsibility. In addition, our Minister of Foreign Affairs lays down conditions of no military solution for his participation in the international negotiations. It’s his additional favor for you guys [laughing in the hall]

– But if the authorities bend before our “talking heads”?

– We need to get information about that immediately. On the way back from negotiation “the heads” must be assaulted. If you fail to do it let them come back and isolate them from the crowd. If you are unsuccessful in persuading people it is the local authorities’ ploy, accuse them of treason and kill one of officials in front of everybody pretending being in emotion explosion. Remember, there should be no agreements with the local authorities at all! We will negotiate with them when they are behind the bars.

Any other questions? No? God help you sons. You were trained for years; you are the pride of our troops. Your motherland relies on you.”


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