The growing support for NATO-membership in Ukraine

Poster by Yuriy Neroslik

Poster by Yuriy Neroslik  

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Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

An opinion poll conducted in July by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF) and the public opinion research service of the Razumkov Center (Ukrainian Centre for Economic and Political Studies) has demonstrated a completely new level of support by Ukrainians toward NATO membership. If a referendum were held this year on joining NATO, 64% of the citizens (of those voting) would vote for joining the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance.

For many decades this figure seemed unattainable. But the Russian invasion of Ukraine has destroyed all the myths of Soviet propaganda, which for a long time were a major influence on the attitude of the majority of Ukrainian citizens toward their own safety. It was not NATO that attacked Ukraine, but “brotherly” Russia. And it is not NATO that is attempting to “draw” Ukraine into its military operations. On the contrary, it is Ukrainians who would like for NATO to intervene in the war that is being waged by Russia. NATO has demonstrated that it can ensure the safety of its members — the aggressor is not even thinking of violating the borders of the civilized world. Ukrainians, unfortunately, are still beyond these borders.

And at the same time, the assurances of those who advised Ukraine not to irritate Russia through possible accession to NATO — because Russia could respond “inappropriately” — have turned out to be completely unrealistic. Ukraine did not irritate. And Russia still responded inappropriately. And if we had joined (NATO), Russia would have responded “appropriately.” Russian soldiers would be sitting at home. And Crimea and the Donbas would have remained Ukrainian. And over Sevastopol the flag of the traitors from the Russian Black Sea Fleet would not be waving but the flags of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. And, naturally, the flags of our allies from NATO countries who would be helping us protect the borders of the civilized world from Russian authoritarianism.

Yes, 64 percent is not yet a final breakthrough. And even 90 percent — and that percentage will appear as well — will not become a breakthrough, because in order to join NATO we absolutely must now solve the problems of our own country, to protect its defense and territorial integrity and finally to sever all ties with Russia until the collapse of the criminal regime of that country and the recovery of Russian society. But the very fact that Ukrainians are beginning to think realistically is half the battle. And the other half is NATO’s willingness to admit Ukraine into its ranks. This is worth fighting for.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Radio Svoboda

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  • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

    It would be truly suicidal to NOT join NATO.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      The main probem is Merkel. She is dead against Ukrainian membership of NATO because she wants to stay friends with Moscow at all costs, and Ukrainian membership will most certainly upset Dwarfstan.

      • Jacks Channel

        True. And thats out of fear. Both economically and militarily.

        What Politician would not honor Ukraine’s people’s desire to join NATO, but one that was afraid of the consequences of standing up for good.

        • Dagwood Bumstead

          Germany has had a Russia fetish for many years. At least two Tsarinas were German- Catherine II and Alexandra, possibly more but I’d have to check. Both of them were extremely influential on Russian history, though one could in Alexandra’s case state that the influence was wholly negative.
          The irony is that Germany assisted in the birth of the first modern Ukrainian state, signing a separate peace treaty with the Ukrainian People’s Republic at Brest-Litovsk in February 1918, about a month before the more famous/notorious one with the Bolsheviks. But far from assisting the post-1991 Ukrainian state it seems that Germany is now doing its utmost to thwart it as much as possible. One would almost think that Merkel and other German politicians would love to see the Ukrainian state quietly be wiped off the face of the earth if that’s what it takes to have “good” relations with the dwarf.

          • dixi3150

            Yes, us Germans prefer Russia to you, because you are just trouble makers and licking the USA’s &^/$#. Who wants a trouble making beggar as a neighbor or friend!

          • Villemar

            You’re from 55 Savushkina St. which is nowhere near Germany.

        • dixi3150

          Because Ukrainian is a beggar country, it just wants to take, take and take. We don’t need more beggars in the EU! MAKE YOUR OWN WAY…OR GO BEG FROM THE USA!

  • Jacks Channel

    Russia can’t be fixed. Let it die economically, then some ordinary Russian’s can take it over peacefully in an election and form a half way decent government.

    All the Communism and pseudo-Communism has dulled the minds of the people. They need a fresh start with freedom of expression and a Russian style democracy.

  • dixi3150

    Hahaha, you AH, you still don’t realise how screwed you really are. That’s what propaganda does to your brain, it makes scrambled eggs out of it! Ukraine is a hell hole now, wait until REAL austerity kicks in!