Odesa businessman compares Russians to Nazis on Russian TV



A formerly pro-Russian businessman from Odesa created quite a commotion on Russia’s Channel One TV when he discussed Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

Businessman Vadym Chornyi, a former candidate for mayor of Odesa (in 1998 and 2010), was invited as a guest for the political talk show program Time Will Tell on Russia’s popular Channel One TV station to discuss a proposed bill in Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada that would criminalize denial of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Apparently he had been chosen because of his earlier pro-Russian views, according to Patrioty Ukrainy. However,  to everyone’s shock and surprise, he proceeded to explain why there will be no Russian Spring in Odesa and told his Russian listeners that Russia was similar to Nazi Germany.

When the talk show host Pyotr Tolstoy stated that Russia had based its laws on criminal prosecution for “distortions of history” on the Nuremberg Tribunal, Chornyi responded that the Russian government itself was facing a second Nuremberg Tribunal.

“Are you comparing us to Nazi Germany?” the TV host asked. “Absolutely,” Chornyi answered.

“No person in his right mind can deny Russian aggression,” he said. “Where do they (militants in the Donbas) get their tanks, where do they get the BUKs, where do they get their surface to air missiles?” he asked rhetorically, telling his Russian audience that “you can deny it till you’re blue in the face.”

Furthermore, he said the reaction of Ukrainians was similar to the reaction of Russians to the Nazi invasion. “During World War II, you (Russians) could not deny German aggression, you did not broadcast German radio, you did not treat the German point of view with respect. And so it is here (in Ukraine) where there is war,” he said.

In his comments Chornyi also mentioned the Odesa tragedy of May 2, 2014. “It is only because 50 people died accidentally in Odesa that there is no war in Odesa. The people have rejected your ideas and have understood that they don’t need the ‘Russian world.'”

Finally, he expressed confidence that the Russian-terrorist armies will not reach Lviv. “Russians will not get as far as Lviv because they have no guts. Your army was not able to conquer small Georgia. And now Lviv?!” he said.

During Chornyi’s remarks program participants and audience members booed and shouted and tried to interrupt him, accusing him of Russophobia.




Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Patrioty

Source: Ukrinform


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  1. Avatar Brent says:

    A brave man for speaking the truth and not regurgitating Russia’s propaganda. He should be an example to many other former supporters of Russia

    1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

      MIKHAIL russian fascist (not Michael) & not in LONDON but in St Petersburg Privyet

    2. Avatar Brent says:

      Coming from someone who frequents “Fort Russ” and whose posts call for the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Donbass, that’s really kind of ironic! Isn’t that where the majority of dissenters to Russia’s policy of invasion are being held up and beaten by your beloved Russian terrorists? They’ve been unable to infiltrate Odessa so far so I hear all the basements there are still being used for storage and not for torture prisons.

      I also noted you have turned against Russia’s hero “Strelkov”. Good to see you Putinpologists love devouring your own when they stray from the playbook. Just like the assassination of Bednov, the removal of Borodai and “Strelkov”, the refusal to let the “People’s Governor” Pavel Gubarov run in the sham November DPR elections. Your Putinology is funnier than most of what Monty Python dreamed up!!!

      You must have enjoyed that little meeting of your fellow fascists and Putin lovers in St Petersburg two weeks ago…

      1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

        You write ” Strelkov´s military achievements were really zakharchenko´s” Something here doesn´t correspond exactly.
        Zakharchenko has no military background . Even if after a small trip to Debaltseve he hurts his little foot , while loading his gun. He got a medal and majorgeneral tittle. It does not make him a cunning military man .
        arseny pavlov from komi republic , that is northwest of moscow. Difficult to jump on a train eastwards.
        But coming from Rostov on Don , yes it is more accurate .
        He has been living there the last 5 years at a car wash. He had serious problems with Rostov´s police after he went on a drunken joyride in a car stolen from the car wash. Given a choice between going to prison and going to Donbass, he chose the latter. Virtually all the informations about his subsequent adventures in the war appear to be myths cooked up by russian media. Motorola is merely a brand created by the Special Forces .
        Motorola used to fight under the leadership of Strelkov .
        Fight is a big word , because motororola has served for 4 years as a wireman (with motorola products) therefore his nickname while in Chechnya.
        Mototrola emerged as a public figure precisely after the Russian Special Forces began removing or relocating the first generation of rebel leaders like Girkin,Bezler,Kozitsyn, Babai and other notables. Indeed they disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Apparently, their superiors in the Kremlin decided that they accomplished their objectives and were no longer needed or useful.
        MOTOROLA is a bigamist fake super soldier .which has nothing to loose now and therefore will continue to kill only for the fun of it. As a russian he is a mercenary on Ukraine territory. And acting as such one murderer !
        Last bravades is 15 deads !

        1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

          Thank you mr or mrs teacher !
          I admire your disrespect with insults, as usual when facing the facts you made up new stories which fit your ideal.
          I suppose you were in Chechen and in Bosnia, so you could get your informations at the sources !
          The russians love for medals is well known ! so I don´t think it is important, but hilarious comedy organized by carnival workers or shilllabers . That you admire motorola and defend him makes you accessories to the crimes . If Ukraine was at war against russia, that means you and motorola the killer would sit in war crimes tribunal and be hang high and short.
          One does not have to be a prophete to understand how propaganda works , it´s enough to read your diatribes to see that you are under influences of the mafiocracy of the trolls.
          I hope for you , you are not in the lines of fire when your thugs will pull the trigger after one vodka breakfast morning. Bullets do not make any difference between trolls and anti-trolls or donetsk democratic republic leaders.(sorry for the joke ) ( I could not stop myself to think of the kimkimjunkone irony) YOUR zacsomething is a thug , which putin will get rid off the same ways that girkin & co were removed. And believe me Mr teacher I hope that is what will happen, and for that It does mean I like the fuhrer of kremlin. That you can believe me !
          Putin specialities is useful idiots army at his psychopatic will. So one can say that my expectations are distorsions between the different gangs in within the lpr/dpr districts, without forgetting the cossacks who do not seems to be very happy with the anarchy , cleptocracy , despotism of plotput and zach the wounded your heroe !
          Thank you for the lesson, but I prefer to choose my university myself as a free man !

          1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

            NO you can´t burst my bubble. From a democratic country I choose my university, even if you can´t do the same !

            You started to write an history, which I corrected becausee the story was not correct. Because you started your story you had to continue to put more details without background. Next I will certainly have to read insults , lack of real arguments and faithfully to the trolls world´s tactics you go on to personal attacks. BRAVO !

            Anyway I don´t care, I know what BS is coming from the trolls army : I have experiences.

            The facts are that your super fake soldier is a criminal.

            Even if you don´t like it , it does not give you any credibilities.

            Motorola is a dangerous man, for himself, for the people around him ! He will destroy himself. On top of that he is an idiot , admitting himself that he is a killer !

            Russian mercenary Arseniy Pavlov, better known as Motorola, is the focus of investigations that he executed Ukrainian prisoners of war and tortured others.

            He lent credence to the charges by admitting to killing 15 prisoners in a recorded interview by phone with the Kyiv Post on April 3.

            “I don’t give a f*** about what I am accused of, believe it or not. I shot 15 prisoners dead. I don’t give a f***. No comment. I kill if I want to. I don’t if I don’t,” he said.
            A question : do you know why is arm is broken ?

    3. Avatar Brent says:

      As long as you’re impersonating Slim Pickens…..

    4. Are you from some borough in London that happens to be in Russia? Say… 55 Savushkina Street by any chance?

  2. Avatar Garry Simkin says:

    the truth at last

  3. Avatar Evelyn Myketa Livingston says:

    Very brave.

  4. Avatar PoeTentiate says:

    He might be killed for those opinions.

  5. Avatar Dalton says:

    Wow maybe the Russian people will start to see thru the cracks

    1. Avatar Sam King says:

      they couldn’t see through the crack of their arse hole

  6. Avatar Gryzelda Wrr says:

    A true friend tells you truth. An adulator tells you what you want to hear. I’m afraid that Russians can’t distinguish one from another.

    1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

      MIKHAIL russian fascist not in LONDON but in St Petersburg Privyet

    2. Avatar Anders Nielsen says:

      You are a moron.

      1. Avatar Anders Nielsen says:

        Come on, you don’t even have the guts to start this fight.
        Neither the command structure or the technology to penetrate western defense – and you know it, that’s why you talk talk talk.

        1. Avatar Anders Nielsen says:

          A while ago we finished with the days first shift of trolls (yawn).
          Now I notice the 2nd shift is up and awake.
          Before you finish remember to cash your Kremlin pay.

    3. Avatar jim says:

      In a state where they do not know the difference between the truth and fantasy , you can expect no less .

    4. Can they move in with you at 55 Savushkina Street then?

  7. Avatar Craig Umniy says:

    Excellent, though the Russians’ reactions were as usual–denial and not letting the other side speak. Bullies. Hope he makes it OK out of Mordor.

    1. Avatar jim says:

      Russians only know how to lie . They have no political credibility in the world . They do not understand Americans . Putins threatening does not intimidate us , but makes us work that much harder on the correct side of this Putin invasion . There never has been any seperatists or civil war . This is all Putins invention to invade Ukraine . Someday Putin will pay for all the people that he has killed in Ukraine .

      1. Avatar Anders Nielsen says:

        YAWN boring………………..

      2. Avatar jim says:

        Because Putin invaded Ukraine . Deny all that you want it does not change the fact . Putin is also using terrorist strategies , in other areas , to destabilize the rest of Ukraine .

      3. Avatar Brent says:

        Now if that doesn’t say it all!!!

        “You are not required by law to say the Russians invaded Ukraine”
        >isn’t that how it works in your beloved Putintopia? You say what they require you to say?

        “I wonder why else someone would do that”
        >it’s called having the freedom to speak our minds and to make our own conclusions based on the facts we see. Not based on Putin’s law requiring us to say what he tells us to.

        Instead of admiring all the Russian propagandists who aren’t brave enough to speak their own mind, you should look to the likes of Pavel Shekthman, Olga Kursonova, Andrey Romanov, Lyudmila Bogatenkova, Lev Schlosberg, Elena Vasilieva and the many others who have shown more courage in the last 6 months than you in your 70 years of misery and lies.

      4. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

        You are illwilling ! Nobody deny that Ukraine was Ukraine SSR. . Since 1991 Ukraine is Ukraine a sovereign country .
        That you don´t like it, it is your problems, but it is a fact, even if you say the contrary. Ukraine with help (not enough in my thinking) will survive and rises from the evil time of ssr .
        And that you can´t stop. Sorry ! wrong of me , with nukes everything is possible . Look at history, you can´t stop democracy. USA and France started the thing . Everybody followed, even in russia there are signs of democracy . But russia´s history is too short to measure the effects of democracy ! but it is . China has good chances to be a democracy even if it will take time. But many signs are there already, see the purges against corruption. Kimkimjunkone land will be the only remaining and museum modell of communism. For infos: UN is delivering humanitarian convoy to North Korea .
        Don´t forget that russia is not only the big cities ! There is another world outside the cities . Don´t you think those people want a share of the welfare in the same ways than in Moscow. 2 photos at night ,russia and kkjunk1 land .

  8. Avatar VitaliytheVIT! . says:

    Russian’s will never understand a Russian speaking Ukrainian, who is Pro- Ukrainian. Their too stupid to even think about something like that and that’s why we, Ukrainian’s and they, Russian’s will never be brother’s again. Our true Brother’s are in Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, and in Slovakia. These countries are closest Brother’s, similar in language and culture. Our true Brother’s. Glory To Ukraine And To Our Heroes.

    1. Avatar jim says:


  9. Avatar Craig Umniy says:

    Typical. They would barely let him speak since he was going against the official line that is fed to Russians daily. Brave man.

  10. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Truth always stings a little bit.

  11. Avatar Jens A says:

    Brave man! If I was him, I would leave Russia as fast as fast can go!

  12. Avatar Jens A says:

    If you clam having done something you have not, then you are an impostor. Putin claimed to have found a vase first time he dived. He even remembered to clean it before going to surface. He makes the final goal in a hockey game of two fully professional teams. Yes, of course! That man has long ago proved being an impostor and in the free world people who are not bribed by him like Le Pen, think of him as a plain thug at pair with the joke in Pyongyang, “The Young One”, son of “The Very Ill One”. Really a ridiculous figure of no respect what so ever. Therefore it is so wonderful when truth finally finds its way in this state of terror!

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:


      1. Avatar Jens A says:

        Major or Colonel. Well, there he may actually be true, in spite of the fact that he is a pathological liar. It is usual in most if not all armies (incl. intelligence) that officers who did a good job (for the organisation and not for humanity) get a last second promotion before pension. That improves the pension, but it does not give you active service at the rank you get at the final promotion.

        1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

          True that is the way , also in France !
          But when he went from Desden he was still too young to be a lieutenantcolonel. Never find a pic of the uggly kgb stooge in uniform or with that uggly cap. Why ?

          1. Avatar Jens A says:

            You have a point there, but still, to be fair, what Putin NEVER is, it is possible that he got the last second promotion. I think you still have to buy your own uniform in Russian military. When Putin was dismissed, economy even for a Lieutenantcolonel, was bad and was it a rank where he did not have to use it in active service, especially in a service that in many situations did not at all use uniforms, then there can be a good explanation. Still, I give you that it is puzzling and I don’t believe any information from Putin. But wouldn’t it have been taking an unreasonable high risk in his early days of post USSR power, to falsify his rank?

          2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

            Exchange from KGB to FSB must have give many the opportunity to use the situation to fool around. Anyway I don´t care , really was only interested to see how stupid he looks with a cap or an hat .

          3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

            I correct myself. Never find a pic with that uggly cap. but uniform pic there is . look as stupid
            was called major Amadov in Dresden

          4. Avatar Sergey Tokarev says:

            I refer to your long and entertaining puttee on KyivPost. Could it be so that Ponomaryov was stripped of his immunity simply because of theft? He charged for lectures in Skolkovo almost $20K, and he didn’t even have high education. 🙂 Your opinion is very important to me. 🙂

          5. Avatar Jens A says:

            If he got 20,000 for a lecture, then that is the right price, as someone wanted to pay that. If it was 100,000 then that will be fine too. Complain to the one who spend the money, not to the one who received it.

          6. Avatar Sergey Tokarev says:

            Exactly, except one nuance: this was in Skolkovo – govt. project, announced like a Silicon Valley but turned out to be something like theft or money laundering vehicle.

          7. Avatar Jens A says:

            The structure of the one who pay for a lecture is not relevant. Whether the Pope or Mary at town square will pay me for a lecture is not important. If they want to pay what I want, that is their problem, if THEY are not allowed to use that money.

          8. Avatar Sergey Tokarev says:

            Not exactly. Mary can waste her personal money the way she pleases. If the Pope pays you for nothing – perhaps it is up to Catholic Church. If Skolkovo pays Ponomoryov a lot of money for something he couldn’t possibly deliver, simply because he lacks qualification – this looks like embezzlement of public funds and should be investigated.

          9. Avatar Jens A says:

            That is up to the buyer, not the seller. If you buy a Lada and think it is a good car and pay for it, then it is your own stupidity if you forgot to check it before paying. End of story. I have no more to add.

      2. Avatar jim says:

        Putin does not know how to tell the truth , he is a sociopath .

    2. Avatar Jens A says:

      Exactly. So what is it you apparently do not understand?

    3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      You are really a bad teacher. Jens A is right ! Nobody believes that you can dive , to get 2 reliques well cleaned and washed .

      So only an impostor would let make such a photo.

      You missed this part “””””often to try to gain financial or social advantages through social engineering””””””””
      The purpose ot he photo is self explaining !
      Go to the deep of the facts, all of it !

  13. Avatar Olga Dora Garbar says:

    Me quedé sin palabras, este señor Ucraniano tiene el coraje de un verdadero Kosaco Zaporogo. La fuerza y la valentia de decir lo que verdaderamente esta pasando en Ucrania por culpa de un loco que se llama Putina El pueblo ruso tiene que aprender a escuchar. Observé la poca educación de los presentes.- No puedo entender el poco sentido común que tienen sobre el conflicto.- Los rusos no tienen razón!!!!

  14. Avatar VitaliytheVIT! . says:

    Russian’s will never understand a Russian speaking Ukrainian, who is pro-Ukrainian. Russian’s are too stupid to even to think of something like that, and that’s why we, Ukrainian’s, and they, Russian’s will never be brother’s again. Our closest brother’s are in Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, and in Slovakia. They are our true Brother’s in similar language and culture. Glory To Ukraine And To Her Heroes!

  15. Avatar european says:

    No, it’s not that Russian producers did not understand that Russian speaking Ukrainians are not automatically pro-Russia. He was a pro Russian candidate several times. The thing Russia has not understood yet is that their aggression has made pro-russia faction that used to be up to more than half of the country are no idiots. Those people wanted closer ties to Russia, its brother peoples and in pre-conflict ethnic self identity, a large percentage of East Ukraine people and a smaller percentage of South Ukraine just saw themselves as (Eastern)Slavs. However, because they are no idiots and see the Russian invasion, they have become temporarily anti-russian. They have not become pro Western. They still feel the same but the the Russian government and its army are to be fought, hated and hopefully ended.

    Russia now tries the same Muslims have successfully done already. Invent a word with phobia to put down any criticism. There is little of it, but right now, Putin thinks HE IS RUSSIA. L’etat, c’est moi.

  16. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

    Wow. Tell it like it is! I’m afraid his house will be bombed now, though. Glory to those who have the guts to stand and say NO. I only wish the US had similar guts. Well done, Mr. Chornyi!

  17. Avatar cotoman says:

    Slava Ukraini

  18. Avatar puttypants says:

    Brave man is right. Hope he’s not killed or his house burned down. You never know what that Putin regime will do…Look what they’ve done to eastern Ukraine?

  19. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

    For UKRAINIANS this whole story since Nov 2013

    For Westerners however it is totally new…. BUT The russian racist genocidal
    chauvinists have ALWAYS said that the russians and UKRAINIANS are “ONE

    What does this mean? It means that russians during 300
    years of RACIST GENOCIDAL OCCUPATION of UKRAINE consistently say that

    and if a UKRAINIAN REFUTES THAT he must be murdered. THIS WAS & IS THE ATTITUDE OF RUSSIANS ALWAYS- just like the RABID russian racist UKRAINOPHOBES in the TV studio and audience

    Please look up the Ems Ukaz. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ems_Ukaz

    Russia has promulgated 172 other RACIST laws forbidding the existence of UKRAINE, ITS

    For Russians, IT IS ILLEGAL TO BE UKRAINIAN. Period.

    If a russian is has feelings for his culture language & ethnicity he
    LANGUAGE PEOPLE & ETHNICITY…guess what… according to russians
    he is a NAZI a BANDERITE and a criminal to be murdered.

    Let the world know unequivocally: Bandera was a hero fighting for justice against russian genocide- for Ukrainians AND FOR JEWS.

    This russian criminal ethnic cleansing against UKRAINE has been going on for 300 years.

    BUT NOW… just as the Israelites in the BIBLE, the UKRAINIANS say to the russian FASCISTS, “LET MY PEOPLE GO” …
    and they have taken leave of GENOCIDAL russian COLONISATION… and the UKRAINIAN PEOPLE WILL BE FREE.

    The little strutting shit FASCIST putin and all his raping murderous russian riff
    raff invading UKRAINE will soon PERISH with him.
    Putin and his trash will all soon be DESTROYED.

    The TRUTH can be trampled down but it always rises again…
    and UKRAINE has TRUTH on its side and… although entirely abandoned and ALONE to
    fight the russian CURSE, UKRAINE WILL PREVAIL.

  20. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

    If a russian is has feelings for his culture language & ethnicity he
    is a PATRIOT.

    LANGUAGE PEOPLE & ETHNICITY…guess what… according to russians
    he is a NAZI a BANDERITE and a criminal to be murdered.

  21. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

    The video is electrified by the VIRULENT RACISM, HATE, DISDAIN, MURDEROUS FEELING of the russians against UKRAINIANS- so it has always been.

    As long as UKRAINIANS behave like good little- (please excuse & understand the context of the next word) “niggers” to russia, they will be “humored” by russia and allowed to have a little “folk culture” sing their little songs and be smirked at WHILE THEY SUPPORT the Russian economy. (UKRAINE ACCOUNTED FOR 55% OF THE SOVIET ECONOMY) that is why pharaoh putin too, will not let the enslaved UKRAINIAN PEOPLE GO. “LET MY PEOPLE GO” said the Israelites to pharaoh. THE UKRAINIAN PEOPLE FINALLY HAVE GONE from that stinking russian “egypt”

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      Two things you just don’t get.
      1) Even if Ukraine’s economy collapses, they will be free of Russian oppression, kleptocracy and corruption. Maybe that’s a small price to escape centuries of Russian imperialism.
      2) You really should worry about the collapse of Russia’s economy…who is going to bail them out? Their new ‘friends’ in China? Good luck with that!

      You’d better brush up on your Mandarin…

    2. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:


  22. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

    How wonderful & encouraging to hear TRUTH being spoken by someone with 2 balls right in the DEN & face of the stinking russian dragon.

    He risks being beaten to death outside the TV studio.

    The moderator is afraid that he will be sacked for allowing this on Russian TV and is trying to cover his ball-less ass.

  23. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

    no more russian UKRAINOPHOBIA!

  24. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Sympathetic man ! But at risks now .

  25. Avatar Anders Nielsen says:

    More of this, respect for Chornyiv.
    Is he still alive???

  26. Avatar DejaVu says:

    When a nation and it’s populace is brainwashed and constantly bombarded with such propaganda the realization is that they are hell bent on war in order to defend their ‘Motherland’ from the Imperalistic West. The reality is that Russia was never going to integrate with the West and Anatoliy Golitysyn’s publications as well as him being a critical ex-KGB defector evidently demonstrate that.


  27. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    Bravo to Chornyi for speaking the truth to this russian audience. That took a lot of guts. We need more of this. Only then will Russians maybe begin to question what their government is telling them about Ukraine. We have to fight the lies and propaganda that putin is spreading.

  28. Avatar Murf says:

    Is it just me or does he look like Yats?

  29. Avatar Pawel Michal Bartolik says:

    That stupid “Russophobia” meme is so similar to “anti-Semitism” meme used to silence all the critics of Israeli policy towards Palestinians.

  30. Avatar Terence Patrick Mac Dougall says:

    Very well said Vitaliy. Meany peoples in Europe speak Russian it is an outcome of
    the former Soviet Union. I have a friend from Poland who speaks Russian. I have two students from Latvia and Lithuania, who both speak Russian very well; I even speak some myself, which has helped me out on many occasions. Language is a form communication it is not identification. The English language is spoken in many countries around the world. It is an outcome of the former British Empire and today commonwealth. Americans speak English but they are no less American because of it and people understand this!!!! The whole world recognises Ukrainian independence and Russian aggression. God bless Ukraine

  31. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    This will have repercussions for all involved. Nazi Putin does not like to be seen as a stupid Ivan who can’t even take care of his own propagandist toy.


  32. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

    UKRAINE was 55% of the entire soviet economy. UKRAINE fed its BLOODSUCKER GENOCIDAL COLONIZER , “russia” .
    Without UKRAINE “russia” IS NOTHING and will continue to shrink to nigeria- a mafia stae and continue its progress under the nazi putin into a NORTH KOREA ON A MASSIVE SCALE

  33. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

    ти смердуцча назистка-фасцистка бандитска катсапска собака скоро скоро погибнесч