Ceasefire broken?



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On the night of 19th of March Russian terrorist forces have blatantly broken the ceasefire agreements signed by the sides of the conflict, and shelled Ukrainian positions with Grad systems – mobile truck-mounted multiple rocket launching devices. Such war machines, according to the Minsk agreements were supposed to be withdrawn by both sides in 25 kilometer ratio from the front line, yet again terrorists have attacked Ukraine, neglecting the ceasefire that has been achieved earlier. This wasn’t the only armed provocation against the Ukrainian army, as multiple rocket launcher attacks have been noticed from both Donetsk and Luhansk directions. Around 21:45 terrorists have attacked a Ukrainian road block with hand-held 120-mm rocket launchers. Multiple firefights took place near Mariupol with the use of handguns and small arms. As a whole, the Ukrainian command had reported 5 cases of ceasefire breaking on the side of Russian forces since midnight of 19th of March till 7 AM of the 20th.


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  • Dirk Smith

    “Ceasefire?” Ask the victims of Debaltseve about “ceasefires.”

    • Murf

      You can’t break a ease fire that was never implemented. The alleged “cease fire” existed only in the media.

  • Dean Venture

    One side doesn’t take large chunks of territory during a ceasefire. This isn’t a ceasefire, it’s a shame.

  • Victor V

    So Ukie’s propaganda says that so called “Ukrainian army” is fighting against Russian army troops in Donbass. Only one question, why this brave Ukrainian army fears to begin fighting against Russian troops in the Crimea? The answer is obvious. Russian troops in Donbass exist only in Ukrainian propaganda, Russian troops in the Crimea are REAL!

    • Turtler

      “Only one question, why this brave Ukrainian army fears to begin fighting against Russian troops in the Crimea?”

      It’s called “naval artillery.” And it absolutely sucks to fight in the Crimea when the enemy has it but you don’t. Heck, just look at what happened to the Russian Empire when the Western Allies brought elite troops and naval superiority to the table.

      That, and “advancing across narrow enfilades sucks.” Which is what any land based attack down the neck of the peninsula would be.

      So since Putin is at least nominally pretending that he is not at war with Ukraine and the Ukrainian military would rather not have to advance down a nightmarish killing ground or try to conduct an amphibious landing under the guns of the Russian navy (which it has no equal to after the perfidy in Sebastopol), the Ukrainians have found it convenient to not attack yet.

      One front at a time, one war at a time (as Lincoln said).

      But of course you’re an idiot. So this all goes over your head.

      • Victor V

        Dear homegrown field marshal (or may be generalissimo). You have forgotten that Russia has Air Force which is among the most powerful and up-to-date in the world. As for Ukraine, its AirForce and Air Defence is nothing than a joke capable only to downing civil aircrafts like MH-17. If Russia decides to begin the war, Ukrainian Air Force, Air Defence, heavy artillery and missiles, command posts, storages, fortified areas will be annihilated in a couple of days. The remains of Ukie’s army will be annihilated by rebels and pro-russian local population of Eastern and Southern “Ukraine” in a couple of weeks. As it was in Crimea. The Soviet communist project “Ukraine” will be closed.

        • Turtler

          Obviously, I must seem like a Field Marshal to you because I know something. It doesn’t matter WORTH A DAMN what shape your air force is if YOU AREN’T GOING TO USE IT.

          That holds true here. of all the many, many ceasefire violations and obvious attacks by the Russian government, it has not actually used its’ air force. In large part because an attack by the VVS would not be possible to deny as being just local separatists or mercenaries. Meaning that Russia would be officially at war with Ukraine and nobody would be able to deny it. And that would likely lead it to war with the West.

          Which would not go well for Putin.

          Secondly: the Russian Air Force is by far the weakest and most primitive of any one fielded by a would be great power. At present it is slipping behind luminaries such as India (previously a major buyer from Russia), Pakistan, and Japan (A nation that legally DOESN’T HAVE A MILITARY). It is cut from the same filthy cloth as the Ukrainian one with the main exception being some degree of experience and more funding. Not a very imposing site.

          Thirdly, you ignorant chuckleheads have been claiming that the Ukrainian military would be destroyed in a few weeks ever since this war began. It. Hasn’t. Happened. In spite of epic screwups by the Ukrainian military at every conceivable level and some inconceivable. Not a very inspired thing.

          Finally, Ukraine Wasn’t A Communist Experiment. Ukraine was INVADED AND CONQUERED BY THE COMMUNISTS. As shown by the bloody war after Russia’s defeat in WWI.

          • Victor V

            Discussion is useless. You are so stupid that they do not even know what is sarcasm.

          • Turtler

            Oh nooo. I totally don’t know what sarcasm is. I absolutely haven’t practiced it many times in my life. Please, show me the light Mr. Putinbot!

            But regardless, that sitll doesn’t change the main fact. The state of Russia’s air force is WORTH JACK ALL if Russia isn’t using its’ air force in this war.

            Also, I notice that it’s been a week since then. How has the supposedly easy, quick victory been going for you?