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Article by: Nicole Gallina

Who has delivered weapons to Russia?

Countries exporting arms to Russia

Countries exporting arms to Russia

France, Italy and Germany. These are countries that call for a “peaceful” solution or a “normalization of the relationship” with Russia. These are also countries that have a long history of military-technical cooperation with Russia. It is well-known is that the French still have not cancelled their Mistral helicopter carriers sales deal (which Russia is glad to use in order to put pressure on France). Only at the beginning of December 2014, the French defense company Thales suspended a deal to build reconnaissance satellites for Russia thanks to US pressure. It formerly had participated in upgrading Russian Su-27 warplanes, worked with Russia on Ka-52 helicopters, MiG-AT training aircraft, Su-30 fighter aircraft, and T-90 tanks (the T-90’s have been spotted being operated by Russian troops in Ukraine in 2014).

German Rheinmetall built a high-tech military training facility for the Russian military/special services. The deal was only stopped after much discussion at the end of August 2014 by a German court. Daily Beast quoted US officials that there was still some German training given to the GRU Spetsnaz – the Russian military intelligence which played a crucial role occupying various parts of Ukraine. But NATO also participated in Russian military trainings. For example, NATO and Russia held common “defense missile exercises” in Germany in 2012. According to German legislation, some pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, and ammunition are so-called “sport weapons” and can be exported without the usual restrictions, and are also excluded from the EU embargo. But there was worse: On 24 February 2015, the European Commission announced it approved the creation of a joint venture by Germany’s Daimler AG and the Russian military equipment enterprise Kamaz. EU policies prohibited selling weapons to Russia, but allowed them to be produced by EU firms working as joint venture in Russia. A possible delivery of diesel generators to Ukraine had been attacked (by the German social-democratic party SPD) as “military support.”

A report (p. 19f.) listed Germany and France as the biggest exporters between 2007 and 2011. Necessary to know that German defense firms’ outputs of “non-lethal” goods (military transport/logistics, surveillance and protective equipment) were five times as much as weapons and ammunition.

Italy, for its part, has been considered “a primary vector” of international activity of the Russian defense ministry. The country, among others, provided Russia with armored vehicles. Russia tried to re-establish technical-military cooperation with Italy in February 2015.

Britain had been also a larger exporter, and had canceled 34 of 285 licences in early summer 2014. Its exports included equipment for launching and controlling missiles, components for military helicopters, small arms ammunition, sniper rifles, body armor, and military communications equipment. British media later did not report how many of the remaining licenses were suspended after the EU arms embargo on Russia came into force in August 2014.

Austria and the Czech Republic were minor players in exporting weapons to Russia compared to the above mentioned. The Czech Republic was still exporting German and US fire arms in February 2015 excluded from the EU common military list, possibly enabling Russian provocations. The Czech Republic was one of the few countries serving both sides: they had sent winter gear, and a military logistics officer was based in Kyiv in order to help the Ukrainian army. But still there were no weapons.

It is interesting to see that the EU common military list – updated in context of the arms embargo on Russia in summer 2014 – has many exceptions, and the EU embargo excludes contracts that came into force before 1 August 2014 (art 4(2)). It is hard to understand why the embargo has not been extended after the Russian January/February-offensive.

Who delivered weapons to Ukraine?

Countries that have delivered arms to Ukraine

Countries that have delivered arms to Ukraine

Britain delivered 20 out-of-service Saxon armored vehicles in mid-February 2015 (without weapons, 55 were to arrive later), and Lithuania exported “elements of military weaponry” to Ukraine. Poland in September 2014 had declared it would sell weapons to Ukraine which it repeated several times, also at the end of January 2015 (it was unclear if there was concrete business behind those public statements). Finland declared at the end of February to deliver 1,000 LRF-200 laser rangefinders. Russian state media reacted aggressively.

The UK  and Poland were going to send military instructors (up to 75 and some dozen respectively), but those are not on the most wanted list of the Ukrainian army and will not have a decisive impact, even if western media might think otherwise.

Something does not add up

There continues to be a stark difference between the amount of weapons that western countries delivered either to Ukraine or to Russia.

The role of Germany and France in supplying weapons, similar to their role in the  Minsk I and Minsk II peace agreements, plays into Russia’s hands. Additionally, Russian media and politicians aggressively attack countries that are willing to support Ukraine. In comparison, the reaction of western media and politicians to Russian military cooperation with western European states is negligible.

Such an environment enables Daimler to do business in Russia. But it also allows Russia to invite the Greek defense minister to visit Russia, and to sign an agreement with Greek Cyprus to host Russian aviation and naval forces. It enables Serbia to continue its history of hosting Russian troops (some of the protagonists of the 1990s Balkan wars resurfaced in Ukraine), for example in November 2014 it held joint military exercises with Russian airborne troops.

Bosnian Serb politicians have also prevented a weapons deal between Bosnia and Ukraine.

Let’s see what comes next.

Edited by: Alya Shandra
Source: Osteuropastudien

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  • Charles J. Kollman

    Roger i told you, you can not trust most Countries in Europe. They sell or give weapons to Russia. They are what they are turn coats. America should act if they were not there. They are all bull shiters. I pray and hope America will send arms to Ukraine. Russia it is know can not build weapons for war and this is the time for a move to be made. America should hold military manures in land sea and air in Ukraine.

    • Milton Devonair

      Agreed. Europe always has had a fantasy of some sort of continental communal group, but they always sell each other out. NATO is a great example–they don’t even pay the minimum amount required to be in NATO, yet demand NATO protection.

      The eu will never work because, well, it’s europe. They’ve never gotten along with each other for very long anyway.

      • Charles J. Kollman

        Well put in words. Europe needs to clean it’s own back yard. Why should America help these do nothings. On the other hand Ukraine is not in The UNION or NATO and if they are asking America for help to defend their Country America should help them. Countries like France and Germany are big boys and should take care of themselves.

        • Milton Devonair

          Yup. I’ve hears western europe described as “old europe” and eastern europe described as “new europe”. The US should be supporting eastern european countries like The Baltics, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria (and Georgia).

          But our government is ran by liberal/progressives (social democrats/communists), so they default to some (dysfunctional) european collective….which sells out all in hope they can continue to have their social democracies in western europe.

          The US needs to take our bases out of England, Germany, Italy and Spain. Let their militaries deal with things themselves and their economies continue without the tens of billions of dollars our bases inject into them.
          Let their socialism work w/o our cash.

          • Charles J. Kollman

            I agree with you 110% , but if i may add to it. I would like that all boots on the ground come home and defend us not others who don’t give a crap for us only our dollar. I would like it for us to get out of this old NATO it serves nothing for us. We just need agreements with Canada for military security. Next for us to get out of the UN. This is one useless organization they only look to control the world and take Americans liberty from them with their tyrannical treaties. Most of the UN members don’t pay their dues and this building costs NY. much in money that they don’t get back from the Feds. Move this building with it’s spy’s to a free and great Country like France China Russia or better yet, because they could use the money North Korea you know the place with it’s leader that is a dwarf with a large head and the bad hair cut. They can not produce enough electric power for all the people at one time for 24/7. This little dirt bag with all of his [email protected] ugly generals has the [email protected] to threaten the US. with war. America should block aid this cesspool of a country. If Eastern Europe asks for our help we should be there for them. The truth is that what many don’t want to hear is that you stop the Putin now or latter and latter will be bigger then now.

          • Milton Devonair

            We (and a lot of informed and aware Americans) both agree on pretty much everything you said.

            I don’t see the US turning around from the wrong direction we’re going. One of the reasons they’ve been letting in so many illegals is to make government dependent democrat voters the majority. Us boomers have done that. And it’s the same boomers that will break this country, make it fail like all democratic countries do–they go bankrupt as the politicians use the tax monies as a means of staying in power…and people only vote for politicians that give them free things.

            “The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.”
            Cicero – 55 BC

          • puttypants

            100% agreement!!

          • puttypants

            Milton…’s time. western europeans hate Americans…so let’s get the hell out and help and partner with the countries that like us.

          • puttypants

            We should boycott all products from Germany and any country that doesn’t support us especially German cars which also sell well in American. Toyota’s are great cars let’s support Japan who supports us.

          • Milton Devonair

            Exactly. Even on pro-Ukraine boards where people are asking for our help, europeans look upon America in a bad way, “meddling” or “starting wars” etc.
            They don’t like us and view us as having bad intentions, so let’s remove us from their land…and take our money and guns and people with us.
            Be great for my taxes to go down.

    • disqus_aJpixObjG7

      military “manures” in land would increase fertility of the soil but how to get the manure into the air?

    • puttypants

      I’ve said that Germany, France, Italy and others were immoral countries. I agree US needs to step in and fix this mess. It’s obvious those countries are cold blooded hypocrits and they’re Ukraine is allowing them in on the Minsk agreement. Throw their traitor asses out of your business. Putin you can have Germany, France and Italy…you can have most of western europe. You don’t need Ukraine…who are you protecting yourself from..those greedy cowards on the other side of Ukraine? Putin you don’t need Ukraine so leave her in peace!!

      • Charles J. Kollman

        It’s hard now working with WI FI. and in Florida, but not for long. I learned a long time ago not to trust Attorneys or Politicians and in America most Politicians are Attorney’s. Show me an Attorney i will show you a lair cheat and a thief. I do not trust the US. Government, because 97% are Rouges Trolls and Attorney’s. You know i don’t trust Europe and i don’t like the liberal progressive life style. This is not to say that The US. has not become a cesspool of liberalism. Obama now will give Iran 11.9 Billion, but he could give to Ukraine and the people in America. The House of Representative in Congress control the strings for the Government money pocket and they could stop this. But they sit in an Office and they keep their feet under their desk. They look at Obama and do nothing, because they have no balls. End of story and case closed.

  • Milton Devonair
  • puttypants

    Just as I’ve been saying these countries are traitors. Ukraine should not trust them. Horrible disgusting countries.

    • Milton Devonair

      Ukraine shouldn’t, as neither should any eastern european country trust the old, dysfunctional western european countries.

      But what the eastern european countries need to do right after realizing this, that they are on their own, is to start to arm and train their citizens. Poland–of all places–still has extremely strict gun control for their people. Just how many times can Poland be overrun before some of their people say, “OK, counting on the government to protect us has never worked.”?

  • Thomas

    Exactly one can not trust the countries to back up the US after we have spent untold billions of $$$$ protecting European countries. Europe today is giving Ukraine to Russia most notably Germany..France..and Italy the really have not done anything besides make hot air.
    Disgusting as to how these countries have bent over backwards to meet Russia demands in Minks 1and2. At the expense of the Ukrainian People.

    • Milton Devonair

      Excellent–but be sure to also note how most europeans have continually denigrated the US and said we “meddled” in other countries due to our greed, wanting empire, wanted to steal their oil, etc.
      Now they want us to “intervene/meddle” in Ukraine and when we don’t, they b*tch?

      Europe–yet again–couldn’t stop –yet again–another genocide on european soil by europeans until the mean ol US –yet again–got involved and ended it.
      We still have US troops in the Balkans to this very day.

  • evanlarkspur

    America needs to pilot by the stars, not by the lights of passing ships. Obama wants to “lead from behind” and “work with our European partners.” The european “partners” who are conspiring in the carving up of Ukraine to protect their ability to sell to Russia. What will be next- Ukraine will move to secure its borders and end an illegal rebellion/invasion, and our “European partners” will levy sanctions against Ukraine for violating Minsk? They’ve forced Ukraine to cede her territorial integrity to their desperation to not lose Russia as a trading partner. Whores. When you sacrifice rule of law attempting to secure peace, you lose both law and peace.

    America needs to lead from in front, and disregard whether the feckless Europeans can get their heads out of the sand early enough this time to accomplish anything but needing to be rescued again from their idiotic appeasement strategy. We need to cut them adrift, seize the wheel and make sure that at least one ship will make it safe to port.

    Arm and train Ukrainians now, help them secure their borders and return law to their land now. Period. The time for talk has ended. There is no purely political solution to this conflict, because Russia doesn’t yet have sufficient incentive to get out of Ukraine. Let’s give them that incentive.

    • Adrian

      Obama should mund his own business and nit spread “bullet democracy” all over the world like shit in the fan. America sold food to USSR while USSR sustained with weapons North Vietnam agains americans. This kind of policy and democracy is not wanted here. Practice your rules in Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan and let us to deal with the local problems. Russia in Crimeea is a result of too much involvement in Ukraina with coloured revolutions.

      • Milton Devonair

        Most of the time the only way for humans to be free is to give the russian/communists apes the pointy ends of bullets to their collective heads. The russians and other primitive specie have never respected, much less understood “no thanks, please don’t conquer us”. So humans wind up having to kill enough of them they stop.

        your russian apes stole crimea due to the criminal mafia kgb wanting the crimean oil, gas, and shipbuilding yards.

        I hope you’re either a russian or just were joking about what you typed, not believing it.

      • evanlarkspur

        Yeah, civilized humans have decades of experience with how Russia “deals with local problems.” Somehow, everywhere you “deal” with things, tens of millions of people are killed, everything gets stolen, anyone who speaks their mind is jailed or worse, thousands of women are raped, whole families right down to 6 month old babies are stabbed to death.

        We are sick of you. Mankind can no longer bear the weight of your brutality. Go back inside the borders of your country established by the treaties you agreed to. Or we will be forced to return you to them forcibly.

    • Milton Devonair

      Agree that if people of the west want to stop the neo-soviet russia’s continued expansion, they better start helping countries suffering under russian occupation NOW.

  • Ivana Nikulin

    We had a program on Czech TV about it, those arms are for hunting and individuals, not army and agreements to deliver them were signed long before the war started , and had been delivered long before war started, just finishing agreement which they were paid for,,,,

    • Charles J. Kollman

      A Glock 9MM. hand gun is not used for hunting! It is used for self defense or aggression. But a 9MM. is not all that good for knock down or stopping a person. If you want something good get a .357 mag. 40 cal. or a .45 cal. now your talking.

    • Milton Devonair

      What the apes of russia do is just like the chinese–take the technology and copy it. Their societies don’t reward innovation and excellence due to them being corrupt cesspools, so the only way they can ever get anything is to steal it outright or steal/copy other people’s technology.

      Great example is our space shuttle that the primates of russia copied:

      • disqus_aJpixObjG7

        Milton, the entire Soviet missile, space and aviation programs were cutting edge and developed in UKRAINE, mostly by UKRAINIANS not russians. Many, many innovations originated there, but were never realized there because innovation and creativity were considered to be a criminal offence under communism.
        These technological ideas were then “brought” to the west, taken up by the West and realized there… military, aviation space and agricultural technologies etc. for example pls see the list of protagonists of the WORLD’S aerospace development the MAJORITY of them were UKRAINIAN.
        Some CRIMINAL has listed them all as “russian” on wikipedia- perhaps you or someone could edit out the curse word “russian” and replace it with the TRUTH “UKRAINIAN.” As you click on the names one by one you will see that MOST of them are UKRAINIAN not “russian” pls see

        Milton, finding the TRUTH about UKRAINE is like finding gold, you have to sift through TONS & TONS of russian lies to find nuggets of TRUTH about UKRAINE. EVERYTHING, ALL, that UKRAINE ever did or achieved has been ANNEXED, STOLEN by the russian criminals as “russian.” This continues today… the word “Soviet” is rarely used the word “russian” is used constantly

        • Milton Devonair

          I one hundred percent agree with you. Ukraine has always been the Jewel of the soviet-russian gulag system. I’ve said it before and most Ukrainians know it–russians know they are trash people and can never be what Ukraine is

          Ukraine was a prisoner of the apes of russia and being russians, they stole everything from Ukraine and claimed it for themselves, like you say. I’ve always wondered if the russians in power in russia had any special animosity towards Ukraine and Ukrainians because they know…..

          • disqus_aJpixObjG7

            Thanks Milt!
            russians have always been racist genocidal chauvinists against UKRAINIANS and UKRAINE.
            Here is a PARTIAL list of the PROTAGONISTS of the WORLD’S aerospace development who were UKRAINIAN:


            SERHIY (Sergei) Korolyov, the Father of the Soviet space program, inventor of the first intercontinental ballistic missile and the first space rocket (R-7 Semyorka),
            creator of the first satellite (Sputnik),
            supervisor of the first human
            Father of Soviet Space program. Korolyov was given complete control of the
            Soviet manned space program.


            Valentin HLUSHKO (Glushko) was the chief rocket engine designer the
            principal Soviet designer of rocket engines during the Soviet/American Space


            Dmitro Grigorovich
            designer of the Grigorovich-seriesaircraft, including the world’s first flying boat

            Volodymyr Chelomey, designer of the
            first space station Salyut 1, creator of Proton rocket (the most used heavy lift launch system)

            Mikhailo Gurevich, designer of the MiG-series fighter aircraft, including world’s most produced jet aircraft MiG-15 and most produced supersonic aircraft MiG-21


            MYKOLA (Nikolai) Kibalchich, pioneer of world rocketry. The International Astronomical Union honoured the rocketry pioneer by
            naming a crater on the moon Kibal’chich.


            HLIB (Gleb) Lozino-Lozinskiy, designer of the Buran space shuttle and Spiral project lead developer of the Russian Spiral and Shuttle
            Buran programme

            Arkhip Lyulka, designer of the Lyulka-series aircraft engines, including the first double jet turbofan engine. elaborated the design for the World’s first turbofan engine. Lyul’ka,
            however, refused any foreign influence and continued his own research. In
            1945-47 he designed the first Soviet jet engine, TR-1

            Overall, the achievements of Arkhip Lyulka became decisive for Russia and its allies. To
            this day, the patent for double jet turbofan engines widely used in all sectors
            of the WORLD’s aviation belongs to him. The Al-31 alone has become the cornerstone for various international developments in both civilian and military sectors, now undertaken by NPO Saturn, the heir to Lyulka’s OKB.
            Milt, will send you a longer list as I compile it


          • Milton Devonair

            Yup, just like Anastasia Dmitruk’s poem, “we are Great”. They are just russian trash…and they know it.

      • Charles J. Kollman

        I worked for Pan American Air Ways at JFK. It was i believe around 1965 and a Russian Air Craft landed and went to Hgr. 16. Pan Am serviced Russian Air Craft among others. Andrey Gromyko i guess was going to the UN. Their Air Craft was a Turbo prop mean time our head of State had a Boeing 707 Jet Aircraft. When l looked at the landing gear struts bogies tires and wheels i could not believe it. All were a copy of the Boeing 707, but every thing was much bigger and heavier. The refrigeration in the galley was a refrigerator like America had i guess back in the 30’s with the coils on top. All that we did was under the eye of the crew chief i guess maybe doubled as a KGB.Agent. Also the Air Craft was guarded by A solider from the Red Army. When America started flying to Moscow Russia the Airline was Pan Am i believe this was maybe 1966. The route went to Montreal Canada then to Moscow. The flight crew was changed in Montreal from the Pan Am crew to a Canadian crew. When the Air Craft returned no one could go near it. People came to it that we did not know wearing Pan Am white Uniform and they removed components from the Air Craft. Things like for hearing seeing and yes smelling.

  • rooscow

    Perhaps #Putler’s threat to nationalize the private enterprises of the business entities of these countries has a lot to do with it. The Dwarf knows no boundaries in his Mafia inspired Kleptocracy.

    • puttypants

      Well let him take Germany, France and Italy.

  • Iza ÐÆþ

    Nicole Gallina as almost all journalist in euromaidan press have a easy critics and aggressively to France, UK, Germany country’s . The theory’s of why Europe Union is not injecting money and weapons (free of curse because Ukraine ex soviet country was well brainwash to the Communist theory’s that the WEST are criminal capitalist that have obligation of working for free to Ukraine). As a European citizen I fell very shock with this parasites attitudes from people that say they wont to be part of Europe union . France, UK, Germany US are weapons exporter country’s. We all know how this country’s sell weapons to every conflict in middle east, Africa. But if we are willing to open Europe Union frontiers to Ukraine is out of question weapons at the hand of population. In all Europe Union city’s weapons are not allow in population hands. We are NOT the United States of America in Europe Union. Our Citizens are not allow to walk with weapons in the streets. Weapons at the hands of any citizen it happens in USA with the results we all know. It is out of question to make it easy to weapons Mafias sell weapons to every criminal terrorist in Europe. Ukrainian bathing in weapons means that people will sell this weapons to gain money. With the lack of jobs, all the ingredients are in. Ukraine/Europe union without frontiers means that Ukrainian citizens can enter Europe union with merchandises without control in frontiers. Does any Ukraine imagine Europeans entering Ukraine with weapons? no. There are story’s od Spanish and French as terrorists in East Ukraine. But those people enter Ukraine through Russia friends. their weapons surely did not come from Europe. But this image is in European population minds . More than 40 % population in West Europe are older people. Maybe to Ukraine is sexy and charming young people walk with weapons in the middle of streets . In west Europe it is not. Any one that saw Paris terrorism attack the 7 January know this attacks were perpetuated with soviet Kalashnikovs. And Ukraine frontiers are not yet open and already Kalashnikovs are in black market in Europe. But of curse , if we do not send lethal weapons to Ukraine we have to keep on helping Ukraine population with all means. And above all we have to help break Russia. As long as Rich Russia exist, Ukraine will always get attacks from Russia. Ukraine problem is Russia NOT EUROPE. NOT France, NOT Italy, Not Germany, not UK!! Put this in your pseudo journalist minds!! We are tired of selvages attacking Europe people with bloody idiot accusations!! If anyone is to blame for today Ukraine mess it is Russia and Ukraine politician !!!

    • puttypants

      Isa don’t understand your name….Please Ukrainians would sell arms in europe???Are you kidding??? If Germany wanted to stop Putin they could in a heart beat. Ukraine politicians? Really? What about Russia’s politicians? Did Ukraine attack Russia or any other country in the world? I don’t think so..Facts show that Russia has attacked Ukraine because Ukraine wanted to be part of the EU. God only knows why because you people have shit all over her. Yes, we know you europeans would like Ukraine to give herself up to a totalitarian government Putin again just so you can keep your investments safe in Russia. You’ve talked to every Ukrainian so you know they all have a communists mentality??? Really?? You might want to find different people in Ukraine to talk to since so many are innovative, smart, willing to work hard…My father worked 2 jobs all his life, both my brothers started working partime and going to school from the time they were 14 worked and saved all their lives. Ukrainians who left that communist government know how to work…it’s your socialist system that has ruined most of the older folks in the ex-soviet Union. What would you expect from 80 years of brain washing? Young Ukrainians are trying to move their country forward and were attacked by Russia and now fighting a war that Putin won’t stop and you do nothing to help Ukrainians protect their land…that’s all they’ve asked for are defensive weapons and they’re dying like flies because they don’t have them and you have the balls to come on this site and insult them??Shame on YOU!