Russian FSB officers killed at Donetsk airport — Tymchuk



An officer of the Russian armed forces and three employees of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) have been killed in the Donbas. According to Dmytro Tymchuk, coordinator of the Information Resistance Group (IR), one  of the leaders of a special operations task force of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was among those killed in battles for the Donetsk airport, reports  Dzerkalo Tyzhnia, December 3.

“The corpse of the chief of staff of a special operations task force of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation  has been identified among those who were killed in battles for the Donetsk airport on December 1. This Russian officer died as a result of shrapnel wounds,” Tymchuk wrote on his Facebook page.

The body of the deceased man was evacuated Tuesday, December 2, during the recently declared ceasefire and prepared for shipment to Russia. According to information received by Information Resistance, the man headed up a leadership task force that acted directly in the combat operations of the Russian-terrorist forces.

Earlier, is was reported that more than 50 militants had been killed at the Donetsk airport — half of them members of Russian special forces.

The information obtained earlier by IR regarding the deaths several days ago of three officers of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) in Donetsk has been confirmed, Tymchuk wrote.

“Those killed were specialists in the field of communications. The minibus transporting the Russian FSB officers was ambushed in the Kuibysheve raion (district) and came under fire. The unidentified assailants have fled,” IR reports. At the scene 7.62 and 5.45 mm shells were found. In addition, there were several 9 mm bullet holes  in the minibus.

“Apparently, only one of the three Russians killed managed to respond to the attack, firing through the window of the vehicle with his automatic weapon. He managed to take a few shots before his death,” Tymchuk added.

According to Russian human rights activists, the total number of Russian soldiers killed in the Donbas is approaching 5,000. During the first days of December alone, more than 300 Russian soldiers have been killed.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia

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  1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Wrong place ! wrong time !
    I tought they were not supposed to be there ! Did someone informed vlad the magnifiic
    Have a nice trip to anarchy nirvarna !

  2. Avatar Brent says:

    Kudos to the ‘cyborgs’ for making these katsaps pay for their illegal invasion of Ukraine! The Donetsk airport has been a killing ground of Russian terrorists and troops and rightfully so. I know there have been questions of why Ukraine is even trying to hold on to the airport strategically, but if nothing else it will be a symbolic place of Ukraine’s resistance and is a example of how a force defending its country will fight harder than an invading force.

    This is a story that R.T. and all the other state controlled Russian media should be telling the Russian people to let them know the hundreds of Russians, Chechens and other hired mercenaries and terrorists on the grounds of the Donetsk airport that have made the ultimate futile sacrifice for Putin and his dreams. They can then decide if they wish to send more of their sons for the glory of Putintopia.

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      The battle for the airport is important, and so it is also for Debatlseve, Schastya and Gorvlivka.
      But how to make sure that the russians will know about those new cargo200.

    2. Avatar Rods says:

      Russian tactics and their futile sacrifices, no different to the Finnish ‘Winter War’ where the badly equipped Finns lost 25,000 troops to Russia’s hidden 126,000, where the Russian relatives were forbidden to know what happened to their ‘Ivan’. Human life (except their own) to Russian leaders is worth nothing, those that partake are just cannon fodder.

      Putins invasion in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea is no better than Stalin’s invasion of Finland, Poland and the annexation of the Baltic countries. I wonder how long it will be before Putin, like Stalin, dies of a ‘stroke’?

      The airport is actually quite a critical battlefield, where there are Russian military aircraft that have been painted with Donbas markings on the border waiting to fly in and use it, so they can begin an air war with ‘no Russian’ participation. It is also a major bleed on Russian troops and resources. Airports being flat with very little cover is all to the defenders advantage. The damage they are inflicting to the airport building also works in the defenders favour where in urban fighting there is only one thing better for the defence than buildings, it is rubble.

      1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

        Rods why do you speak of “russian” sacrifices in Finland?
        As in all “russian” wars, this is a long enduring myth that it is time to debunk. It is an egregious insult to the Ukrainian people.

        All of Russia’s wars for 300 years up to 1991 have been fought using primarily UKRAINIANS not “russians.”

        In Finland it was once again Ukrainian boys and men sent to die- eg the 44th battalion.

        It will take time but this truth will finally prevail… UKRAINIANS fought “russia’s” wars. This was also true in Afghanistan in the 1980’s where mostly Ukrainians not “russians” were sent to fight.

        Ukrainians conquered Siberia for moscow, etc UKRAINIANS conquered Crimea AND GAVE CRIMEA TO RUSSIA NOT VICE VERSA…

        Ukraine bore the brunt of defeating Germany (67% of ALL German forces were fighting in UKRAINE in WW2…) Germany lost the war in UKRAINE, as Churchill wrote, not in “russia”

        UKRAINE LOST 14 MILLION population 1941-45 russia lost at most 9 million… all we have always heard is russia…russia…. russia lost 22 million….

        1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

          Good point, never knew that!

          1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

            Don, very few people yet know the extent of the truth regarding Ukraine. The West and all its academia and media are still, even today, mostly pro russian and anti Ukrainian. For example any mention of the word HOLODOMOR is STRICLTY FORBIDDEN in all the western media… yet the HOLODOMOR explains the presence of so many ethnic russians in UKRAINE

        2. Avatar Michael Couck says:


        3. Avatar Rods says:

          I have studied Ukrainian history, especially how badly they were treated in the 20th century by the Russians and should have used the term Soviet where Ukraine at that time was part of the Soviet Union.

          1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

            Yes, dear Rods, unfortunately the words “russian” and “russia” continue to be used instead of Ukraine, Belarus etc.
            There are entire western movies about WW2 in which all the action occurs in UKRAINE yet the word “UKRAINE” is never heard, only the accursed word “russia”…
            Also not just Crimea was annexed by russia but all of UKRAINE’S CULTURE WAS ANNEXED by russia. I.e. almost all the artists of the so-called “russian avant-garde- Malevich etc were UKRAINIANS not “russians”.

    3. Avatar danram says:

      I suspect that these casualties are the main reason why Putin now seems to be suddenly receptive to reviving the Minsk cease-fire agreement. He’s probably realized that now that the Ukrainians have had time to prepare their defenses, any more attempted land grabs are going to result in unacceptably high numbers of dead Russian soldiers.

  3. Avatar Don Casavant says:

    It shows what poorly armed and supplied, but extremely motivated (fighting for their country’s freedom) people can do! Everyday that the “Cyborgs” hold out and kill more Russians, is a another days that makes Putlier say oh shit!

  4. Avatar Mazepa says:

    More accurately, more than 6200 mockali have been successfully exterminated in E. Ukraine to date.
    Smert mockalyam.
    Praviy Cektor

  5. Avatar Cristian Muñoz says:

    NICE. 😀 😀

  6. Avatar Paul P. Valtos says:

    Kill as many as you can. Maybe their mothers will start to put pressure on Putin and the oligarchs mothers. Of course none of the oligarchs kids would ever put on a uniform. They like to party not work.

    1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

      I agree 100%!

  7. Avatar dok says:

    300 russian soldiers killed in the month of December. That is a good start. It will be better when the death toll of russian soldiers is in the thousands. May all those russian swine who invaded Ukraine face a sudden and painful death and may their souls burn in hell.

  8. Avatar Murf says:

    What do you call 300 Russian bodies in Donbas? A good days work.
    The importance of the Airport is that the Rebels want it and are willing to bleed themselves white trying to get it.
    If not there then were?
    That’s the key to winning a war of attrition, which is the phase we are in. Find something the enemy wants, set up a strong defense and then make them break them selves trying to take it.
    Keep bleedin’ boys! Sooner or later SOMEONE in Russia will ask “What is all this Cargo 200 and 300 all about””

    1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

      Well said Murf!

  9. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Looks like things aren’t going as planned for the corrupt KGB dwarf. Shows he’s nothing more than a greedy gangster. His days are numbered………

  10. Avatar Scott Bennett says:

    Australia should invade as well so we have a visa free travel to Europe. We have a good size military that do nothing and I feel its time for them to earn there keep. We would have to be near the sea so if they could grab Mariupol before the Ruskies do it would be fantastic.

  11. Avatar Arctic_Slicer says:

    So does Putin want all of Russia’s mother’s to have their sons delivered to them as cargo 200s for X-Mas? If the numbers cited by rights groups is true; the death tool in Ukraine is starting the death toll from the 1979 invasion of Afghanistan. Clearly the political price for this will be high for Putin if these numbers continue to rise.