Donetsk Airport cyborg: Putin intentionally destroys Kadyrov’s men by sending them to Donbas



Source: Inforesist
Translated by: Jim Beale
Edited by: Alya Shandra

Every evening and night up to the Old New Year, has seen the Donetsk airport turned into hell. Attempts of the Chechen fighters in allegiance to Kadyrov, the Moscow-appointed head of Chechen republic, to take the airport at any cost crashed against the Ukrainian character – the approaches to the airport are littered with corpses of pro-Russian forces. Kadyrov’s men, recently having sworn allegiance to Putin, are now begging the Cyborgs to let them live.

Journalists of the publication Uman Evening News were able get to the Donetsk airport and interviewed the Ukrainian defenders, Inforesist reports. Euromaidan Press has translated the report.

– How are you? In one piece? Hanging in there?

– The attacks were repelled. The separatists weren’t able to manage anything.

– Are there many victims? We’re hearing that Kadyrov’s men stormed you and the airport has been taken…

–There are wounded among us. But just a few. Death toll – one of us, about ten to fifteen among them, including Kadyrov’s men. Look, here are two standing before us on their knees, covered in slobber, crying, begging to be left alive. They say they were “forced.” It’s disgusting to listen to. People without pride. These are not people of dignity, but some sort of vile, disgusting creatures.

Novorossia news is saying that the airport had been taken.

– If you look at how much land is now under their corpses, you could say they took a lot of ground. All the approaches are inundated with “meat.”

– Social networks are going hysterical that you didn’t get help from our artillery, that they didn’t fire much.

– They indeed didn’t fire much. But they were very accurate, so that a lot of firing wasn’t necessary. Our forces destroyed the enemy firing points with cannons and grads. Apparently our guys fired at the separatists from a Pion – there was so much buzzing that the whole land shook. Earlier, we used to constantly adjust their firing, shells would rain down from the sky in dozens – the firing squad would either overshoot or undershoot. Now we are exactly on target.

– What do Kadyrov’s men say? Why are they here?

– They say they just arrived, that they did not know where they were going. They serve in the police and have sworn allegiance to Kadyrov and Putin. They were woken at night and sent to the “counter-terrorist operation.” Only when they arrived in Donetsk did they realize they were in Ukraine.

– How do you manage to hit the terrorists so hard?

– It seems that they have been drained off as cannon fodder – brought here for slaughter. Nobody worries about them, they have no commanders. If the commanders had any sense, they would have left the airport alone.

– Do you think Putin destroys them intentionally?

– We are beginning to get the impression that they have been sent here for exactly that purpose. Because, apparently, too many Central Asians have come to Russia. Maybe they see a danger that soon there will be no Russians. So Putin sends them here and gets rid of any “garbage.” And Motorola, Givi, and Kadyrov help him in this …

– Do you have an order to retreat?

– No! There is an order not to give a single meter of our land.

Source: Inforesist
Translated by: Jim Beale
Edited by: Alya Shandra

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