Media: German Intelligence discovered cracks in Putin’s power block



2014/07/27 • Political News

The Federal Intelligence Service of Germany (BND) does not exclude that the Russian oligarchs, worried because of EU sanctions, may put their economical interests above the political ones and will try to “slam the breaks” on Putin.

The Federal Intelligence Service of Germany (BND) sees signs that the higher government of Russia is in a state of squabble between the adherents of the harsh political course and the business elite for the influence on President Putin. This is written by Spiegel Online, announcing the article, the full version of which will be published on Monday, July 28th.

Putin’s power block seemed to be integral to the Western special services at the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, writes the publication. At the moment the Intelligence has seen cracks in Putin’s circle. This was stated at least twice by the head of the BND Gerhard Schindler, reports Spiegel Online. Once at a session of the foreign-policy committee of the Budestag. And once when to the Federal Chancellor during the weekly report the special services do on the situation in the world.

According to the German Intelligence, it is quite possible that some Russian oligarchs, worried by EU sanctions, may soon put their economical interests above the political ones and try to “slam the breaks” on President Putin, reports the publications. That the EU sanctions against Moscow may first and foremost be aimed at Russian oligarchs was stated by the Vice Chancellor, Minister of Economy of Germany Sigmar Gabriel on Saturday, July 26th. He called for the EU to “land a blow” to Russian oligarchs by freezing their account and annulling their visas.

Ministers of Finance and Foreign Affairs of Germany Wolfgang Schäuble and Frank-Walter Steinmeier have expressed their support of the sanctions as well. Schäuble, in particular, stated that in the issue of increasing economical sanctions against Russia, Germany’s economical interests take secondary precedence, and “the biggest priority is the provision of stability and peace.”

Source: DW

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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