RNBO: Russian forces breach Luhansk border, eyewitnesses confirm


War in the Donbas

National Security and Defence Council (RNBO) spokesman Andriy Lysenko told reporters today that Russian military had entered 3km into Luhansk region, which he suspected was to establish a corridor into the region for mercenaries and equipment to pass. Troop movements were said to have traversed the village of Heyivka, in Stanytsia-Luhanska county, north of Luhansk city which remains occupied by Russian-backed militants. Lysenko’s account has not been independently verified at this time.

Map of eyewitness reports

A public organization claiming to have eyewitness accounts verified to UNIAN the presence of troop movements elsewhere in Luhansk region, saying that a large column of personnel transports, armored vehicles and tanks flying Russian Federation flags and bearing the markings of the Russian armed forces passed through Sukhodilsk, dividing en route to Luhansk city in the north or to either Sverdlovsk or Izvaryne in the south – Ukrainian forces had recently retaken the Izvaryne border checkpoint.

Recall that yesterday a large number of Russian military vehicles were seen in Belgorod, mobilized with ‘peacekeeper’ insignia.

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  1. Avatar American Boy says:

    Hopefully this is true.

  2. Avatar Walter Salmaniw says:

    Where on God’s green earth would this be allowed? This is an outright violation of any international norm. Putin, you and your boot lickers get the hell out of Ukraine. You have no business there, especially when you and your quislings began all of this.

    1. Avatar cotoman says:

      Dear Walter,

      You need to undestand that god does not exist and justice for humans had to be made by humans.

      I normally don’t debate the concept of god with belivers because is like taking santa claus for those that belive in it.

      The concept of god is great since it gives you the comfort that “justice will be made” or “he will eventually solve things” and that’s is where I see the problem. People rely in a concept created by humans and dont take actions themselves many times.

      But I ask you this: if you see a little baby crawling to a cage were tigers are, will you pray that god save him or you will catch him yourself and take it away from danger?

      What will be the most reliable think to do to save the baby?

      There is a phrase “in the trenches there are no atheist” because god concept is the last hope for hopeless. And belive me I have no problem with many belivers feeling OK with the concept of someone protecting and comfort them, if they make them happy OK. But hoping that this god concept will save the baby crawling to the tigers cage or this god concept will make justice for ukranians that want to live in peace is sad and useless.

  3. Avatar Martin Bochnig says:

    These are not Russian forces, but they look like People’s republic’s forces. Independently: Here you see the fruits of the UKrainian Army:


  4. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    I fail to understand Putins fear of Western incirclement of Russia since we have the best of intentions toward him and the Russian people. For the record, if the countries in Eastern Europe choose to align themselves with the West, there is a reason for it. Its not some kind of CIA led influence like some people say it it. Its simply people wanting a relationship with the West because its more attractive compared to the Russian alternative. Its that simple.

    1. Avatar garyoptica says:

      The reason is the KGB hard core that have clung on to power by terrorism against Moscow with the FSB bombings and the slow and methodical taking apart of Russia’s once democratic starting stalls into a buried future of hope and freedom for Russian citizens.